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S u p p l y C h a i n M a n a g e m e n t

  1. 1. Supply Chain Management
  2. 2. Optimizing Your Supply Chain Gives Your Business A Competitive Edge. By synchronizing each link, you can reduce net costs, improve customer service and capture new opportunities in the marketplace – allowing you to enhance shareholder value. Ryder can help you streamline your global supply chain by seamlessly integrating and managing the end-to-end flow of materials, products and information.
  3. 3. Supply Chain Management > > > > Distribution Management > > > > > >
  4. 4. C O N S U LT I N G A N D D E S I G N Working in collaboration with you, Ryder can Developing facility mapping for sizing, design flexible enterprise-wide solutions to design and layout move your products cost effectively through Determining material flows and material- your supply chain – helping you deliver the handling equipment needs exact service levels your customers require. Building labor plans and operating methods Supply Chain Management Selecting an appropriate warehouse The process starts with a Value Chain management operating system Assessment. We analyze your entire supply Designing supply chain interfaces enterprise- chain, tracing the flow of products and wide to facilitate integrated processes information from your suppliers through manufacturing, distribution and delivery Transportation Management to your end customers. Our objective is Whether you ship by highway, air, ocean, to identify opportunities to streamline and rail or small parcel delivery, Ryder can integrate your supply chain operations. develop a comprehensive transportation Our approach includes: network strategy for both your domestic and international shipments. The goal is to Mapping supply chain processes balance inventory, facilities, transportation and flows to expose redundancies costs and cycle times, while adhering to and bottlenecks overall cost and customer service require- Developing financial and operational ments. Our transportation management comparisons to benchmark your network planning adds value through: performance within your industry Performing root-cause analysis to map Improving transportation process design shortfalls and performance lapses Transportation Management > Optimizing mode and route selection Recommending corrective actions and prioritizing implementation initiatives, based Carrier procurement and rate negotiation on timing and potential financial benefits Customizing performance measurement and management reporting Distribution Management Distribution management consulting helps you determine the optimal number of facilities in your distribution network, where they should be located, what functions they should perform and how they should perform them – all synchronized to support your business strategy. This process includes: “What if” modeling and simulation techniques to ensure processes, facilities and transportation modes are seamlessly integrated
  5. 5. You Stay In Charge... We Handle The Details Lead Logistics Management leader in the industry today, because we One of the most important facets of global continue to help our clients integrate the e-Channel Solutions SM supply chain management is the coordination, functional components of their business, Ryder operates a network of high- integration and management of all the various thus optimizing their supply chains by: velocity facilities and processes service providers and technologies that make Re-engineering of product and that offer clients total end-to-end your supply chain work. Although you information flows system-wide remain in control, we help you by: fulfillment, including order and inventory management, Improving asset management Developing strategic network Web-enabled visibility in the Providing professional service specifications and ensuring warehouse and in transit, and transportation management their implementation an unmatched transportation Implementing flow-through distribution and distribution infrastructure, Coordinating all providers within the supply complete with reverse logistics. chain to optimize the tactical network Customizing performance measurement Ryder has implemented an and management reporting Providing a single point of contact for end-to-end fulfillment solution all logistics services Distribution Management in as little as 8 weeks. Using integrated systems to achieve key Ryder provides solutions for all or part of performance goals your warehousing, distribution and overall supply chain needs. Services include: Ensuring flexible and adaptable solutions for continuous improvement of networks Managing flow-through/cross-dock and systems operations and distribution facilities Integrated Logistics Coordinating warehousing and With decades of experience in transportation transportation for inbound material flows and distribution, Ryder has been a pioneer Handling import/export for international in integrated logistics services. We remain a shipments
  6. 6. P L A N N I N G A N D I M P L E M E N TAT I O N Offering continual replenishment to Services include: Ryder’s Transportation manufacturing and assembly plants Management Center – staffed Optimal modal and carrier procurement by certified professionals who Providing quick response deliveries and rate negotiation – including TL, LTL, serve as a dedicated link to ocean, air, rail and small parcel delivery Monitoring shipment and inventory clients, shippers and carriers– status through Web-enabled tracking Clients’ order acceptance via the Web, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. electronic transactions (EDI and XML), The Center can handle all Providing reverse logistics services such telephone or fax your global transportation as managing returns/repair re-distribution Shipment consolidation and load-building needs and has the ability to Providing additional value-added services, with route and carrier planning dynamically change your such as kitting and light assembly transportation processes, Load scheduling and delivery confirmation In addition, Ryder provides multi-client enabling you to capitalize on – including dispatching, expediting and distribution solutions for clients seeking monitoring status of loads emerging opportunities. warehousing, high-velocity fulfillment and value-added services in cases where shared Freight bill audit and payment services are more cost-effective than a with customized Web-enabled customized facility. reporting available Performance and improvement Transportation Management analysis, and exception reporting Ryder handles all the details, helping with full documentation clients achieve an optimal supply chain transportation network. Using the latest Technology that supports the complete operational controls and processes, Ryder planning and execution of the experts can manage all your transportation transportation process and includes Web-enabled shipment tracking down needs – whether you ship goods around to the individual item level the corner or around the world.
  7. 7. Solutions Tailored To Regardless of where you source your raw Supplier Logistics Centers – Strategically materials or component parts and make or placed locations for the staging and sell your finished products, Ryder has a distribution of raw materials or component Your Requirements wide range of solutions to strengthen each parts from worldwide suppliers to manufac- link of your supply chain: turing and assembly plants, thus allowing for continual replenishment to facilities Order Fulfillment – Accurately fulfilling orders received through all sales channels Inventory Postponement – Scheduling to meet each client’s service requirements and coordinating parts assembly based in a timely manner on your customers’ requirements just prior to delivery, reducing your total inventory Flow-Through Distribution – Utilizing costs and improving service flexibility cross-docking techniques that avoid unnecessary “put away” activities in Merge-In-Transit – Consolidating order to speed products to market while components received from multiple minimizing inventory sources, by delivery destination, thus providing a whole order delivery to the end customer (particularly beneficial for made-to-order strategies)
  8. 8. O P E R AT I O N A L S E R V I C E S Inventory Visibility – Web-enabled Quick Response Delivery – Supports Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), quick response strategies that are cost- providing you with 24/7 visibility of inventory, effective, flexible and include such order and receipts – down to the SKU item solutions as secured, unattended night-time level – within the “four walls” deliveries and expedited deliveries Value Added Services – Customized Shipment Tracking – Web-enabled services, including kitting, labeling and systems that allow clients to track domestic ticketing, sequencing, custom packing and and international shipments in transit light assembly down to the item level, as well as receive proactive exception-based alerts Just In Time Pickup And Delivery – Assuring smooth material flows into and out Reverse Logistics – Management of of assembly/manufacturing plants and retail returns processing, such as call center outlets by providing time-definite pickup services, returnable container programs, and delivery of component parts or finished inspection and repackaging, and returning goods, minimizing inventory investments items to inventory or vendor(s) for final disposition
  9. 9. Working Together, We Can Help You Synchronize Supply And Demand Our proven track record in providing a global Global Infrastructure portfolio of services can supercharge your Doing business globally can be richly business and help you gain the competitive rewarding – producing savings and efficien- edge needed to succeed in today’s challenging cies in sourcing, making and selling goods. business environment. Development of a “borderless” strategy requires a combination of experience, Information Technology infrastructure, culture and knowledge. Ryder has assembled a powerful suite of Facilitated by country/regional experts, Ryder technology tools from leading software currently ships products to and from more providers. When combined with Ryder than 100 countries, located on four continents. people and processes, these tools assist in planning, decision support, enterprise-wide Quality Process integration, network optimization and Ryder’s quality process is based on establishing the daily operation of your company’s key measures that are mutually agreed upon supply chain. with each client, then tracking performance over time and seeking out opportunities Our objective is to leverage market-proven for continuous improvement. Ryder is applications, while reducing implementation committed to long-term partnerships and timelines and deployment costs for helping our clients exceed the expectations clients, through: of their customers. Central, secure operations The ISO 9001-certified quality management system ensures standardized processes. A Sharing capacity among multiple clients to reduce the burden of bearing total costs number of Ryder operations worldwide are ISO 9001-certified, including operations Standard business processes and located in North America, South America, methodologies to facilitate smooth Europe and Asia. In addition, Ryder’s IT start-ups and ongoing operations design implementation quality managment Integration of Ryder’s applications with system is ISO 9001-certified. the client’s environment Scalable solutions that have the ability to grow with your business Inventory visibility in the warehouse and in transit
  10. 10. Industry Expertise Ryder has dedicated industry experts who speak your language and understand your industry’s issues. In addition, these specialists can leverage Ryder’s resources to tap best practices and innovative solutions learned by servicing more than 600 clients in over 50 industries worldwide. Process Management Defining the scope, mapping critical processes and requirements, and managing the “details” of implementing a solid plan to attain quantifiable improvements for optimizing your supply chain are key elements of process management. Proven methods enable decision makers to handle change management and risk on a controlled, proactive basis. A foundation for continuous improvement is established by setting key criteria collaberatively with clients and tracking ongoing performance.
  11. 11. Companies that have world-class supply chains organize, plan and deliver their products based on maximizing value to their customers. They know that serving the customer well is a dynamic and continuous process.
  12. 12. Access to instant information has changed the rules of effective supply chain manage- ment. We can help connect you to your suppliers and customers across continents and borders to overcome challenges and capture new opportunities.
  13. 13. Why Ryder? The Right People Make Strong Teams Let Us Help You Make Your Supply Chain Run More Efficiently As one of the industry’s most highly We would be pleased to discuss or demonstrate recognized logistics and transportation our world-class capabilities in Supply Chain experts, Ryder has the right team of people to work collaboratively with you. Our Consulting, Integrated Logistics Operations, teams’ expertise is supplemented by Lead Logistics Management or any of our strategic alliances that allow us to deliver the various operational services. most innovative and cost-effective solutions. For more information call 1-800-RYDER-OK Operational Innovation And Know-How (1-800-793-3765) Ext. 1583 or visit us at Our proven processes and knowledge www.ryder.com stem from leveraging best practices developed while doing business with companies in a wide array of industries throughout the world. Comprehensive safety, health and regulatory compliance procedures improve operational productivity, reduce employee turnover and help to avoid risk. Dedication To Outstanding Customer Service We believe in providing value to our clients – focusing on exceptional customer service and continuous improvement. Our partnership approach emphasizes speed, flexibility and collaboration. Market-Proven Technology Ryder has a sophisticated suite of systems that range from decision support to Web-enabled inventory visibility.
  14. 14. Worldwide Headquarters Regional Headquarters © 2001 Ryder System, Inc. All rights reserved. 12/01 MCC-542 3600 NW 82 Avenue Asia - Singapore Miami, FL 33166 USA Canada - Toronto Europe - London, U.K. Mexico - Mexico City South America - Buenos Aires, Argentina Ryder provides a complete array of leading-edge logistics, supply chain and transportation management solutions worldwide. Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Consulting Integrated Logistics Operations Lead Logistics Management e-Channel Solutions SM Ryder Online Tools Distribution Management Distribution Network Consulting Facility Design Services Product Supply Product Distribution Product Support Transportation Management Transportation Network Consulting Carrier Procurement Shipment Planning and Execution Freight Bill Audit, Payment and Data Services Capacity Management Fleet Management Commercial Truck Rental Full Service Leasing Programmed Maintenance Fleet Support Services Dedicated Contract Carriage SM RyderFleetProducts.com SM UsedTrucks.Ryder.com Ryder Customer Response Center Financial Management Lease Financing Contact us today, or visit us online to find out how world-class solutions and Web-enabled tools from Ryder can work for you, your customers and suppliers, while helping you build your shareholder value. 1-800-RYDER-OK Ext. 1583 www.ryder.com If outside the U.S. and Canada, call: 585-264-4330