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iPad Academy 2014
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iPad Academy 2014


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iPad Academy 2014

iPad Academy 2014

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. iPad Academy Martin Cisneros
  • 2. Agendas Day 1 Day 2 9:00-9:10 Welcome! Overview Welcome! Overview 9:00 - 10:30 am iPad Boot Camp Part 1! (Know your iPad & iOS7)! Martin Cisneros iPad Boot Camp Part 3! (Curation, Communication, Collaboration)! Martin Cisneros 10:30 - 10:40 Break Break 10:45 - 12:00 pm Schoology Part 1! Jaime Smith Project Based Learning Pt 1! Cheryl Morris 12:00 - 12:30 pm Lunch Lunch 12:30 - 2:00 pm iPad Boot Camp Part 2! (Know your iPad & iOS7)! Martin Cisneros iPad Boot Camp Part 4! (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Assessment)! Martin Cisneros 2:00 - 3:00 pm Schoology Part 2! Jaime Smith Project Based Learning Pt 2! Cheryl Morris
  • 3. BootCamp Pt 1 ‣ The Basics ‣ The Essentials of Typing ‣ Syncing with Your Computer ‣ Email ‣ Surfing the Web ‣ The iPod Part of Your Device ‣ Shooting Photos and Video, and Managing Your Photo Library ‣ Managing Your Time ‣ Taking Notes ‣ The Other Included Apps ‣ The App Store ‣ Important Settings ‣ Protecting Your Device ‣ Siri and Voice Controlling Your
  • 4. The Basics ‣ A tour of the device ‣ The Lock and Home screens ‣ Accessing and using Control Center ‣ Choosing and controlling your sounds ‣ Learning finger gestures ‣ Connecting to Wi-Fi networks ‣ Using the Notification Center ‣ Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo integration ‣ Setting up an Apple ID with your iOS device ‣ Customizing your wallpaper ‣ Multitasking ‣ Sharing files with AirDrop
  • 5. ‣ A tour of the device
  • 6. Lock & Home Button ‣ The Home button is on the front of the iPad. Its primary purpose is to immediately get you back to your home screen. Now, when your screen is locked, as it currently is here. Pressing the Home button is like pressing the sleep/wake button. It activates your screen. But you still have to slide your finger across the screen from left to right to unlock the iPad. So this is the home screen of the iPad, where you can access the various functions and apps that are available.
  • 7. Connecting to WiFi Networks ‣ All iOS devices can connect to Wi-Fi networks, whether they're your home or office networks or public networks at coffee shops, airports and so on. ‣ Tap the settings icon to open your system settings. First make sure Wi-Fi is turned on. Under choose a network you'll see a list of all the Wi-Fi networks your device detects. Along with an indicator of how strong each ones signal is. And whether the network is open or requires a password. ‣ Tap the network you want to connect to. If a password is required, you'll have to enter it here.
  • 8. Control Center ‣ You can access Control Center from anywhere in iOS— including the Lock screen. To access Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. To close Control Center, swipe down, tap the top of the screen, or press the Home button.
  • 9. Notification Center ‣ Just swipe up on the notification to dismiss it. Now if you receive a notification that you want to address immediately just tap it and you'll be switched over to the app that sent the notification which in this case is the messages app. ‣ Often times, when you're performing one task on your iPad, maybe checking your email, or working on a lesson or watching a video, other applications will need your attention. Let's take a look at how to manage the way alerts and messages pop up on your device. For example, maybe while I'm browsing a webpage I receive a text message. I'm alerted to this by a notification area that temporarily appears at the top of the screen. This allows me to glance at and preview my message without leaving my browser. After a few seconds the notification disappears and I can just continue reading. Now new to iOS 7, you can immediately dismiss a notification when it comes in if you don't want to wait for it to disappear on its own.
  • 10. Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr Integration ‣ With iOS, you can connect directly to your social network accounts, allowing you to post and share content from nearly anywhere. iOS provides integrated support for:
  • 11. Multitasking ‣ iPad lets you run many apps at the same time. ‣ Essentially, multi-tasking is the feature that allows you to switch back and forth among multiple applications. ‣ View running apps. Double-click the Home button to reveal the multitasking screen. Swipe left or right to see more. To switch to another app, tap it. 12
  • 12. Setting Up an Apple ID ‣ You can set up your Apple ID in two ways: ‣ As a new device - When you activate your device out of the box during the setup process you're given the option to create an Apple ID. ‣ A device that is already up and running: ‣ From the home screen, tap Settings. ‣ Scroll down and select iTunes and App Stores. ‣ Select Create New Apple ID.
  • 13. Sharing Files with AirDropAirDrop lets you quickly send files, clippings, webpages, and more to anyone near you—wirelessly To share content with AirDrop, both users need one of these devices using iOS 7: ‣ iPhone 5 or later ‣ iPad (4th generation) ‣ iPad mini ‣ iPod touch (5th generation) You also need to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And if you want to share with your contacts, sign in to your iCloud account.
  • 14. Accessibility ‣ • VoiceOver ‣ • Support for braille displays ‣ • Siri ‣ • Zoom ‣ • Invert Colors ‣ • Speak Selection ‣ • Speak Auto-Text ‣ • Large, bold, and high- contrast text ‣ • Reduced screen motion ‣ • On/off switch labels ‣ • Hearing aids ‣ • Subtitles and closed captions ‣ • Mono audio and balance ‣ • Assignable tones ‣ • Guided Access ‣ • Switch Control ‣ • AssistiveTouch ‣ • Widescreen keyboards ‣ Turn on accessibility features. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, or use the Accessibility
  • 15. BootCamp Pt 2 ‣ Taking Notes ‣ Managing Your Time ‣ Important Settings ‣ The App Store ‣ Protecting Your Device ‣ Siri and Voice Controlling Your Device ‣ The Essentials of Typing ‣ Syncing with Your Computer ‣ Email ‣ Surfing the Web ‣ The iPod Part of Your Device ‣ Shooting Photos and Video, and Managing Your Photo Library
  • 16. Essentials of Typing ‣ Understanding the keyless keyboard ‣ Fixing typos and using autocorrection ‣ Exploring Select, Cut, Copy, and Paste ‣ Accessing hidden shortcuts ‣ Syncing a Bluetooth keyboard ‣ Adding international and emoji keyboards
  • 17. Keyboard, Language & Layouts
  • 18. Syncing with Your Computer ‣ Connecting your device to your Mac or PC ‣ Syncing music, movies, and ringtones ‣ Syncing photos from a Mac ‣ Syncing contacts and calendars from a Mac ‣ Understanding your backup options ‣ Using wireless syncing
  • 19. Email ‣ Importing email accounts from your computer ‣ Setting up Exchange, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL email accounts ‣ Setting up other types of email accounts ‣ Keeping your iOS device email synced with your computer ‣ Composing email ‣ Receiving and reading email ‣ Assigning VIPs ‣ Searching your mailboxes ‣ Setting mail options
  • 20. Surfing the Web ‣ Web browsing with Safari ‣ Saving bookmarks and viewing the History list ‣ Saving images ‣ Completing forms and using AutoFill ‣ Using Reader and the Reading List ‣ Getting some privacy ‣ Using iCloud tabs ‣ Using iCloud Keychain
  • 21. Photo & Video Workflow ‣ Shooting still photos with your device ‣ Shooting in HDR ‣ Shooting panoramas ‣ Viewing, organizing, and editing photos ‣ Shooting video ‣ Viewing and editing video ‣ Taking screenshots ‣ Sharing photos and video ‣ Creating albums ‣ Syncing your photos with a photo stream ‣ Creating a shared photo stream
  • 22. Calendar ‣ Adding events to your calendar ‣ Subscribing to calendars ‣ Setting Time Zone Support ‣ Using the Clock app ‣ Setting reminders
  • 23. Taking Notes ‣ Using the Notes app ‣ Using the Voice Memos app
  • 24. App Store ‣ Browsing the App Store through iTunes ‣ Browsing the App Store on your iOS device ‣ Purchasing apps ‣ Finding app settings
  • 25. Important Setting ‣ Airplane mode ‣ Wi-Fi ‣ Do Not Disturb ‣ The About section ‣ Usage ‣ Date & Time settings ‣ Restrictions ‣ Privacy
  • 26. Protecting Your Device ‣ Using Auto-Lock ‣ Using Passcode Lock ‣ Using Find My iPhone and Activation Lock
  • 27. Siri & Voice Controlling Your Device ‣ Introducing Siri ‣ Listening and responding to messages ‣ Setting reminders ‣ Dictating in apps
  • 28. Storage
  • 29. Troubleshooting ‣ Begin by restarting ‣ Force-quitting apps ‣ Rebooting ‣ Resetting ‣ Erasing and restoring ‣ Checking for updates ‣ Optimizing battery life
  • 30. •Gmail •Flipboard •Feedly •iTunes •iBooks BootCamp Pt 3 •Facetime •Messages •Google Hangouts •Remind 101 •YouTube •Evernote •Google Drive •Symbaloo Curation Communication Collaboration
  • 31. Curation ! •GMail •Flipboard •Feedly •iTunesU •iBooks
  • 32. Curation ! •GMail •Flipboard •Feedly •iTunesU •iBooks News & Updates from around the world..In One Place!
  • 33. Curation ! •GMail •Flipboard •Feedly •iTunesU •iBooks Delivers all your favorite websites in one place :-)
  • 34. Curation ! •GMail •Flipboard •Feedly •iTunesU •iBooks Gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools — plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content
  • 35. Curation ! •GMail •Flipboard •Feedly •iTunesU •iBooks iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books.
  • 36. Communication ! •Facetime •Messages •Google Hangouts •Remind 101 •Youtube Makes video calls over Wi-Fi from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac to someone else's
  • 37. Communication ! • Mail • Contacts • Facetime • Messages • Google Hangouts • Remind 101 • Edmodo Communication ! •Facetime •Messages •Google Hangouts •Remind 101 •Youtube iMessage lets you send messages back and forth with anyone on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or a Mac
  • 38. Communication ! •Facetime •Messages •Google Hangouts •Remind 101 •Youtube
  • 39. Communication ! •Facetime •Messages •Google Hangouts •Remind 101 •Youtube
  • 40. Communication ! •Facetime •Messages •Google Hangouts •Remind 101 •Youtube
  • 41. Communication ! •Facetime •Messages •Google Hangouts •Remind 101 •Youtube YouTube Your Way :-)
  • 42. Collaboration ! •Evernote Notebooks •Google Drive •Lesson Plan Template Activity
  • 43. Collaboration ! •Evernote Notebooks •Google Drive •Lesson Plan Template Activity
  • 44. Collaboration ! •Evernote Notebooks •Google Drive •Lesson Plan Template Activity
  • 45. Curation ! •iBooks •Camera •iPhoto •Dropbox •Music
  • 46. Curation ! •iBooks •Camera •iPhoto •Dropbox •Music
  • 47. Curation ! •iBooks •Camera •iPhoto •Dropbox •Music
  • 48. Curation ! •iBooks •Camera •iPhoto •Dropbox •Music
  • 49. Curation ! •iBooks •Camera •iPhoto •Dropbox •Music
  • 50. ! Create ! •iMovie •Pages •Keynote •Garageband
  • 51. ! Create ! •iMovie •Pages •Keynote •Garageband
  • 52. ! Create ! •iMovie •Pages •Keynote •Garageband
  • 53. ! Create ! •iMovie •Pages •Keynote •Garageband
  • 54. ‣ Thinglink ‣ Animoto ‣ Haiku ‣ Book Creator ‣ iBooks Author BootCamp Pt 4 ‣ Educreations ‣ Explain Everything ‣ ShowMe ‣ EdPuzzle ‣ InfuseLearning ! ‣ Geddit ! ‣ Socrative ! ‣ Poll Everywhere ! ‣ Class Badges ! ‣ Class Dojo Creativity Critical Thinking Assessment
  • 55.
  • 56. M A R T I N R I C A R D O C I S N E R O S E D U C AT I O N A L   T EC H N O LO GY   C O O R D I N ATO R   ! E:
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