It's Easy Being Green: Tips for a Greener Exhibit Program


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Attendees will learn:
The way exhibits can become greener versions of themselves
How a new exhibit can be green from the ground up
Tips for reducing the environmental impact of shipping
Green accessories such as flooring and lighting
Promotional Products that give back
Green exhibits that will WOW
What “going green” can mean for a business

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It's Easy Being Green: Tips for a Greener Exhibit Program

  1. 1. It’s Easy Being Green Tips For A Greener Exhibit Program
  2. 2. History Of Green Exhibiting• 2007 The first Eco Friendly exhibit was introduced• EDPA formed a committee to create green standards for display construction and design• IAEE created a committee to address environmental concerns in the industry
  3. 3. Where Has It Led Us?• Great discourse• Unfortunately in 2008 the beginning of the economic downturn hit the industry hard• Few people were buying green• Few suppliers invested in making green exhibits
  4. 4. Change Is Coming• There are now dozens of suppliers of Green Exhibits and hundreds supplying green components• A study conducted by the Bloom Group and Exhibitor estimates that there is a market of 9.25 Billion for green exhibiting• Economic improvement has sparked the discourse once again
  5. 5. Barriers To Going Green• Most of us WANT to be green• In the past there were limited designs and suppliers
  6. 6. So What’s The Problem?• “...and cost the same as traditional exhibiting options.”• In other words, while most of us would “like” to be green we are not interested in investing the 20-30% more these exhibits traditionally cost
  7. 7. What Makes A Green Exhibit?• Lighter weight• Made from recycled and recyclable components• Uses less power• Does not contain toxic chemicals or products that are not biodegradable
  8. 8. Is Your Exhibit Green?
  9. 9. How Can We Make Our Existing Exhibits Greener?
  10. 10. • Replace Plywood with bamboo, Sorghum board, or Formaldehyde-Free “PureBond” for counters and counter tops
  11. 11. Change the graphic substrates to ones made from recycled soda bottles
  12. 12. Use LED Lights that are 10 times more efficient than comparable halogen lights
  13. 13. Reduce weight by making large graphic surfaces fabric made from recycled materials
  14. 14. Use Eco Carpet or Flooring now offered by dozens of exhibit flooring providers
  15. 15. Great Green Exhibit Design
  16. 16. T h e G r e e n Fe a t u r e s · Octanorm aluminum is 100% recyclable and manufactured from 60% recycled content · Graphic Substrates are renewable, recyclable and sustainable · LED lighting can reduce energy usage up to 90% · Lightweight, configurable construction reduces waste and the environmental impact of shipping ©2012 The Trade Group® · Ver 2.0Reconfiguring into several booth size options helps to Reduce & Reuse 1434 Patton Place | Carrollton, Texas | 214.343.2000 | f 214.343.3461 |
  17. 17. You don’t have to give up great design with Eco Metalli. Our entire line can beadapted to green standards with an added cost of 20-30% over our standard line
  18. 18. Eco Banner Stands
  19. 19. Make The Rest Of Your Program Green• Promotional items• Delivery of your message
  20. 20. Promotional Products
  21. 21. Flash Drives Made From Recycled Paper !
  22. 22. Plantable Seed Paper
  23. 23. Eco Friendly T-Shirts and Polos made from bamboo or recycled materials
  24. 24. Golf balls made from recycled rubber that have your branding
  25. 25. Pens made from recycled bottles
  26. 26. Delivering Your MessageIn An Environmentally Friendly Way
  27. 27. Leave Your Brochures At Home• Save Trees• Lower your carbon footprint• Great new Technologies that can control and send all of your digital media instantly and in some cases even gather leads at the same time
  28. 28. How Trade Group Can Help• We offer a complete line of Green Exhibits and accessories• We have a complete rental inventory that has less impact on the environment• We have a complete line of green promotional items• We can provide digital media technology that allows you streamline message delivery
  29. 29. Why Go Green?• Promote your initiative to your clients and prospects letting them know your commitment to quality and the environment• Improve company moral• Keep up with competitors• Feel Good!
  30. 30. Thank You!• Webinar has been recorded and will be available on our website• email any questions to me at and I will compile a recorded response and email out to anyone that would like a copy•