An Exclusive Invitation to the GS1 Hong Kong Logistics Supply ...


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An Exclusive Invitation to the GS1 Hong Kong Logistics Supply ...

  1. 1. An Exclusive Invitation to the GS1 Hong Kong Logistics Supply Chain Day 27th April 2010 (Tuesday) 14:00 - 17:15 Convention Hall 2, 1/F, Core Building 1, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Learn How to Assure Quality and Minimize Business Loss through Cold Chain Visibility Today, the challenge for the logistics supply chain sector is not only ensuring that the right product is delivered at the right place, at the right time, but more so in ensuring that it remains in the best quality condition. This is particularly crucial for goods such as food, drug and flower that require to be monitored under a controlled temperature environment from plant to shelf along the whole supply chain. At the Logistics Supply Chain Day, you will learn and have a better understanding of the different cost-effective tools to help your company improve logistics supply chain management. This is a unique opportunity you should not miss to stay competitive in your industry. Program highlights: 1. Introduction and live demonstration of Cold Chain Management Solution GS1 Hong Kong’s end-to-end cold chain solution, which helps producers and logistics service providers ensure freshness of their perishables, hence minimizing business loss due to shrinkage, and increasing profits through efficient monitoring of product temperatures in every segment of the cold chain. 2. Presentation of Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) Model SCOR is an internationally proven KPI-driven model designed to uplift supply chain process and performance. A leading food and beverages service provider will share how their implementation of SCOR practices brings forth to improved logistics and operational efficiency. Time Program Rundown 14:00-14:30 Registration 14:30-14:35 Welcome Remarks 14:35-15:00 Assuring Quality and Minimizing Business Loss through Cold Chain Visibility in Food Logistics Supply Chain Mr. KK Suen, Chief Architect & Principal Consultant, GS1 Hong Kong 15:00-15:25 Improving Supply Chain Process and Performance with SCOR Model with Case Sharing by a Leading Food Company (TBC) Ms. Tina Ho, Certified SCOR Instructor, GS1 Hong Kong
  2. 2. 15:25-15:45 Smarter Food Supply Chain – Food Traceability Mr. Michael Ma, GBS Senior Managing Consultant and Supply Chain Leader for Hong Kong, IBM China/Hong Kong Limited 15:50-16:50 Live Demo: Cold Chain Management Solution Mr. Douglas Chan, Manager, Business Solutions, GS1 Hong Kong 16:50–17:15 Tea Break and Networking Session
  3. 3. GS1 Hong Kong Logistics Supply Chain Day (27th April 2010) Online Registration 網上報名 Or 或 Registration Form 報名表格 Please complete the Registration Form and fax to GS1 Hong Kong at (852) 2861 2423. For further queries, please feel free to contact Ms. Angel Pong of GS1 Hong Kong at (852) 2863 9730. 請填妥以下報名表格並傳真至香港貨品編碼協會 (852) 2861 2423。欲進一步了解詳情,請致電香港貨品編碼協 會 (852) 2863 9730 與龐小姐聯絡。 Company Name 公司名稱 Company Address 公司地址 Contact Person Contact Phone No. 聯絡人姓名 聯絡電話 Fax Email 傳真 電郵 Attendant Name (1) Position 參加者姓名(1) 職銜 Contact Phone No. Email 聯絡電話 電郵 Attendant Name (2) Position 參加者姓名(2) 職銜 Contact Phone No. Email 聯絡電話 電郵