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collection of free articles - ISM - Institute for Supply ...

  1. 1. Index of Supply Chain Management Articles, White Papers and Reports (Last Update: 5/1/2010) For a free copy of any document, contact Steven McCredie at 7 Traits of a Green Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) 9 Hidden Costs of Global Sourcing Purchasing Magazine (3/2009) 10 Fundamental Strategies and Best Practices of Supply Chain Organizations From the 92nd Annual International Supply Management Conference, May 2007 10 Procurement KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Next Level Purchasing (6/2009) 12 Reasons Why Supplier Scorecards Fail Sherry Gordon (5/2009) 2007 ISM Salary Survey ISM Report (5/2007) 2008 ISM Salary Survey ISM Report (5/2008) 2009 ISM Salary Survey ISM Report (5/2009) A Call to Action: Developing a Social Responsibility Business Case ISM Report (11/2007) A Framework of Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Moving Toward New Theory University of Nevada, College of Business Administration (3/2008) A More Sustainable Global Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) Achieve Lowest Total Cost of Ownership with a Unified Global Delivery Model A White Paper from Kofax, Inc. (2/2009) Achieving Spend Visibility: Benefits, Barriers and Best Practices Emptoris, Inc. (12/2008) An Automatic Connection - Electronic transaction tools help manufacturers connect with suppliers to streamline sourcing efforts Nick Zubko as published in Industry Week (12/2008) An Update on the State of Supply Chain Education Supply Chain Management Review (9/2009) 1
  2. 2. Are Your Purchasing Job Descriptions Outdated? Charles Dominick (8/2008) Automating the Import Supply Chain: New Global Trade Management technologies drive performance improvement across procurement, compliance and security Management Dynamics, Inc. (12/2009) Best Practices for Supplier Risk Management: Measure, Monitor and Mitigate Aravo Solutions (4/2010) Best Practices to Reduce International Freight Costs Management Dynamics (12/2009) Beware of the Risks, and Snap Up the Opportunities in 2010 International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management Ezine (1/2010) Beyond Purchasing KPMG International (12/2008) Bluetooth in the Warehouse Environment Vocollect (12/2009) Building a Business Case for a Vendor Management System: Managing Your Contingent Workforce and Services Spend Programs Fieldglass, Inc. (3/2010) Business Relationship Management: The Four Faces of Building Value with Strategic Suppliers The International Procurement Leadership Forum (12/2007) Buyers: Know Your Inventory Turnover Ratio Charles Dominick (8/2009) Buying Transportation in Turbulent Economic Times By Dr. Alan Kosansky (9/2009) Captain Phillips Showed He Cared - Four Tips to Show Your Team You Care Jane Flaherty, Peter Barron Stark Companies (2009) CFO's View of Procurement: Getting CFOs and CPOs to Speak the Same Language The Aberdeen Group (12/2007) Chain Reaction Sustainability Study - Your Firm Cannot be Sustainable Unless Your Supply Chains Become Sustainable First A White paper from AT Kearney (12/2007) Choosing the Right ERP System: How to Avoid the 7 Fatal Flaws Susan O’Connor (12/2008) 2
  3. 3. Clorox Outlines Supplier Management Strategies for Tough Times Procurement teams finds innovative ways to help suppliers in recession William Atkinson, Purchasing Magazine (4/2009) Commodity Management: Profiting from Volatility Duane Dickson and Jim Manocchi (12/2006) Commodity Price Forecasting, Part 1 Charles Dominick (5/2010) Contractual Relationships Nick Martindale (Autumn/2009) Cost Performance: In Pursuit of a Cutting Edge CFO Magazine (8/2009) Crayola Draws New Picture of Supply Chain for Today's Market William Atkinson, Purchasing Magazine (7/2009) Create Your Own Stimulus Package Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) Defending a Procurement Business Case Charles Dominick (9/2009) Delivering Against the Promise: Next Generations Skills and Capabilities The International Procurement Leadership Forum (10/2006) Demand Forecasting 2.0: Introducing the Unified Forecasting Method Manhattan Associates (12/2009) Demand Planning: How to Reduce the Risk and Impact of Inaccurate Demand Forecasts A White Paper from Kinaxis Corporation (5/2009) Documenting Your Value to the Organization: Key Procurement Financial Formulas Marilyn Gettinger, C.P.M. (12/2009) Emerging Issues in Supply Management Ram Narasimhan (9/2009) E-Procurement for MRO in an SAP/Oracle Environment: Lessons Learned from the Field Robert Handfield (1/2009) Extending Lean Initiatives Across the Organization A White Paper from Exact Software (2005) Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Managing in Uncertain Times 3
  4. 4. Cindy Jutras, David Hatch (1/2009) Five Building Blocks for Successful Supplier Risk Management Turning Supplier Data into Supplier Intelligence A White Paper from Aravo Supplier Information Management (7/2009) FMC Technologies Centralizes Procurement Tools and Team William Atkinson, Purchasing Magazine (7/2009) From Burden to Benefit Making the Most of Regulatory Risk Management The Economist (12/2008) From Guru to GM: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) Four Steps to Take Now to Prepare for Recovery A White Paper from Kinaxis Corporation (5/2009) Global Business Trends Inside Supply Management (7/2009) Government Market Outlook A White Paper from Onvia, Inc. (1/2009) Halliburton Pushes Lean Six Sigma to its Supply Base William Atkinson, Purchasing Magazine (3/2009) High Performance through Procurement Mastery A White Paper from Accenture (2009) High Performance through Supply Chain Planning A White Paper from Accenture (2009) How Expensive Suppliers Negotiate By Charles Dominick, SPSM (July, 2009) How Financially Viable Are Your Suppliers? Jane Barrett, Mickey North Rizza, Michael Burkett, C.J. Wehlage (1/2009) How Not To Outsource Purchasing Magazine (7/2008) How to Cut Costs in the Cloud, 5 Spend Management Best Practices for 2010 Coupa Software (3/2010) How to Increase the Scope of Purchasing Charles Dominick (4/2010) How to Weather the Commodity Price Storm Rod Sherkin (Published in the IFPSMezine 8/2009) 4
  5. 5. Improve Operational Performance by Visualizing and Analyzing Relevant KPI and KPD Metrics MyDials (12/2009) Improving Negotiation Underappreciated by Firms, Warns Research International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (2/2010) Insights for Business Process Outsourcing ISM Report (12/2008) Integrated Business Planning: Kicking S&OP Up a Notch Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) Interview with Peter Kraljic: Reflections of a Pioneer Philip Usherwood and Dick Russill (9/2008) ISM Principles of Sustainability and Social Responsibility (6/2008) ISM Principles of Sustainability and Social Responsibility with a Guide to Adoption and Implementation (8/2008) ISM Sustainability Impacts Supply Professionals’ Decisions and Supplier Relationships (8/2008) Is Supply Chain the Cure for Rising Healthcare Costs? Supply Chain Management Review (9/2009) Is your Warehouse Ready for the Upswing? Highjump Software (12/2009) Keeping Employees Engaged During Tough Times (3/2009) Leading After Layoffs - How to Keep Employees Engaged (3/2009) Learn now … Lean forever Howard Coleman (6/2009) Lessons Learned from the Recession: Supply Risk Ariba, Inc. (10/2009) Logitech Supply Chain Case Study Profit Pint (12/2009) Low Cost Ways to Earn Continuing Education Hours Credit ISM Newsline, (7/2009) 5
  6. 6. Lowest Cost of Ownership A White Paper from Kofax Inc. (5/2009) Make Your Workplace a Happy Place, (3/2009) Making the Business Case for Better Supply Chain Quality Management: Benefits of Quantifying the Financial Impact of Cost of Poor Supplier Quality (CoPQ) Reductions and Improving Other Supplier Performance KPIs Arcplan (1/2010) Managing Risk for High Performance in Extraordinary Times Accenture (7/2009) Managing Risk through Financial Processes - Effective Risk Management The Economist (11/2008) Measuring Cost Savings for Mid-Year Deals Charles Dominick, SPSM (3/2010) Measuring the Impact of Procurement Training Next Level Purchasing (1/2010) Mission-Driven Supply Management Inside Supply Management (9/2008) Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization A White paper from Manhattan Associates (8/2009) Negotiating on Behalf of Your Suppliers Charles Dominick, SPSM (12/2009) Negotiating Rebates: Best Practices Charles Dominick (7/2009) Negotiation X’s & O’s: A Game Plan for Procurement Bargaining Success Charles Dominick (12/2009) Offshoring - Why Foreign Exchange Matters And What To Do About It A White Paper from Paceharmon (5/2009) Optimizing Performance Across Your Supply Chain A White Paper from Webfocus (6/2009) Optimizing Performance Across Your Supply Chain A White Paper from Information Builders (12/2007) Partnering for Outsourcing Success 6
  7. 7. Rajesh Bhat and Jesse Decker (6/2009) Personal Scorecard for Professional Development Creating, Scoring and Using From the 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference, May 2006 (Powerpoint) Personal Scorecard for Professional Development Creating, Scoring and Using From the 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference, May 2006 (PDF) Personal Scorecard for Professional Development Template and Instructions Planning and the Process Industries Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) Pop-Up Supply Chains: Leveraging Network Assets for Dynamic Distribution Manhattan Associates (12/2009) Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct with Guidelines ISM Report (12/2008) Procurement After the Recession: Are You Emerging Truly Stronger or Just Leaner? Pierre Mitchell and Kurt Albertson (12/2009) Procurement Career Planning in a Bad Economy Charles Dominick (12/2008) Procurement Contracts - Real Value, Real Returns William Browning, 3/2009) Procurement Contracts: Real Value, Real Returns William Browning, (3/2009) Procurement in the New Normal A White Paper, Ariba, Inc. (3/2010) Procurement Skills and Profit: The Correlation Next Level Purchasing (8/2009) Procurement’s Promise David Clary (11/2002) Procurement Tutorial The Procurement Process - Creating a Sourcing Plan Monczka, Trent, and Handfield, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Southwestern College Publishing (2002) Procure to Pay Automation Evolves into Multi-Enterprise Collaboration Kurt Cavano (12/2009) Project Procurement Management with Key Terms and Sample Test Richard Allen Yancy ( (1/2009) 7
  8. 8. Purchasing Managers' Worst KPI Mistakes Charles Dominick (11/2009) Reaching Sourcing Excellence: How to Keep 30 Cents of Every Dollar Spent AMR Research (7/2009) Reducing Cost with Efficient Operations SAP Solutions (12/2007) S and OP Now More Than Ever Supply Chain Management Review (9/2009) Separating a Procurement Department into Tactical and Strategic Teams: Is it Right for Your Organization? Next Level Purchasing (4/2010) Seven Imperatives for Achieving Dynamic Supply Chains A White Paper from Accenture (2009) Seven Ways to Build Your Negotiating Strength Supply Chain Management Review (3/2009) Six Sigma in Spend Management Zycus, Inc. (10/2009) Social Responsibility and the Supply Management Profession ISM Ethical Standards Study (3/2006) Sourcing Problems In A Slow Economy Charles Dominick, SPSM (3/2010) Sourcing the World Market: An Intelligence Driven on Global Component Supply PartMiner Worldwide (1/2009) Spend Analysis Best Practices - Winning Strategies in Turbulent Times ISM Powerpoint Presentation (2008) Spend Analysis The Window Into Strategic Sourcing Copyright ©2008 by Emptoris, Inc. and Kirit Pandit and Haralambos Marmanis Spend Analysis, Pulling Back the Cover on Savings Andrew Bartolini, Chris Dwyer (10/2008) Spend Analytics: A Foundation for Procurement Performance Management Kathleen Wilhide (10/2008) Spending With Small Business Doesn't Have to Suffer in Recession Rockwell Collins outlines the strategy and benefits to spending with small and diverse suppliers 8
  9. 9. Dave Hannon, Purchasing Magazine (9/2009) Spend Management Survival Guide Ariba, Inc. (8/2009) Spend Visibility: Do You Have the Correct Lenses? Mickey North Rizza (12/2009) Strategic Pricing: Three Steps to Higher Profit Margins Manufacturing Business Technology (9/2009) Supply Chain Environmentalism ISM Report (3/209) Supply Chain Fraud, an Overview of a Growing Internal & External Threat to the Well-Being of the Modern Enterprise Norman Katz (9/2009) Supply Chain Integration: Challenges and Good Practices An ISM/CAPS Research Report (2/2009) Supply Chain Risk Management: Beware These Storm Warning Flags Mariners recognize the Coast Guard flags below as warning signs of treacherous seas. We adapted them as signals for potential supply-risk tempests. Tom Stundza, Purchasing Magazine (7/2009) Supply Chain Survey 2010 Profit Point (1/2010) Supply Management Strategies for Turbulent Times Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) Supply Management’s Strategic Role In Environmental Practices An ISM/CAPS Research Report (12/2008) Supply Risk Management: Appetite for Acquisition Nick Martindale (Autumn/2009) Talent/Management Trade-Offs ISM Report (7/2008) The CPO’s Agenda 2009 Andrew Bartolini (4/2009) The Do’s and Don’ts of Procurement Outsourcing International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management Ezine (1/2010) The Five Most Common Supply Chain Risks and What You Can Do to Avoid Them Aravo Solutions, Inc. (12/2009) The Future of Supply Management 9
  10. 10. AT Kearney (9/2009) The Goal of the Lean Supply Chain: Seven Steps for Building Lean Supply Chains University of Tennessee (12/2009) The KPI Guide: Must-Have Metrics for Every Organization Jonathan Casher (12/2008) The Next Big Thing in Accounts Payable: Positioning AP for the Future Jonathan Casher (3/2010) The Next Step in Procure to Pay Purchasing Magazine (9/2008) The Outsourcing Paradox and Other Outsourcing Ailments The University of Tennessee Center for Executive Education (6/2009) The Power of Alliance and Early Supplier Involvement Mark Krausman (3/2009) The Purchasing Leader’s Guide to a More Successful Team Charles Dominick (9/2009) The Secrets of Successful Cost Reduction Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) The Seven Sins of “Greenwashing” - Environmental Claims in Consumer Markets Terra Choice Group (4/2009) The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study IBM (12/2009) The View From Abroad: A Procurement Professional's Guide to International Assignments Dave Hannon, Purchasing Magazine (8/2009) Top 25 Supply Chains Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) Top Producers are Coached, Not Managed 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference, May 2005 Top Ten Tips for Drafting an RFP Kit Burden (10/2009) Trade Agreement Management: Survey Results and Best Practice Research Management Dynamics, Inc. (12/2009) Transportation Management’s Role in Supply Chain Excellence Supply Chain Management Review (10/2009) 10
  11. 11. Understanding and Detecting Supply Chain Fraud Audio/Video file of webinar follow this link supplychainfraud/webinarsupplychainfraud-082009.wmv Norman Katz (8/2009) Understanding and Detecting Supply Chain Fraud (PDF) Norman Katz (8/2009) Understanding and Detecting Supply Chain Fraud FAQ (PDF) Norman Katz (8/2009) Up the Recruits - Current and Future Recruiting Challenges for Supply Chain Leaders ISM Report (7/2008) Vested Outsourcing: A Better Way to Outsource Supply Chain Management Review (9/2009) Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules that will Transform Outsourcing Mike Ledyard and Karl Manrodt (12/2009) Volunteering - What’s in it for me? ISM (2003) Where Did My Variance Come From This Time? Derek Curtis (3/2010) Where is Your Inventory? Chris Goldsmith (11/2009) 11