Cross-pollination of ideas across disciplines
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Cross-pollination of ideas across disciplines



Ideas and concepts about how to encourage and facilitate the sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge across disciplines in society in general and in educational institutions in particular?

Ideas and concepts about how to encourage and facilitate the sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge across disciplines in society in general and in educational institutions in particular?

Ideas conceived during MassRefinement v.05



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  • I am writing an off-shoot presentation on the interaction of ideas within sort of social network of ideas and how new ideas emerge. This presentation is inspirational. The question that boggles my mind is the interaction of spaces of ideas. The mind, the idea tree, the ideas space and so on. How these spaces or domains cross-fertilize new ideas is my question. Have you studied that? Thanks
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Cross-pollination of ideas across disciplines Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CROSS-POLLINATINGIDEAS ACROSSDISCIPLINES#MassRefinement 05The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 2. The Refinement Clubstarted with us, JohannesRummelhoff and Gro Larsson,meeting to solve problems andpublish concepts, but evolved intobeing a forum for sharing ideas. Webrought in Benedikte Kluge to helporganize what we now call Mass-Refinements.Mass-Refinements are aboutbringing people together to sharetheir ideas and thoughts on a certainsubject. We then take the input fromthe session and put it in context. Thistime we talked about the future of thebook.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 3. How can we encourage and facilitate the sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge across disciplines in society in general?The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 4. INSIGHTS‣ Cross-connecting Your mind cross-connects ideas, thoughts, insights, experiences and biases. Your increasing knowledge and experience feeds your creativity and shapes new ideas.‣ Sharing When you mix people with seemingly unrelated perspectives/ knowledge/ insights all this melts together with each other and cross-connects and forms new and unexpected connections between neurons in your brain, connections which forms new ideas.‣ Start early The habits you develop during your years of education tends to stick. And that’s why you should get accustomed to work interdisciplinary while still studying. The Refinement Club Mating Ideas
  • 5. INSIGHTS‣ Low-threshold If it’s easy to share your thoughts and ideas with other people, it’s more likely that you will do it and you will hopefully do it more often. That’s why its important to focus on making services and initiatives that are easy to participate in.‣ Using existing services It’s easier to use things that you’re already familiar with and it is more likely that you care about changes or initiatives happening in familiar surroundings.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 6. THE JOB SWITCHGet out of your comfortzone.A day a month/ quarter/ yearwhen you work with somethingthat you’re not familiar with, andthat’s not your main skill/field.For example a programmerworking as a graphic designer fora day.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 7. THE QUIZConnecting people with different backgrounds ina "friendly competition"Most people like bar quizzes. Why not play it in the comfort of yourcouch?Connect students from different disciplines in teams participatingin the quiz.As participants register with information about what they arestudying and their different areas of interest, the applicationconnects X number of students with different backgrounds to getvariety in the teams.Side activities may be to meet for the awards ceremony,tournament, IRL pub quiz with the same team that you had in theapp.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 8. THE REAL LIFE GUILDBuild a guild to master your real life questsA social network where you make a resource bank of people whofill your blanks and compliments your skills and knowledge.This can also be a site that helps students connect with othertypes of students. The students can state their quest and collect aninterdisciplinary guild to accomplish their academic goals.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 9. IDEA BATTLESArrange interesting idea battles where differentpeople with different knowledge and expertisebattle each other out by building upon eachothers ideas. Last man standing. When you cantthink of anything new youre out.This could also work with randomly generatedteams. The teams get an assignment and battleeach other. This is actually a competition ofcollaboration and communication, since theteam that have the better skills in that areawould manage to get the best result.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 10. CONNECTINGSTUDENT PUBSHooking up tables at student pubs with phones/web-camera which are directly connected toanother pub with totally different students. Thisway you can have random encounters and get toknow people totally different from you. Hopefullysuch an encounter could be the start of acollaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 11. #IDEAUsing well-known social networks to share ideasShare ideas on twitter using the hashtag #idea, but also aggregatingthe feed on an external site where you can see how the ideas haveevolved from one single tweet/idea to a massive concept. A follow/subscribe to the ideas you find interesting feature should also beincluded.It is also possible to use Google+ and Hangouts to collaborate furtheron the ideas.+ Can be implemented NOW+ easy+ Low input thresholdThe Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 12. INTERNSHIPSCoordinate internship periods at different schoolsSome issues are just practical thresholds. Like if you want to apply forinternship with a person who’s expertise and talent complementsyours, but their school has their internship period at a different time.If schools could coordinate their internship periods, a graphic designstudent could intern in a team with students studying e.g business andcomputer engineering. Think how valuable their input would be to abusiness, and the students themselves, compared to a team consistingof one type of expertise?The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 14. FACILITATED BY: ‣ Westerdals School of Communication ‣ Benedikte Kluge ‣ Gro Larsson ‣ Johannes RummelhoffThanks to all the participants!The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  • 15. GET IN TOUCH ON: Refinement ClubMating Ideas