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TrendWatch 2014 - The Thought Net

  1. 1. TrendWatchTrendWatch Trends that will transform the corporate environment in 2014 and beyond Natalie L. Wood The Thought Net, LLC
  2. 2. We live in a world that is going through a period of profound transformation...
  3. 3. Facing complex environmental challenges...
  4. 4. ...whose solutions will require unprecedented global cooperation
  5. 5. Despite efforts to turn the tide, we are facing a period of substantial environmental upheaval Source: Source: Columbia University
  6. 6. ...and upheavals are not limited to the environment: Economic power is shifting from West to East... with Asian and Latin American economies showing increasing economic drive, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation
  7. 7. ...while debt-ridden developed nations struggle with anemic economic growth or stagnation
  8. 8. The USA will lose its position of dominance in technology and innovation to be eclipsed by countries such as China, Korea and Taiwan Source: National Science Board, 2010
  9. 9. Asia is taking the lead in the global green technology race supported by effective collaboration between enterprise and government 2.3 2.6 3.3 4.3 7.4 10.4 10.8 11.2 18.6 34.6 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 India Italy Canada Germany Brazil Spain EU-27 UK USA China Clean Energy Investment - in $Billion 2009 (Source: Pew Charitable Trusts)
  10. 10. In our personal and business lives, online and offline worlds will increasingly converge...
  11. 11. As smart systems begin to disrupt industries with multitudes of sensors which will turn into ‘smart dust’ in the not too distant future...
  12. 12. But humans are in many ways the best sensors of all...
  13. 13. All of it and more generating zettabytes of data... (a zettabyte is 1 trillion gigabytes)
  14. 14. be stored in the ‘cloud’ and to optimize all types of systems and processes
  15. 15. ...such as the smart grid...
  16. 16. cities... Masdar, Abu Dhabi Songdo City, South KoreaMasdar, Abu Dhabi
  17. 17. Smart phones and their apps might be the biggest drivers of the convergence of the offline and online worlds...
  18. 18. ...augmenting reality...
  19. 19. ...turning into multi-purpose tools, touching many aspects of our lives...
  20. 20. ...including mobile commerce...
  21. 21. And, oh yeah, mobile use...
  22. 22. We will increasingly access the Cloud via our mobile devices But then, we have been using the Cloud for years without being aware of it...
  23. 23. Corporate reputations will be defined by external stakeholders who will demand authenticity and transparency
  24. 24. Businesses are having to become social...
  25. 25. ..with customers driving innovation and becoming evangelists... - if there is the corporate ability to listen and engage -
  26. 26. All of this creating the need for collaboration and listening tools which will leave Intranets in the dust…
  27. 27. Some of these collaboration tools are based on game technology optimized to engage audiences
  28. 28. Powerful tools will be required to make sense of the data explosion...
  29. 29. ...but the data tsunami will also increasingly bring up privacy issues and security concerns...
  30. 30. Cyberwars will become common, and be fought in the shadows The Stuxnet worm is a harbinger of things to come
  31. 31. Time will finally be ripe for a paradigm shift in education shifting course from being standardized to personalized
  32. 32. Healthcare will also be transformed by technology advances moving towards personalized, patient-centered care
  33. 33. What are some of the implications for business?
  34. 34. Forget about controlling the message focus on transparency in your communications instead
  35. 35. Make ‘social’ part of the corporate DNA having a Twitter or Facebook account is just the very beginning…
  36. 36. Explore new marketing tactics around mobile technology mobile will be one of the ‘waves of the future’ you cannot afford to miss out on
  37. 37. Push customization to the limit technology can make this a reality now
  38. 38. Enable collaboration efficient communication will become one of the critical keys to corporate success
  39. 39. Invest in data management and strategic listening tools they are now more important than ever
  40. 40. Consider game technology to engage your audience …and we’re not necessarily talking about Zynga or Second Life here…
  41. 41. Re-think your security strategy standard procedures will no longer be sufficient
  42. 42. Capitalize on the knowledge and intelligence of the organization by transforming it into a thought leadership position for your firm
  43. 43. Thank You 360°°°° Comprehensive Thought Leadership Programs Leveraging New Industry Trends The Thought Net, LLC Phone: 415.425.7124 Contact: Natalie L. Wood, email: