Supplier Diversity Doing Business With Raytheon


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Supplier Diversity Doing Business With Raytheon

  1. 1. Doing Business With Raytheon Supplier Diversity
  2. 2. Supplier Diversity Focus Raytheon’s “Supplier Diversity” Program is designed to drive supplier source selection strategy and ensure compliance with:  Public Law  Federal Acquisition Regulations  Customer Requirements  Company Policy concerning the utilization of businesses that are:  Small  Small Disadvantaged  Woman Owned – Small Businesses  Veteran Owned – Small Businesses (including Service Disabled)  Small Businesses meeting Hub Zone Criteria (historically under-utilized)  Historically Black Colleges, Universities and Minority Institutions  Minority and Women-Owned Businesses 5/24/2010 Page 2
  3. 3. Supplier Diversity Built in the Organization William Swanson Chairman and CEO Raytheon Company John Harris Vice President Contracts & Supply Chain Benita Fortner Supplier Diversity Director Mike Jarrett Vivek Kamath * Missile Systems Space & Airborne Systems Organized to support Zack Noshirwani Integrated Defense Systems Vince Hrenak supplier diversity objectives Network Centric Systems Paul Lovelady Dave Dickman Intelligence & Raytheon Technical Information Systems Services Company Supply Chain Leadership team serves as RTN Vivek Kamath Supply Chain Operations Supplier Diversity Council *Acting 5/24/2010 Page 3
  4. 4. Supplier Diversity Leadership Team …and Staffed to develop Benita Fortner and execute Raytheon Supplier Diversity Director Initiatives and outreach strategy – Facilitate Collaboration JoAnne Arvizu Missile Systems Shirley Patterson Space & Airborne Systems Don Brechtel Lisa Aucoin Network Centric Systems Integrated Defense Systems Lee Wesner Crystal King Intelligence & Technical Information Systems Services Company Replace - Vin Bosco Supply Chain Operations this …Key players in local customer interface and developing goals Page 4
  5. 5. Supplier Diversity - Responsibilities  Provide assistance for “focus businesses” who are interested in doing business with Raytheon  Assist in identifying potential sources for procurement opportunities and sourcing strategies.  Ensure supplier diversity is addressed in all procurements and sourcing strategy activities including proposal support  Track supplier diversity performance and provide customer and industry reports.  Conduct training to ensure that Raytheon personnel are aware of the Raytheon Supplier Diversity objectives  Provide outreach as a means of developing and counseling “focus businesses” 5/24/2010 Page 5
  6. 6. Complete Supply Chain Support Supplier Diversity Business Leader  Supply Chain Expertise 5/24/2010 Page 6
  7. 7. Supply Chain Strategies In Global Competition Traditional Supplier Requirements Supply Chain Process Enablers  Performance  E-Enabled business transactions  Performance  Internet-based transactions  Performance  Inventory Management Processes  Cost  Barcode technology  Quality  Just-in-time deliveries from suppliers  Schedule / Delivery  Supplier managed inventory  Warehouse management Contemporary Supplier Requirements outsourcing  Customer considerations  Supplier performance management  Competitive market enablers  Supplier scorecards  Supplier life cycle in the value chain  Web based supplier communications  Supplier consolidation and rationalization Supplier Diversity Integral to Supply Chain Strategy 5/24/2010 Page 7
  8. 8. Sourcing Opportunities and the Global Supply Base Indirect Chemicals 28% Facilities Indirect Commodities IT & Com Logistics Travel Machinery & Equipment IT Media services Direct MRO Contract Contract Labor 72% Labor Procurement tools Direct Commodities Travel Utilities Castings & Forgings Other Machined Parts Categories: Hardware Electrical Subcontracts Connectors Flex Harnesses CCA’s Magnetics Semiconductors Power Supplies Semiconductors Capacitors Connectors Direct Computers Capacitors MicroWave devices etc. Servos Remarkable Variation in Supply Chain 5/24/2010 Page 8
  9. 9. Performance - Relationships - Solutions Outreach drives supplier diversity performance  National, Regional and Local events  Focused outreach and networking within strategic business areas  Raytheon business specific events  Emphasis on Veteran, Hub Zone and Women businesses 5/24/2010 Page 9
  10. 10. Performance - Relationships - Solutions Build Relationships  Outreach to meet potential suppliers  Share Raytheon strategy and objectives  Respond to customer requests – Significant number of requests to support customer, industry and advocacy organization initiatives and events 5/24/2010 Page 10
  11. 11. Performance - Relationships - Solutions Direct Commodity Indirect Commodity Agreements Agreements Art/Computer Graphics/Text Processing Household Goods Transportation  Castings  Microwave Devices Chemical & Gas Management International Freight Forwarding & Color Film Processing Brokerage Services  Chemicals & Gases  Optics Computer Hardware/Software Janitorial Supplies Consultants Lease/Purchase Vehicles  Connectors  Outside Services Contract Labor Lithography Copier Paper/Fine Paper Manufacturing/Laboratory Supplies  Electrical Products  Passive Devices Copiers & Print Services Office and Computer Supplies Energy Brokering Packaging Supplies  Guidance and Controls  Power Supplies Express Air - Domestic Professional Services-Health & Welfare Express Mail - International Purchasing Card  Hardware and Bearings  Propulsion Warheads & Facilities Services Reprographics Faxes Security  Machining Pyrotechnics Flight Operations Services Software Development Food and Vending Services Solid Waste Management and Recycling  Major Assemblies  PWBs / CCAs Forms Supplies & Services/Video Services Freight Payment - 3rd Party Telecommunications - Cell Phones  Manufacturing Lab Supplies  Semiconductors Fuels & Oils Telecommunications - Pagers Furniture Telecommunications Long Distance Voice  Packaging Suppliers  Test Equipment General Construction Test Equipment Graphic Supplies Test Equipment Calibration  Wire & Cable Hazardous Waste & Environmental Test Equipment Rental Transportation Logistics Identify Gaps – Variance in Supply Chain 5/24/2010 Page 11
  12. 12. Supplier Diversity Planning Process National Regional Teaming Area of Support Agreements Expertise Joint Ventures Determine Strategy Diversity Industry Leader/ Suppliers Competition Small Business Risk Advocate Assessment  Work with Small Business advocate to clarify  Are you in the position to bid for prime contracts with requirements. the right Teaming Agreement?  Determine significant supply strategies (agreements/programs).  Research industry competition. Am I a leader in this field? Who held the last contract?  Identify/highlight your areas of expertise and map to target company  Utilize existing or develop strategic alliances/national and  Can you afford (time, money, technology) to pursue regional support requirements. this business? 5/24/2010 Page 12
  13. 13. Raytheon Supplier Diversity - Connect With Us RTN Supplier Diversity Website versity 5/24/2010 Page 13