Extended Supply Chain 2010


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Extended Supply Chain 2010

  1. 1. 24th & 25th March 2010, Sofitel London Heathrow Extended Supply Chain 2010 The Flexible Supply Chain – meeting customer needs by responding efficiently to constantly changing market conditions John Gattorna Mawgan Wilkins Dirk holbach Christian Verstraete Kevin o’Marah Supply Chain “Thought Sr Director Global Corporate VP Global CTO, Manufacturing Chief Strategy Officer Leader” Service Supply Chain Supply Chain Operations & Distribution Industries AMr rESEArCh AuThor CISCo SYSTEMS hENKEL hP Extended Supply Chain is an established thought-leadership Hear from supply chain experts: conference attended by Europe’s most forward thinking and innovative Supply Chain Leaders. Now entering its 8th year, ESC 2010 will bring together Supply Chain & Logistics Directors from a range of industry sectors to discuss, network and debate supply chain best practice and operational excellence. Key conference themes include: • Building supply chain capability to manage fluctuating costs and volatile demand patterns • Achieving end-to-end visibility throughout the extended supply chain in collaboration with your partners • Translating top level supply chain strategy into operational best practice Conference Partner: Media Partners: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7970 4770 • Email: esc@centaur.co.uk • Web: www.esc2010.com
  2. 2. Your INVITATIoN To ATTEND: Dear Conference Delegate Welcome to the most important ‘Thought Leadership’ event of the year in London in March 2010 – Extended Supply Chain 2010. I am delighted to be delivering the Keynote address at this pivotal event because I passionately believe that at this crucial time of global financial stress and related recessionary pressures, we need fundamentally new thinking. Indeed, we need a new business model for designing and operating enterprise supply chains under radically changed market, environmental, and social conditions. I will start the thought process during my address by explaining the model that I have had under development for the last two decades. And share the results with you – which have been very encouraging. There is also a very impressive array of leading supply chain thinkers on the programme, giving their individual perspectives on the first day, and then on the second day the focus will shift to how these collective ideas can be ‘operationalised on the ground’. So there is a great agenda awaiting you, and I strongly recommend that you take full advantage of this opportunity by bringing a small cross-functional team to the event. The days of considering the enterprise ‘supply chain’ as a specialist function are over – the future is all about treating supply chain thinking as a philosophy that pervades the entire enterprise. More about this critical shift in mindset when we meet in London. Dr John Gattorna, Global ‘Thought Leader’, AuThor Day one – 24th March 2010 Douglas Kent, European Chairman Supply Chain CounCil Douglas is the Chairman of the European Supply 09:00 Registration Chain Council’s Leadership team where he is also 09:30 Opening remarks from the Chair one of a select few SCOR certified instructors. He Douglas Kent has over 20 years of experience focused on the European Chairman development; marketing and deployment of tailored SuPPLY ChAIN CouNCIL supply chain solutions for companies across a wide variety of industry sectors. 09:40 Dynamic alignment: a new business model for designing and operating enterprise supply chains in the New Millennium John Gattorna, Supply Chain “Thought Leader” Existing business models used in enterprise supply chains have far outlived their author KEYNoTE ADDrESS usefulness, especially with the onslaught of more demanding customers and an John Gattorna is an acknowledged “thought leader” increasingly volatile marketplace in these uncertain times. There is no ‘silver’ bullet, but on the global supply chain scene. For over two there is a new model which is increasingly being applied by major global corporations, decades he has researched, consulted, and worked with great success – dynamic alignment. This model was developed by John Gattorna in various capacities in and around enterprise supply and co-workers in 1989, and has been under market testing around the world for the chains. last two decades – with startling results. Essentially it starts with the premise that supply Despite a demanding work schedule in industry chains are propelled by humans and human behavior inside and outside the firm, and and commerce John has been, and still is, a prolific everything else are just enablers. writer, having published 10 books and numerous Dr John Gattorna articles in his areas of interest. His most recent Supply Chain “Thought Leader” book is Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment – A New AuThor Business Model for Peak Performance in Enterprise Supply Chains. 10:20 Balancing Supply and Demand: strategies for a changing global economy • Getting to the single number – managing internal relationships to ensure you have access to complete customer information • Working with all your partners to achieve real-time visibility of your end consumers’ requirements • Identifying indicators of recovery: where will these appear in your business and how can you trust them? • Achieving the right balance between making assumptions about future patterns of demand vs relying on historical data Senior Supply Chain Executive to be confirmed 11:00 Networking Break Tel: +44 (0) 20 7970 4770 • Email: esc@centaur.co.uk • Web: www.esc2010.com
  3. 3. 11:20 Building increased flexibility into your supply chain through improved end-to- Mawgan Wilkins, Sr Director Global Service Supply end collaboration and visibility Chain, CiSCo SyStEMS • Auditing your partner network to replace the weakest links and maintain the integrity of Mawgan Wilkins is responsible for the creation your business and implementation of long range transformational • Low cost ways to improve visibility and real time sharing of data strategies for Cisco’s Global Service Supply Chain organisation. • Working with your suppliers to take costs out of the supply chain while maintaining service levels • Collaborating effectively without losing competitive advantage Kevin o’Marah, Chief Strategy Officer aMr rESEarCh • Reviewing your insourcing vs outsourcing decisions: balancing flexibility and visibility requirements Kevin brings a unique blend of intellectual prowess, practical business experience, and energy to AMR Mawgan Wilkins Research’s clients. During his nearly seven years Sr Director Global Service Supply Chain with the firm, Kevin has worked with hundreds of CISCo SYSTEMS companies on manufacturing, product lifecycle 12:00 AMR Research Top 25 Supply Chain Panel Discussion management (PLM), and supply chain strategy. Translating top level supply chain strategy into operational best practice • Where have we made changes that have had a significant positive impact on the Christian Verstraete, CTO, Manufacturing business? & Distribution Industries, hp PANEL SESSIoN • Overcoming the challenges of communicating and managing change across a Christian has been a member of HP’s manufacturing geographically dispersed workforce team for more than 29 years and is responsible for thought leadership and innovation – scanning Chaired by: Kevin o’Marah, Chief Strategy Officer industry and technology trends and assessing AMr rESEArCh their mid/longer term effect on emerging MDI Christian Verstraete business opportunities. He is the linkage to the CTO Chief Technology Officer, Manufacturing & Distribution Industries community both inside HP and with customers and hP partners. David McMillan David McMillan, Director of Sourcing, Europe Director of Sourcing, Europe iBM IBM A 25 year employee of IBM, David McMillan has 13:10 Lunch & Networking worked in a wide range of supply chain leadership positions. David is currently the Director of 14:20 optimising Inventory Levels to manage costs and maximise working capital Procurement for Europe, Middle East and Africa, • Restocking vs Destocking: making the right decisions for each product line based in the UK and responsible for a spend of • Agreeing appropriate inventory levels with your suppliers through sharing risks and $7bn. rewards • Managing complexity by streamlining SKUs to maximise profits rather than sales peter Surtees, European Supply Chain Director • Identifying opportunities for local customisation of products KiMBErly-ClarK Peter Surtees Peter joined Kimberly-Clark in 1994, following European Supply Chain Director 15 years working in the 3PL industry. In his role KIMBErLY-CLArK as European Supply Chain Director – consumer products, Peter is responsible for physical logistics, 15:00 Developing talent to deliver ongoing supply chain innovation and lead the sales and operations planning and customer transformation services in Western & Central Europe. • What are the key competencies required to manage the dynamic supply chain? • Addressing existing skill gaps Dirk holbach, Corporate Vice President Global Supply Chain Operations, hEnKEl • Assessing your human capability to deliver on your supply chain strategy and putting the right people in the right place at the right time Dr. Dirk Holbach is in charge of Global Supply Chain Operations for the business sector Laundry & Home • Ensuring top level involvement in the supply chain talent debate Care at Henkel AG & Co KGaA. Before that he led Dirk holbach the Global Purchasing of the same business sector Corporate Vice President Global Supply Chain Operations for four consecutive years, and occupied different hENKEL leading positions in purchasing and sales. 15:40 Networking Break 16:00 Keeping supply chain capabilities aligned with business revenues • Delivering a flexible supply chain where you control cost fluctuations in line with changing customer demand • Insourcing vs outsourcing – removing fixed costs from your balance sheet while maintaining customer service levels • Driving cost savings through operational efficiency • Identifying savings that are sustainable rather than quick wins that generate higher costs and risks further down the line 16:40 Closing remarks from the Chair 17:00 Close of day one Tel: +44 (0) 20 7970 4770 • Email: esc@centaur.co.uk • Web: www.esc2010.com
  4. 4. Day Two – 25th March 2010 Day two of the event will be broken down into a number of sessions; each session has up to five interactive or case-study focussed workshops for you to choose from. Each workshop will offer a different topic and will be facilitated by an industry specialist. The format of this day allows for complete flexibility, giving you a unique opportunity to build a personalised itinerary around those topics most relevant to you. Proposed workshop sessions for ESC 2010 08:30 Registration 09:00 Opening remarks from Prof Alan Waller oBE, President – Benelux, LEADErS IN SuPPLY ChAIN Proposed Workshop Sessions*: Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4 Workshop 5 Session 1 SCOR (benchmarking Sustainable Cost The Data-Driven Supply ELUPEG (leadership and Energy Efficiency in the and metrics) Management Strategies Chain talent mgmt) Supply Chain in the Extended Supply Chai Session 2 Forward-looking network Supply Chain Risk Mgmt Analysis Tools to identify The key ingredients of Assessing the cost/ redesign Strategies supply chain risk supplier relationship benefits of insourcing vs management outsourcing Session 3 Practical techniques for Inventory optimisation Managing supply chain Optimising supply chain Reviewing risks within accurate forecasting and techniques for a dynamic change internally processes to increase contractual agreements demand planning economy efficiency Session 4 What to focus on now to Integrating efulfilment into Low cost country Utilising existing IT to Strategies for a Tax prepare for the recovery existing supply networks sourcing vs near- deliver better supply Efficient Supply Chain sourcing: identifying the chain visibility best strategy for your business Session 5 Getting the most out of Building flexibility Supply Chain ELUPEG (leadership and The supply chain S&OP throughout the supply Sustainability in the new talent mgmt) performance dashboard chain economic environment – optimising supply chain metrics Session 6 SCOR (benchmarking Enhancing forecasting Tools and techniques for Supply chain financing Supply chain compliance: and metrics) accuracy through internal Increasing collaboration models post credit meeting internal and and external collaboration in the extended supply crunch regulatory requirements chain Panel Session: Moving Forward – how should we change our focus over the next 12 months to prepare for opportunities? • Emerging from the downturn as a “winner”, not just a “survivor” • Identifying how and when your priorities need to change to ensure your supply chain and business is ready to benefit from the upturn Panel facilitated by Prof Alan Waller Cloe Zeng Demand Flow Director Electrolux 17:00 Close of conference * Please note the agenda displayed above is a sample agenda only, the workshops for 2010 will be released shortly. Tel: +44 (0) 20 7970 4770 • Email: esc@centaur.co.uk • Web: www.esc2010.com
  5. 5. PAST ATTENDEES oF ESC 2009 SoFITEL LoNDoN hEAThroW Adjoining Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport. The hotel features the best in fine dining, theatre style cooking, a lobby bar, tea salon and a cocktail bar, as well as a state of the art Health Spa and Gym and extensive undercover parking. Superb transport links including the Heathrow Express rail service, take you to & from TESTIMoNIALS Central London in 21 minutes. “A very thought provoking conference, some good informative sessions. Overall though, well worth the time and investment” SPoNSorShIP oPPorTuNITY Head of Supply Chain & Logistics hutchison 3G Sponsorship opportunities for Extended Supply Chain 2010 are now available. We have an array of packages all “Very useful event to make solutions offering widespread exposure to industry leaders and highly visible for each Supply Chain challenge” targeted audiences. Director Global Operations Programmes NCr For more information on how your company can become “An excellent event, which is definitely in involved in this conference please contact us on the schedule again for 2010.” +44 (0)207 970 4770 or email esc@centaur.co.uk Manager Customer Supply Chain Kraft Foods Tel: +44 (0) 20 7970 4770 • Email: esc@centaur.co.uk • Web: www.esc2010.com
  6. 6. Extended Supply 24th & 25th March 2010, Sofitel London Heathrow TW6 Chain 2010 VENuE iNForMAtioN The Flexible Supply Chain – meeting DAtE: 24th & 25th March 2010 customer needs by responding efficiently VENuE: Sofitel london Heathrow, terminal 5 to constantly changing market conditions london Heathrow Airport tW6 2gD tEl: (+44)20/8757 7777 HoW to booK FAX: (+44)20/8757 7788 oNliNE: www.esc2010.com EMAil: enquiries@sofitelheathrow.com CAll: +44 (0)20 7970 4770 WEb: http://www.sofitel.com FAX: completed form to: +44 (0)20 7970 4799 PoSt: completed form & payment to: PAYMENt please tick appropriate boxes & complete details Centaur Conferences, Customer Services, Payment must be made in advance of the event. if payment is not third Floor, 50 Poland Street, london, W1F 7AX received before the conference, you will be asked to pay by credit card before entering the conference. Your fee includes documentation, refreshments & lunch. Very earLy Bird Price – endS 31ST OcT n Conference – £1049 + VAt (£1206.35) # n CrEdiT Card: Please debit my Credit Card: STandard cOnFerence Price Visa | American Express | Mastercard Delete as appropriate. Note: We do not accept Diners Club Cards n Conference – £1295 + VAt (£1489.25) # Note: All credit card transactions AMouNt: £ will be processed in uK Sterling only n i am a Supply Chain Consultant/technology/Service CArD NuMbEr: Provider, please contact me with information on how NAME oN CArD: i can become involved in the event StArt DAtE: / / END DAtE: / / n Please contact me with information on group SigNAturE: bookings DAtE: / / # Please note that conference delegate places are only open to Supply Chain industry practitioners. n CHEquE: Your DEtAilS NotE: iF SENDiNg A CHEquE, PlEASE AttACH it to tHE booKiNg ForM PlEASE uSE CAPitAl lEttErS / For FurtHEr DElEgAtES PHotoCoPY ForM i enclose a cheque made payable titlE: Mr/MrS/MiSS/Dr/otHEr: to Centaur Conferences for: AMouNt £ ForENAME: n bACS: iMPortANt PlEASE quotE rEFErENCE: 3238 We must receive cleared funds prior to the conference date. SurNAME: Note: We do not accept purchase order numbers. bACS payments made after the event will not be accepted. A copy of the bACS Payment MuSt be attached to your Job titlE: booking Form & faxed or mailed to us to ensure appropriate allocation of funds can be made to your booking. CoMPANY: Account name: Centaur Communications ltd Conferences National Westminster bank, 20 Dean St, london, W1A 1SX APProViNg MANAgEr’S NAME: Account No: 26023539 Sort Code: 60 30 03 APProViNg MANAgEr’S Job titlE: MY CoDE iS: Sb CoNFErENCE CoDE: 3238 DAtA ProtECtioN NAturE oF buSiNESS: We would like to keep you informed of Centaur Conferences products & services including information about this event. Please write to the Head of Marketing, Centaur Conferences at the address below if you specifically do not want to receive this information. We may also from time to tElEPHoNE: time make your details available to carefully screened companies who have offers that may be of interest to you. Please tick if you do not want to receive information from n Sponsors n other 3rd parties FAX: tErMS & CANCEllAtioN CoNDitioNS if you cancel your registration more than oNE month before the event, we will charge an admin fee of £75 + uK VAt (£86.25) – VAt amount is subject to change. For cancellations received on or MobilE: after 24th February 2010, or in the event of non-attendance a 100% cancellation fee applies, in these circumstances No refund can be given. All cancellations MuSt be made in writing & will be acknowledged in writing. if you make your booking via the telephone, you are automatically adhering EMAil: to our terms & conditions. in the event that the Delegate makes an overpayment in respect of an invoice it will receive monthly statements from the organiser showing the balance of the account for a period of 6 months only from the date of the invoice. thereafter any over payments will be ADDrESS: repayable on demand within statutory time limits. it may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organiser to alter the content, timings or venue. Centaur Conferences does not accept liability for any transport disruption or individual transport delays & in such circumstances the normal cancellation restrictions apply. in the event of a terrorist alert or incident that prevents the running of the conference, Centaur Conference reserves the right to retain up to 50% of the fee as a contribution to delegate registration, all location, marketing & central administrative costs. Are PoStCoDE: you registered? You will always receive an acknowledgement of your booking. if you do not receive anything, please call us on +44 (0) 20 7970 4770 to make sure we have received your booking. Your registration fee includes lunch, refreshments, documentation, priceless SigNAturE: business contacts & numerous networking opportunities. the Awareness group ltd is a division of Centaur Media plc, St giles House, DAtE: / / 50 Poland Street, london, W1F 7AX