Achieving High Performance through Managed Supply Chain Services


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Achieving High Performance through Managed Supply Chain Services

  1. 1. Achieving High Performance through Managed Supply Chain Services
  2. 2. Achieving High Performance through Managed Supply Chain Services Global operations, longer supply lanes, mergers and acquisitions, shorter product life cycles, required service levels, disintegrate dataflows and processes … These are just a few of the trends driving companies to outsource supply chain processes. Research shows that, by outsourcing critical segments of the supply chain, companies can facilitate the incremental changes required to become high-performance businesses. Supply chains become optimized thanks to third-party expertise and a collaborative infra- structure that ensures process experts and collaboration platforms are indefinitely accessible to the company under long-term partnership agreements. The Accenture Supply The leading-edge solutions, supply Our services chain process management and supply At Accenture Supply Chain Services, Chain Services Difference chain IT services offered by Accenture we are committed to collaborating with At Accenture we’re not only leaders in Supply Chain Services leverage the our clients to create measurable value, supply chain consulting: we’re also depth and breadth of Accenture’s supply and we hold ourselves accountable for innovators in supply chain outsourcing chain capabilities. Accenture possesses results. We offer three levels of out- through our Accenture Supply Chain decades of supply chain experience in sourcing service, ranging from capability Services. Accenture Supply Chain more than 50 industry segments. The maintenance and analytic support Services delivers measurable, metrics- Supply Chain capability group boasts (application outsourcing and manage- driven improvements to our clients’ state-of-the-art expertise in areas like ment) to managed supply chain collabo- bottom line through outsourcing. We supply chain strategy, supply chain ration platforms between customers. act as committed partners to client planning and collaboration, sourcing At the highest level, we provide business companies and enter long-term rela- and procurement, manufacturing, process outsourcing, where we take on tionships, where we increase supply fulfillment, product life cycle manage- responsibility for co-managing specific chain efficiencies, introduce best prac- ment, service management, global supply chain processes, while our clients tices and drive operational excellence by data synchronization, radio frequency focus on their core capabilities. providing access to the best technology, identification (RFID), and supply chain people and processes. Our outsourcing learning. The end result: a powerful Application Outsourcing and agreements are often “value based”— combination of outsourcing and supply Management linking client investment to success chain acumen unleashed to enable Our application outsourcing and manage- metrics established upfront. higher levels of performance for our ment outsourcing provides application clients. maintenance and daily operational services, as well as setup and installation of a variety of supply chain planning and execution applications.
  3. 3. Three layers of outsourced capability are increasingly being demanded by the market in SCP Application Hosting SCP Configuration Support ASP Licensing SCP Application Management Demand Modeling for New Products Decision Support on Strategic SCP Complexity SC Performance Analysis Value SCP Value-Added Analytics Added talent and capacity for day-to-day decision support in: • Demand Planning Co-Sourced • Inventory Planning Planning • Manufacturing Planning • Supplier Planning Figure 1: We offer three levels of supply chain planning outsourcing—from application management, to IT-enabled supply chain services and business process outsourcing of supply chain planning. (This figure belongs to SC Planning—see below.) Collaboration Services Specific services also provide 24x7 multilingual user Accenture Supply Chain Services pro- Accenture Supply Chain Services pro- support for workflow and dataflow vides the partner recruitment (supplier actively guides clients through opportu- governance and monitoring. or customer) setup, transformation work nities and changing conditions, helping and ongoing dataflow and workflow them anticipate, recognize and capital- eSourcing and Contract Management daily support for customer-supplier ize on areas of greatest potential within We offer an end-to-end strategic integration, using common data and the supply chain. We quickly mobilize sourcing suite, scalable and robust process standards between partners. the right people, skills and technologies for Global 2000 companies that need to improve supply chain performance. quick access to real enterprise sourcing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Our specific services include: capability supporting total-cost-of- Our business process outsourcing ownership-based contract negotiations provides leading transformational and Customer—Supplier Integration with suppliers of direct and indirect decision-support expertise and human We establish and operate networks for materials (RFI and RFP and auction resources for supply chain planning, extended supply chain process dataflow services). Our solution is comprehensive order management and collaboration. and workflows. This enables our clients and takes into account the people, We provide the leadership, governance to collaborate with their customers and processes and technology needed for and skills, as well as the structure and suppliers, using common standards, in optimal performance. Our service is built discipline, to deliver the benefits expec- areas like demand forecasting, supply to provide a rapid return on investment ted from a third-party service provider, planning, order management, VMI, and sustained value for the procurement under value-based agreements. master data synchronization and sell-out function. visibility and reporting. Our customer— supplier integration solution is delivered Supply Chain Intelligence through a hosted platform that offers We provide supply chain performance a one-to-many dataflow collaboration visibility solutions and analytic support hub, potentially using different data that drives improvement in supply chain exchange formats, and dataflow logic management decision making. By con- used to share information and execute solidating and analyzing data across collaborative process agreements. We systems and business units, we provide
  4. 4. executives with the reporting tools Supply Chain Managed Services High performance delivered needed for decision making on an (BPO) Long term. Innovative. Value based. ongoing basis. We simplify report Through our managed services, we help Committed. At Accenture Supply Chain formats and data-collection processes, companies focus on their distinctive Services, we act as committed partners and provide unparalleled levels of capabilities and core business while we to client companies. We drive excel- information transparency and co-manage critical support functions, lence in the supply chain by delivering consistency across the enterprise including: demand planning, supply the best technology, people, and proc- (e.g. procurement spend and contract planning, order management and VMI. esses, and ensure client investments compliance, inventory, distribution We contribute more than just tools are directly linked to results. Our and service performance, customer or managed platforms, adding expert leading-edge tools and approaches sell-out analytics). human resources to manage or co- are backed by Accenture’s unparalleled manage critical processes. This helps experience in supply chain. We work Supply Chain Planning Applications companies achieve higher business with clients across a broad range of Outsourcing (AO) performance, while reducing operating industries to master innovative oper- Our applications outsourcing service costs and accelerating the pace of ating models that support business provides access to state-of-the-art collaboration. strategies and enhance revenue, reduce supply chain management applications cost, improve asset productivity and with a reduced price tag on the enhance the customer experience. licensing, maintenance and upgrades required of a standard system. The Accenture Delivery Center network hosts the software and handles the day-to-day operation of client supply chain management IT capability.
  5. 5. Contact About Accenture To find out more about achieving Accenture is a global management high performance through Accenture’s consulting, technology services and Supply Chain Services, please contact: outsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation, Accenture Europe collaborates with its clients to help Jaume Ferrer them become high-performance businesses and governments. With +34 93 227 10 42 deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and United States a proven track record, Accenture can Narendra Mulani mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve +1 312 6 93 37 72 their performance. With more than 133,000 people in 48 countries, the Asia Pacific company generated net revenues of Jeffrey Russell US$15.55 billion for the fiscal year Australia ended Aug. 31, 2005. Its home page is +65 64 10 77 88 Latin America Marcio Dechetti +55 11 51 88 17 80
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