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SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil
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SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil


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  • Start with vision, strategy, integrated planning (incl. JV outside). Then focus on forecast Align forecast with operation (what does it mean to produce 500.000 barrel more etc. ) Impact to operation and asset utilization This will result in transparancy which is required to act instead of react. (based on realtime information out of OPERATION’)
  • Connection directly with our customers Continous work on strategic issues and strategy Take out input (as resulted in the overall solution) to complete business process
  • Explain whole process flow (upstream – final customer) We did it together with Oil companies
  • Solution map is representing the overall offering of SAP and non SAP solution according to business scenarios We can leverage our industry experience (created together with customers). Ends up in a PB solution.
  • Transcript

    • 1. SAP Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Oil & Gas Businesses Steffen Reisacher April 29, 2004 NOT AN OFFICIAL UNCTAD RECORD
    • 2. Agenda Oil & Gas SAP Integration
    • 3. Oil & Gas Industry Drivers and Trends Strategic Responses Focus on the Customer Cost Reduction Supply Chain Optimization Adopt eBusiness Strategic Alliances De- Capitalization Consolidation Focus on Core Competence % Growth in World Energy Demand Customer Expectations Importance of Emerging Markets Globalisation Focus on Driving Cost Down Importance of Sustainable Development De-regulation and Privatisation Importance of Supply and Demand Chain Management Changing Energy Requirements Importance of Technology/Innovation Importance of Geopolitics
    • 4. SAP‘s Oil & Gas Vision and Mission Mission To provide a complete and global solution for the industry, in conjunction with industry partners, a solution which is flexible, fully supported, and integrates people, information and processes within and across the enterprise Vision To be a total solution provider and act as a trusted advisor to the global Oil&Gas Industry
    • 5. SAP Association with the Oil & Gas Industry Mobil Hamburg 20 customers 50 customers Establish R/2 Oil consortium Establish R/3 Oil consortium 100 customers 500+ customers Global Industry Advisory Council 1983 1990 1995 200 2 2000 ITS Easy Web Transactions C1/SAP Partnership SAPMarkets Standardized Processes Web services PwC mySAP Oil&Gas E&P Accenture IS-Oil Accenture mySAP Oil&Gas Alliances Microsoft 250 customers WebMethods Industry Experience SAP Portals 200 4
    • 6. SAP‘s Position in the Industry 97% of the Oil and Gas companies listed in Fortune 500 are contractually bound with SAP
        • 20 years of industry expertise
        • 650+ customers with more than 750,000+ users
        • 70+% of all integrated oil and gas companies worldwide run SAP
        • 75% of the top 20 Upstream companies in the world run SAP
        • 95% of the top 20 downstream companies in the world run SAP
        • 9 out of the top 10 oil and gas companies in the US run SAP
        • The only complete and integrated solution that meets the needs of the oil and gas business lifecycle
        • SAP customers consistently outperform their peers
    • 7. Agenda Oil & Gas SAP Integration
    • 8. Integration: A History Walkthrough
    • 9. Strategic Communication Government/ shareholder Communication Strategy and Business Options Evaluation SYSTEM PROCESS FLOW Value Calculation Scenario Modeling OPTIMIZE AND ADJUST STRATEGY Simulation Strategic Learning and Feedback Target Setting & Action Planning Forecasting Operational Analytics Performance Reporting Adjust Initiatives and Operations Analyze value drivers OPTIMIZE TACTICS AND OPERATIONS Value Chain Planning Process Strategy Management mySAP HR Integrated Analytics /Operations mySAP SEM mySAP SCM mySAP IS OiI mySAP PLM mySAP CRM mySAP SRM mySAP Financials
    • 10. Agenda Oil & Gas SAP Integration
    • 11. Global Industry Advisory Council – an efficient SAP user community GIAC Members Asia/Pacific Regional Council Americas Regional Council Europe Middle East/Africa Regional Council Focus Group Focus Group Global Focus Groups Focus Group mySAP Oil & Gas Global Industry Advisory Council (membership per election)
    • 12. Success through Strong Partnerships
      • Industry Partner
        • ExxonMobil, Agip
        • Saudi Aramco, ChevronTexaco, CITGO
        • Shell Trading US
        • Shell, ExxonMobil
        • Shell
        • Saudi Aramco
        • Phillips, Shell, Statoil
        • Petronas, ENI, Shell
        • BP, ChevronTexaco, Marathon
        • Saudi Aramco, Shell Trading US
      • Project
        • Service Station & Convenience Retailing
        • Supply Chain Planning and Optimization
        • Trading-Supply Chain Integration;
        • Primary distribution-Product scheduling
        • Transport Planning Interface
        • Terminal Automation System
        • Billing & Shipment Corrections
        • Offshore Logistics Management
        • Production Sharing Accounting
        • Production & Revenue Accounting
        • Midstream Business Crude Scheduling
      Upstream Midstream Refining Primary Distribution Secondary Distribution Service Station & Convenience Retailing
    • 13. Map Your Value Chain to SAP`s Solutions Primary Distribution Solution Map Utility Retail Oil & Gas Upstream Midstream Refining Secondary Distribution Service Station & Convenience Retailing Enterprise Management Strategic Enterprise Management Business Analytics Business Intelligence & Decision Support Accounting Employee Relationship Management & Workforce Analytics Joint Venture Management Upstream Exploration & Appraisal Development Production Marketing Disposal Supply Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Acquire, Trade & Sell Exchange & Throughput Handling Scheduling Inventory Management Primary Distribution & Transport Secondary Distribution & Transportation Manufacturing Manufacturing Planning & Optimization Manufacturing Process Batch Manufacturing Blending & Packaging Product Quality Management Sales, Service & Marketing Marketing Contracts, Sales & Pricing Service Analytics Service Station & Convenience Retailing Convenience Retailing Fuels Management Site & Headquarter Accounting Business Analysis & Reporting Enterprise Asset Management Specify & Design Procure & Build Operate & Maintain Decommission & Dispose Business Support Employee Life-Cycle & Transaction Management Procurement Financial Supply Chain Management Environment, Health and Safety
    • 14. Customers - A Selection
    • 15. Summary of SAP Today
      • SAP AG in 2003 revenues: € 7.0 billion
        • 76,100 installations
        • More than 22,600 companies run SAP
        • Providing 27 Industry Solutions
        • 30,166 SAP employees (March 2003)
      • 12 million users in 120+ countries team with us to
        • Integrate their business processes
        • Extend their competitive capabilities
        • Get a better return on investment at a lower total cost of ownership
      • Unique Partner Ecosystem
        • More than 1,500 partners
        • Overall more than 1 80, 000 SAP p artner c ertificates