Why You Need To Know?


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Why You Need To Know?

  1. 1. Supply Chain Management Workshop Improving Supply Chain Performance With SCOR® Model WHY YOU NEED TO KNOW? Supply-chain is growing in complexity due to global sourcing, cross-border delivery and increased outsourcing activities. Many companies decide to review and improve their supply-chains, however, most of them are facing:  More cooperation and efficiency problems with increasing number of working interfaces between parties;  Lack of tools for evaluation and implementation of supply chain improvement projects, making practitioners difficult to start with;  Difficulties in picking appropriate supply chain practice(s) for implementation from a pool of confusing and evolving management concepts; and  Lack of a structured approach to handle supply chain improvement. WHAT CAN SCOR® DO? Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) Model is a popular reference model for supply chain improvement in United States and many parts of the world. It is developed by the Supply-Chain Council, Inc. in 1996 and is continuously expanding in terms of process coverage and associated methodologies through the efforts of industry supply chain practitioners and academics. Nowadays, about 1,000 companies in the world are using the model to improve their supply chain operations and this number keeps increasing especially in the China context. SCOR® provides: Ver. 2007/09
  2. 2.  A structured approach & practical methodology, blended with latest concepts like business process reengineering, process configuration, operation modeling and performance measurement, for starting supply chain initiatives and conducting supply chain improvement projects;  A common language resembling other modeling languages like CAD and UML for constructing a supply chain with shared views, communicating changes or definitions of processes in a multi-party environment;  A set of common, easy-to-understand terminology, process building blocks with definitions and performance metrics which enable performance measurement; and  Insights and suggestions on best practices for companies to build a project portfolio for improvement. WHAT YOU CAN GET FROM THIS WORKSHOP? This workshop allows you to grasp the basic concept of supply chain performance improvement riding on supply chain modeling and shows you how to use SCOR® as a reference model for supply chain operation improvement through practical case studies and exercises. Ver. 2007/09
  3. 3. CONTENT OUTLINE DAY 1 The main focus on this day is concept introduction. Participants will have a walk-through of basic concept on supply chain operation, management and modeling. Issues in supply chain study & performance improvement • SCOR® Model overview & the key elements • Supply chain assessment & improvement using SCOR® process building blocks, performance metrics and best practices • Project justification • Impacts of supply chain reengineering on financial performance • Workout activities DAY 2 The focus of Day 2 lies on SCOR® project methodology and implementation. The content will include key steps and techniques in conducting a SCOR® project. Major topics include:  Step-by-step walkthrough of project phases from initiation, planning, analysis to implementation  Project management techniques  Resources requirements in terms of human resources and tools, and documentation outputs from each project phase  Performance measurement & benchmarking  Change management Ver. 2007/09
  4. 4.  Case sharing & exercises Ver. 2007/09
  5. 5. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Senior executives and managers who are responsible for supply chain operations WORKSHOP FEE $4,000 per head* *This workshop has been included in the list of reimbursable pre-approved local courses for New Technology Training Scheme (NTTS). Eligible applicants will be reimbursed 50% of the workshop fee ($2,000) upon successful completion of the course. A maximum of 5 staff from each applying company is allowed to apply for the NTTS training grant. Please visit the VTC’s website, http://www.vtc.edu.hk/it/2-20.htm for application form. WORKSHOP DATE 27th & 28th November, 2007 VENUE Training Room, 22/F, OTB Building, 160 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong LANGUAGE Cantonese with English slides & handouts TRAINERS Mr. Previn Wan, Head of the Standards & Technology Services Department of GS1 Hong Kong Mr. Rocky Yu, Professional Services Manager of the Standards & Technology Services Department of GS1 Hong Kong Ver. 2007/09
  6. 6. ENQUIRY Email : juneheung@gs1hk.org Telephone : 2863 9730 Ver. 2007/09
  7. 7. ENROLMENT FORM Please complete this form in English. Organization: __________________________________________________________________ Office Address: _________________________________________________________________ Contact Person Details: Name: __________________________ Tel: _________________ Fax: ___________________ Mobile: _____________________ Email Address: _____________________________________ Participant 1 Name: _________________________________ Job Title: ______________________________ Tel: ________________________ Email Address:____________________________________ Participant 2 Name: _________________________________ Job Title: ______________________________ Tel: ________________________ Email Address:____________________________________ Participant 3 Name: _________________________________ Job Title: ______________________________ Tel: ________________________ Email Address:____________________________________ Participant 4 Name: _________________________________ Job Title: ______________________________ Tel: ________________________ Email Address:____________________________________ Ver. 2007/09
  8. 8. Participant 5 Name: _________________________________ Job Title: ______________________________ Tel: ________________________ Email Address:____________________________________ Important Note 1. To apply, Step 1: fax the completed enrolment form to GS1 Hong Kong at 2861 2423 for seat reservation. Step 2: mail the original form and a crossed cheque with the exact amount made payable to “GS1 Hong Kong Ltd.” to “ 22/F, OTB Building, 160 Gloucester Road, Wanchai.” Please mark “SCOR Workshop” on the subject line of your fax cover page or envelop, and send for attention of Ms. June Heung. 2. Enrolment fee is not refundable. Ver. 2007/09