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Wee12 3

  1. 1. Document for beginning new bisiness Group :F Fredom Member s1170121 Takaaki Fukasawa s1170124 Kazuhiro Matsumoto s1170137 Shiori Endo s1150149 Tetsuya Tashiro
  2. 2. Topic for Document Design Exercise # 5 We sell a computer and computer parts to support customer. We support amateur and pro request. The products are sent in a corrugated fiberboard box with cushioning to absorb Shock. We will sell our products on the Internet or by phone.
  3. 3. Provide three things that you learn from this exercise and why is it important? An instructional guide is important when selling a product in the market. reason: Customer strand when buyer hard to say a product after buying a product. One should study the instructional manual before using a specific product. reason: Customer strand if buyer put in the wrong hands. We use instructional guide when the new employee has entered. reason: the new employee just entered, they do not understand anything
  4. 4. Importance of the document for launching business The intention of union is necessary in a big project. Because a lot of people are related to a big project. Therefore, instructional guide is necessary to unite all intentions.
  5. 5. Provide an example of another business/company where a similar document has been used. Show us the document example. In the web page of Amazon(amazon.com), Amazon provides the customer guide. This is URL of the page. http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?i e=UTF8&nodeId=508510 There are those topics which customers might be confused. Those are a part of topics. Shipping & Delivery Returns and Refunds Payment, Pricing & Promotions Gifts, Gift Cards & Gift Registries
  6. 6. Explain the logical arrangement of the content in the document? The following point of logical arrangement of the content is in the document ・Outline the topic. ・Start with the supplies. ・Do the project. ・Write a simple. ・Write step by step.
  7. 7. How do you think your customers will be able to use instructional guides when purchasing your products? Our customers will be able to use instructional guides when the following time. ・When our customers look see a part. ・When our customers hard to say hand of operation. ・When conked-out our products.
  8. 8. What are the major headings,questions, key words in the documents? Why are they important? Key word 1 is Outline. To make what will be explained in the document is important to clarify the contents to the customer. Key word 2 is Clear. It is important to use active and clear language, move step by step, and format to make everything clear to the customer. Those two are important for customer not to have any question.
  9. 9. The roles were divided between group members as below Kazuhiro Natsumoto:Hardware engineer & English support Takaaki Fukasawa : software engineer & president Shiori Endo : software engineer & vice-president Tetsuya Tashiro : sales staff & accounting
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