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Face to Face interaction is the #1 reason why buyers choose to attend trade shows. Learn how you and your exhibit staff can make lasting impressions that result in SALES.

You’ll learn how to overcome these common complaints in this short, 30-minute session:

“I’d rather be making sales calls at my desk.”
“My feet hurt…I’m just gonna sit down for a bit.”
“If I look at my shoes, maybe I won’t have to talk to this guy.”
“We’re outta town…let’s party!”
“How do I even know if these leads are any good?”
And many more....

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Booth Staff Training - The Trade Group

  1. 1. Booth StaffTraining
  2. 2. Malcolm Gilvar• VP of Sales at TTG• 27 years of industryexperience
  3. 3. Booth StaffTraining
  4. 4. Before We Get StartedYou can type questions in the sidebar at any time and wewill try to answer as many as possible at the end of thewebinar. Any we can’t get to live will be answered viaemailWe will also be tweeting and answering questions viaTwitter at #TTGWebinarThe webinar will be availble on our webisite and the slideson Slideshare in the next few days
  5. 5. The Trade ShowOpportunity
  6. 6. The Trade ShowOpportunity56% of Attendees rate trade shows ashaving the most value of any face to facemarketing interactions. In person salescalls are a distant second at 26%
  7. 7. 48% of Exhibition leads don’t requirea sales call to closeThe Trade ShowOpportunity
  8. 8. 90% of trade show attendees usetrade shows as their number onesource of purchasing information.The Trade ShowOpportunity
  9. 9. 57% of attendees will make a (showinfluenced) purchase decision within12 months.The Trade ShowOpportunity
  10. 10. 80% of visitors remember the exhibitbased on booth staffers.Booth Staffing
  11. 11. Booth staff training can improve yourperformance by up to 36%Yet 52% admit to rarely or never traningtheir staffOnly 1% employ professionalsLeveraging theTrade Show Opportunity
  12. 12. Goals&Objectives
  13. 13. Only 30% of those going to shows setobjectivesGoals & Objectives
  14. 14. Goals must be measurableand actionableGoals & Objectives
  15. 15. Goals are a generalization whileObjectives are much morespecificGoals & Objectives
  16. 16. AccountabilityFor goals and objectives to beeffective sales must be heldaccountable
  17. 17. Align tactics with goals and objectivesThe Trade ShowOpportunity
  18. 18. Do’s & Don’ts
  19. 19. Wear your badge on your right sideBe assertiveSmileThank them for visitingListenKnow your productBooth Staffing Do’s
  20. 20. Eat or drinkSitReadChat with booth staffLeave booth unattendedUse negative body languageBooth Staffing Dont’s
  21. 21. Trade Show StaffChallenges
  22. 22. Buyer and seller are outside of normalenvironmentTrade Show StaffChallenges
  23. 23. It takes only 4.8 seconds for anattendee to pass a 10x10’ exhibitTrade Show StaffChallenges
  24. 24. You can meet up to 100 prospects adayTrade Show StaffChallenges
  25. 25. You only have 3-5 minutes for eachpitch.Trade Show StaffChallenges
  26. 26. Staff is tired and wanes at certainpoints of the dayTrade Show StaffChallenges
  27. 27. Maximize ClientInteraction
  28. 28. Selling is simple but not easySelling is a skillTo get better is to be more comfortableConfidence breeds confidenceWhy You MustPractice
  29. 29. The 4-Step Trade ShowProcessEngageQualifyPresentClose
  30. 30. Build Rapport (Likeability)Learn What Badge Colors MeanEngaging QuestionsElevator SpeechBe YOUEngage
  31. 31. Goals are to determine QUICKLY ifthey are a potential BUYER. If notDISENGAGE. If they are ask questionsand RANK them as an A, B, or C leadQualify
  32. 32. Demonstrate or present your productor service based on the informationyou have gleaned during yourqualification processPresent
  33. 33. Close the saleClose the next stepCollect their informationClose
  34. 34. A Few Closing ThoughtsPlan, Practice, ProduceHold your teamaccountableMeasure your results dailyConsider customized stafftrainingLook for upcoming emailsabout Trade Group’sTradeshow Quick Tips
  35. 35. Thank You!
  36. 36. Question and Answers