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Analysing Existing Products Analysing Existing Products Presentation Transcript

  • The word ‘free’ will entice people toThe colour scheme of the magazine is buy the magazine as they willred, blue, white and yellow. These receive a free DVD with it.are quite bright colours so they keepthe magazine young looking, which isappropriate for the audience. Red, The photograph has been posedwhite and blue are patriarchal colours in a studio. The lighting is good sowhich may have been used to show you can clearly see the bandsthe magazine is British. faces. Because one member is directly at the front, we can assume he is important part of the band. The picture is quite squashed as there are 5 members so the cover looks Hook lines have been used to busy. The camera is pointing show what else is in the straight at them which makes magazine, which would appeal them look like they are not hiding to the reader away/concealing anything, possibly to show that they will not hide anything in the interview?Top of the Pops magazine ispublished by BBC magazine (as itused to be a television programmeshown on the BBC televisionchannel) Different fonts to show off different words. The word ‘lonely’ stands out, as does the word ‘life’ as the font is larger. This makes the cover look more interesting. Also the quote will make readers want to buy the magazine so they can find out why the band are lonely The font is slanted which makes the magazine look less formal. The magazine is aimed at Also the word ‘plus’ tells us there teenagers, it doesn’t look is even more inside the magazine sophisticated so is not an adult aimed magazine. The heart around the words adds a playful, childlike side to the cover.
  • Some of the title is covered by theThe colour scheme is photograph. This could be distracting andmostly black, white and something I would not want to feature inyellow, although there my magazine a small amount ofblue. These colours gowell with the pinkbackground. Thecolours make themagazine look The artist in the middle of thesophisticated. page makes them the main focus. The shot is staged in a studio. It is a posed photo, the lighting is good and bright to show the artists face. The flowers give the cover a Mentions other natural edge, it looks unique articles that will so will intrigue people and feature in the make them want to buy the magazine. If people magazine don’t like the main artist on the cover, they may buy the magazine for one of these articles The pink background will appeal to females although the magazine is most likely for both sexes. The fonts used are all bold. The font for ‘Katy Perry’ is different to the one used on all the other text which Billboard magazine is published by Nielsen makes the words stand out. The title ‘Billboard’ stands Business Media out as the font size is larger.
  • This may persuade people to buy the magazine as it’s ‘The UK’s biggest’. The title is very clear This section looks crammed and visible. It is easily and doesn’t stand out as well recognisable as it is one as the rest of the text letter There is significantly moreThe picture has been taken text than pictures as there isin a studio, the lighting is only one picture.bright on her face, but thebackground is dark. Thisfits in with the colourscheme and type of musicin this magazine. Becausethis is not the artist on thefronts usual style, we thinkthat they may be trying a Colour scheme isnew genre of music. red, white and black. The red and white contrast against the black very well. Play on words as Cheryl Cole’s first album was More artists within the called ‘3 words’. The magazine. From the different font used on amount of extra writing this makes it stand out, around the cover we can and the size of the letters assume the magazine will be packed and worth buying. The picture is the main focus as it is in the Q magazine is published by Bauer Media centre of the cover and there are no other Group pictures surrounding it
  • The picture is posed in a studio/set. The picture in the centre isThe lighting is bright and you can very eye catching, clearly This is an interview for aclearly see each member of the the main focus. popular band. The genre ofband. They are sat/stood indifferent positions which makes the music is pop which Is thepicture look less formulaic and genre I will be focusing on inmore casual my magazine. This will attract girls asThe colour they will want to knowscheme is what the band look forpurple, white and in a girl. It fits with thepink. This will audience.appeal to girlswhich isappropriate asthis magazine isaimed at teenagefemales. Quotes from the The different interview fill space and fonts stand out make the article lookThe font used on the word ‘wonders’ looks almost handwritten. This more sophisticatedmakes the magazine look less formal and makes the word stand out. well. I will be using different fonts in my magazine.
  • The font used on this quote The picture is the main focus, taking up stands out as it is larger and one of the two pages. The shot is posed The bands logo, shows has been put in italics. Also in a studio. The poses don’t look the magazine have the red stands out against natural. From the bands expressions we done their research. the grey background. can see they don’t look happy, possibly By displaying the logo meaning that they are very serious in a magazine it makes about their music/ will be serious in the the logo more interview. recognisableThe text is displayed in twolong columns, which The camera is angledsuggests the interview will straight at the straight forward. The By using a mid shot weblock colour makes the text can see some of thestand out. bands body, to show off they’re clothing? With one person slightly in front and closer than the rest of the band members, we can assume he is the lead singer as he is the main focus.The colour scheme of thismagazine is red, white andred which makes the blue By splitting the interview into 2logo stand out more. Often parts it encourages the reader tothe colour scheme for buy the next magazine to find out Kerrang! Magazine ismagazines of this music the rest of the story. It has clearly published by Bauergenre seem to be been done on purpose as a Consumer Mediaconsistent. marketing technique as there is plenty of space they could of used on the 2nd page.
  • This double page spread is from More This picture is very bright and colourful. It magazine, which is not a music magazine, has been posed but in an outdoor setting, but the interview is done with a music which gives it a more natural effect. The artist. More magazine is published by colours are eye catching so your attention is Bauer Verlagsgruppe. drawn to the images. The images are amusing, inferring that the interview will be fun and not boring and serious. The pictures take up more space than the text, so the text ratio to picture is small. The colour scheme of this magazine is pink, white and black. The pink stands out more against the plain white and black, so is used on quotes from the interview and the artists initial (in their answer to the interviewersThere are a few other images on the question)double page spread but these are imagestaken of the artist out and about – nottaken specifically for the magazine. The interview is placed in the centre of the two pages and is in three long columns, making it easy to read and follow.
  • The pictures used in this magazine are very bright, colourful and eye catching. Because of the dark background all the light colours stand out. I think this looks good but I’m not sure it will suit my magazine. Although this is not a contents page from a pop magazine, it has features I could use in my magazine. The black background makes the neon coloured images really stand out, which is a good feature. This font would be better suited to a rock magazine rather than a pop magazine, but the different fonts used for text and titlesThe slanted text is another good are something I willfeature of the layout and one that is incorporate into my magazineoften used in pop magazines. as often fonts used for titles are unsuitable for main bodies of text.
  • The heart around the numbers of pages is The title is also included onsomething I may use in my magazine as I think it the contents pagemakes the numbers stand out more. One main picture, draws attention to it. Also shows that this artist will be the main focus of the magazine.The contents page is easy to readand understand, all the words are in The picture used has been shotchronological order so its easy to in a studio or a set to make itfollow. look ‘natural’, but the picture is clearly posed. The camera has been put at a slightly lower angle as it looks up a tiny bit, and a long shot has been used so we can see what the artist is wearing. The props around the artist are relevant to the genre, the picture is personal to the artist as on a board behind them are some lyrics to one ofThe colour scheme fits the their songs.genre of the magazine. Thecontents page is mainly white,black and pink, with bits ofgrey. The colours look goodtogether and complement thepicture.
  • This is the sort of language youwould expect to see in a popmagazine- shortening words like‘mag’