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Ideas and concepts on the future of the book.

Ideas conceived during Mass-Refinement v.04

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  1. 1. THE FUTUREOF BOOKS#MassRefinement 04The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  2. 2. The Refinement ClubStarted out with JohannesRummelhoff and Gro Larsson,meeting to solve problems andpublish concepts, but evolved intobeing a forum for sharing ideas. Webrought in Benedikte Kluge to helporganize what we now call Mass-Refinements.Mass-Refinements are aboutbringing people together to sharetheir ideas and thoughts on a certainsubject. We then take the input fromthe session and put it in context. Thistime we talked about the future of thebook.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  3. 3. How can we expand & enrich the reading experience and keep the art of the book when/if we leave paper behind?The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  4. 4. INSIGHTS‣ Quality What will happen to the quality of literature if self-publishing takes over? The future of publishing houses and editors were a big part of the discussions.‣ Sharing Social reading and its possibilities.‣ Context Getting information that is relevant to what you’re reading, which in turn can enhance your reading experience.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  5. 5. INSIGHTS‣ Enrichments Enrich the reading experience beyond the written word.‣ Co-creation New ways of writing.‣ Distribution How, where and what’s the price?The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  6. 6. SMART CURATIONMaking publishersrelevant in the futureImagine when a book is like avideo on Youtube. How do you findthe book you should read? A videomight only take a few seconds foryou to realize if it’s any good ornot, but a book needs more time.This is the perfect opportunity fora publishing house to stayrelevant by using their expertiseto guide you to your new literaryexperience.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  7. 7. Smart curation learns by your behaviour and readinghabits and adds your peers into the mix.Smart curation works a bit like the iPad app Zite, andsuggests new books for you to read. The proposalsdepend on the your pre-selected preferences in genres,authors and books you like, but it also learns by yourbehavior within the application and your reading habits.By blending in your friends’ preferred readings, andsuggestions, the perfect read is almost guaranteed...The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  8. 8. Expert curation, browsing and micro-payments.Last we add a premium option, an expert with vastskills and knowledge within your interest fields. Thisexpert organizes, optimizes and refines the algorithmicand social curation. This retains and expands thebookstore/library experience and gives the user aunique opportunity to dive into a perfectly tailored bookjourney.All the books are browseable and utilize micropayments, so if you find a book you think you like, youcan read the first chapter for free. You can then decideto buy the book or pay a small amount to read a littlefurther into the book, if you’re still undecided. Thetransaction takes place directly in the app / website.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  9. 9. EXPANDING THE BOOKEnriching the reading experienceWhen you’re reading books, you often want tounderstand more about the content, from the meaningof a foreign word, pictures/ maps of the scenery, toencyclopedia descriptions and authors notes.Like Kindle books are linked to Oxford EnglishDictionary, which lets you look up words, there shouldbe a link to a user generated reference guide, edited inthe same way as Wikipedia, with references, analysis,sound tracks, cultural references and historical events.The combination of Wikipedia policy, granting qualitycontent, inline and accessible in the book, makes thisunique. The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  10. 10. Contextual connections - connecting books andpassages with other content and passages based onthe context of the book.By expanding and linking the content of books andknowledge in a meaningful way, a more fulfilling andelaborate reading experience will occur.A contextual book connects the analogue book to thecloud and leverages the collective intelligence of all theusers on the internet and gives the reader a deeperinsight of the book and its theme.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  11. 11. EXAMPLES‣ Literary references For example, if you’re reading a book where the main character is reading Moby Dick, the contextual book will show you the passage that is most relevant to what you are reading.‣ Soundtrack Listen to the music that is picked to set the mood, or music that is featured in the story you are reading. There can also be user generated alternatives‣ Film & photos See footage that is relevant to what you’re reading.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  12. 12. EXAMPLES‣ Notes & comments Share notes and comments, public or specific for certain individuals or groups.‣ Plot & characters Easily get an overview of who’s who and did what in lengthy, character rich novels.‣ Cloud connected Search for any word or sentence, and find relevant websites.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  13. 13. DEMOCRATIZING THEBOOK BUSINESSCo-creating books and self-publishingThe business of books and literature is a hierarchicbusiness where it’s difficult to get your bookspublished. It’s time to take a look at how we write andpublish books in the world of tomorrow.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  14. 14. Co-creation - books tapping into the collectiveintelligence.A system that facilitates and encourages authors tocollaborate and share experiences and expertise.Books written by many authors can exceed in qualityand engagement, by providing a broader foundation,than books written by just one author. You could call itopen source writing!The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  15. 15. Self-publishing - embracing the long tail.There are already a lot of services available for self-publishing and we think there’s a lot of potential in thissegment, but there’s also some things to consider. Likehow do we retain the quality?One idea could be if the self-publish service would alsoprovide expert editors for a premium fee, or tocrowdsource it.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  17. 17. Ideas conceived at The Refinement Club’s Mass-Refinement v.04The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  18. 18. FACILITATED BY:‣ KATACHI MAGAZINE‣ Benedikte Kluge‣ Gro Larsson‣ Johannes RummelhoffThanks to all the participants!The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  19. 19. GET IN TOUCH ON: Refinement ClubMating Ideas