Camelot & Greendale Q&A with Nathan Guy

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Details of the Q&A meeting of the Camelot & Greendale residents with Nathan Guy, 29 Aug 2009.

Details of the Q&A meeting of the Camelot & Greendale residents with Nathan Guy, 29 Aug 2009.

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  • 1. 1 Questions for Nathan Guy Meeting Tony. 1. Are these the only two options available to Kapiti, or is government prepared to consider alternatives ? Comments. Consulting on two at present – based on feedback they will consider further options—so yes they will consider. 2. Have NZTA officials estimated how many homes/ businesses and people will be relocated / significantly impacted by these options? Comments. As per the concept and other documents that we have seen—300 to 400 homes will be impacted. Only assessment for business has been to purchase the businesses on State Highway 1 from Kapiti Lights up to the Rail over bridge—no estimate on this cost given, nor any understanding of the wider commercial impact and commercial long term value of property for the rest of the business community within Paraparaumu and Waikanae. 3. Are the options on the table designed to help Kapiti or are they more aimed at addressing Wellington to the rest of the North Island related matters? Comments. Aimed at both areas, trying to get a balance between both. 4. If timeframes are adhered to, how soon can impacted householders (1) sell their properties to the Crown, or (2) receive compensation if only partially impacted? Comments. A decision on what concept to take will be made by Xmas—if there is overwhelming feedback and subsequent support for a third option , then a new consultation process will need to commence—e.g. if WLR is to be 4 laned, then a new design and consultation would need to occur. If one of the current concepts is to go ahead, then obvious impacted parties will be able to start negotiation on compensation on a willing buyer, willing seller approach early in the New Year. That is on the assumption that NZTA have the budget and the Board approval to start these discussions. The normal negotiation process including reimbursements of fees will apply in these early negotiation instances.
  • 2. 2 Simon 5. What provisions are available for house / landowners who may not lose land / house but end up with a 4 laned expressway next to their residence? Comments Compensation in these cases will occur under the Resource Management Act as per normal. This will not be able to be an early process, but will be as part of the formal designation process. During detailed design, the NZTA engineers will be in consultation with associated landowners. NZTA officials will check on when the reimbursing of costs for negotiation processes will commence—they will come back to us with an answer. 6. Will there be compensation for the wider Camelot / Greendale community for the obvious loss of lifestyle benefits and impact on property values, that these people will suffer—e.g. the ability to ride horses in our area, the significant abundance of wildlife that will be impacted, and the loss of Greendale Reserve etc? Comments See answer for number 5, will be part of the designation process. Stephen. 7. Why was the option to follow the WLR discarded when it is a land use issue that should be decided by the KCDC, and has central government put pressure on the KCDC to change their land use plans? Comments Nathan will take this on board and will determine whether this is something that he has to take a political approach to the council on. This is a political issue and he is regularly meeting with the Mayor and these meetings will increase in frequency. The senior NZTA official was somewhat surprised to see that the words “ KCDC plan to see a new town centre develop in Paraparaumu etc.” in their brochure and we had to remind them that this comment is in all their documents. There was no agreement from the NZTA officials that they were trying to blame the KCDC for not being able to include 4 laning of the WLR as a concept, even though in our opinion the above comments may imply that.
  • 3. 3 8. Minister Joyce has recently discussed the need for better integration between urban planning and transport planning. Clearly the situation here in Kapiti is an obvious example of where this is not happening—why is the opportunity not taken to do it now with strong government involvement? Comments Nathan will take this back to Minister Joyce, to see whether this will occur. Because of the fact that Minister Joyce specifically asked for councils to plan better Nathan was strongly encouraged by us to use Kapiti as a great precedent for better urban and transport planning. This is what the whole issue is all about in our opinion. 9. Will the lack of interchanges on whatever expressway chosen force heavy traffic through residential areas to service commercial and industrial areas within Kapiti in line with the concerns expressed by Kapiti Emergency services? Comments. Our feedback was taken on board and the reference was made by us to why the solution for Paraparaumu could not be like what is planned for Otaki. There is the room at Kapiti Road to allow for on and off ramps as opposed to an interchange. This is a key component of any new design for a new WLR. The Team are meeting with Emergency Services on Monday Morning. Phil. 10. What work has been done to determine the environmental impact of these concepts on the pockets of native trees, the Greendale Reserve, the environmental set up within Waterstone and how will the expressway fit into Kapiti being the Nature Coast? Comments. Very much aware of the environmental issues throughout the total district. A detailed assessment has not been done and this will be undertaken as part of detailed design— Nathan is very conscious and has a similar issue to address in Otaki. 11. We feel gutted about what is proposed. Nathan what are you going to tell the hundreds of schoolchildren and the volunteers who have spent many thousands of work hours in developing the Greendale Reserve when the bulldozers start destroying the Reserve?
  • 4. 4 Comments. Very sympathetic to the environment. Detailed design will need to address this type of important issue and ensure that the best balance is obtained. Nathan has children himself that have planted trees, but no real answer to how he would respond to this question. Tony. 12. Finally, where do all the people go? Where are the new housing developments, lifestyle blocks that are comparable to what we have now? Why haven’t the needs of the hundreds / perhaps thousands of Kapiti people been considered better and therefore build the WLR properly? Comments. There is a key aim to keep people in Kapiti—Nathan spoke about the new subdivisions being developed in North Waikanae. Clearly a new option to develop a proper 4 laned WLR should form part of our submissions.