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  1. 1. SAP Solution Brief SUPPLY CHAIN PLANNING WITH mySAP™ SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT mySAP Supply Chain THE POWER OF PLANNING FOR CHANGE Management enables In the New Economy, product life cycles are short, demand can shift overnight, and customers expect customized products – companies to perform and the key to delivering is a fast-moving, responsive supply advanced supply chain chain. planning. Supply chain partners can have simul- Today's supply chains are being called on to provide taneous visibility into unprecedented levels of flexibility. Your company must find ways to react to changing market requirements. To maintain demand, inventory and customer satisfaction without carrying lots of inventory. To capacity information work with suppliers to change plans quickly. And to get new from across the supply products to market faster and more efficiently than ever before. chain--and from the strategic, tactical and To accomplish all that, you need to move beyond the sequential, linear relationships of the traditional supply chain operational planning lev- and take advantage of e-business tools to adopt a networked, els. As a result, partners dynamic approach. Otherwise, you run the risk of being stuck can collaborate to syn- chronize activities, respond quickly to changes, and reduce time-to-market.
  2. 2. with obsolete inventory, and losing customers to competitors Production planning that can configure and deliver products with greater speed and • Production planning and detailed scheduling features support accuracy. both discrete and process manufacturing. The combination of a constraint-based approach and optimization techniques SUPPLY CHAIN PLANNING FOR THE NEW, NEW means that optimized plans and schedules are created in con- ECONOMY sideration of resource, material, and dependency constraints With mySAP™ Supply Chain Management (mySAP™ SCM), to meet deadlines. SAP® offers a comprehensive solution that gives supply chain Global order promising partners simultaneous visibility into supplier and customer • Product-configuration capabilities allow you to mass-cus- allocations, inventory levels, orders, forecasts, production plans, tomize products and check availability online at multiple and key performance indicators. mySAP SCM delivers informa- links in the supply chain. The global available-to-promise fea- tion from all along the supply chain – from the strategic, tacti- ture lets you locate finished products, components, and cal and operational planning levels – to help you create a planned capacities to fill orders. responsive, flexible supply chain. Unlike many supply chain solutions, mySAP SCM offers: mySAP SCM supports five key planning areas: • An integrated, holistic approach that encompasses all plan- Supply chain design ning levels, planning models, and manufacturing methods • The solution identifies and selects locations and optimizes the • An end-to-end solution for planning highly configured prod- supply chain network while taking demand and cost struc- ucts from computers to automobiles, including characteris- tures into account. You can also evaluate and control existing tics-based forecasting, planning, scheduling, and available-to- supply chain networks to isolate and strengthen weak links. promise Demand and supply planning • Out-of-the-box optimization for specific industries, including • Demand planning capabilities enable supply chain partners to multilevel supply and demand matching functions for dis- forecast and plan demand in consideration of historical crete manufacturers (especially in the high-tech industry), demand data, causal factors, marketing events, market intelli- campaign optimization for process manufacturers, and fea- gence, and sales objectives. Supply planning capabilities allow ture-based optimization for automotive companies manufacturers to develop an overall supply plan that takes • A "plug-and-optimize" capability that makes it easy to inte- into account all procurement, production, distribution, and grate your own customized optimization techniques transportation requirements. Direct procurement And mySAP SCM gives planners the ability to accommodate • mySAP SCM monitors the replenishment of production global demand swings and regional specifications. That means materials and streamlines procurement processes with that you can manage your supply chain on a truly global basis. Internet purchasing functions. The solution includes auto- mated source determination and replenishment, and it can juggle multiple suppliers. It also allows manufacturers to post demand on an electronic marketplace in order to receive offers from various suppliers.
  3. 3. ADAPTIVE, COLLABORATIVE PLANNING PAYS OFF THE mySAP.COM E-BUSINESS PLATFORM With mySAP SCM, you can take advantage of collaborative To remain both competitive and profitable in the new Internet planning in a network that connects your suppliers' suppliers to economy, successful companies must be able to work together your customers' customers. You and your supply chain and openly across traditional enterprise boundaries, collaborat- partners enjoy increased: ing in virtual global networks. With, SAP integrates Flexibility its extensive business and industry expertise into a comprehen- • Respond swiftly to changes in market requirements and inte- sive platform of e-business solutions, services, and technology. grate supply chain partners and adjust business processes By integrating with their business strategy, companies quickly and flexibly. gain lasting competitive advantage, adding significant value and Visibility maximizing ROI. • Provide supply chain partners with insight into demand, inventory, and capacity information across the extended sup- The e-business platform is a family of solutions and ply chain network. services that empowers organizations and individuals to collab- Optimization orate successfully – anywhere, anytime. The business solutions • Create optimal plans and operational schedules based on busi- provided by enable any organization, regardless of ness objectives. size, to run its business more efficiently and productively, and Collaboration to gain significant competitive advantage in the new, New • Synchronize supply chain activities internally and externally Economy. is based on an open, flexible, collaborative with plan- and order-driven, real-time execution of supply services architecture that supports both SAP and non-SAP chain activities. systems. With mySAP SCM, your supply chain can react more quickly to creates value by allowing quick response to new changing market requirements. And that reduces costs by low- business opportunities and by reducing costs, enabling compa- ering your inventory levels, making better use of your assets, nies to collaborate, integrate, and empower themselves for and reducing cycle times. It improves customer service because business success in the new, New Economy – you know, the you have better order fulfillment and more on-time and com- profitable one. plete orders. And it can increase sales by shortening time-to- market and by more closely matching supply and demand. Now that's a payoff. TO GET STARTED.... With mySAP SCM, partners up and down your supply chain can work together to meet the changing demands of customers and markets. To learn more about how mySAP SCM can help your company, visit our Web site at
  4. 4. THE BEST-RUN E-BUSINESSES RUN SAP SAP AG Neurottstraße 16 69190 Walldorf Germany T +49/180/5 34 34 24 F +49/180/5 34 34 20 50 046 508 (01/04/13) © 2001 by SAP AG. All rights reserved. SAP, mySAP,, and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries all over the world. MarketSet and Enterprise Buyer are jointly owned trademarks of SAPMarkets and Commerce One. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective owners. Printed on environmentally friendly paper.