How to improve ROI for your B2B Website


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45min seminar given at 1st Microsoft Partner Summit by Nikolaas De Geyndt @ Microsoft Offices BXL

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How to improve ROI for your B2B Website

  1. 1. Nikolaas De Geyndt27/06/2012 @ndegeyndt It’s not just web, it’s your business
  2. 2. How to improve the ROI of your B2B website?
  3. 3. Topics for Today Marketing Fantasy Let’s invest to boost ROI Inbound Marketing Take-aways
  4. 4. Research & Analysis Get over your own opinion
  5. 5. “I see what yer doin’ here”
  6. 6. Research by The Reference (2011) TOTAL DIGITAL BUDGET MARKETING MARKETING 20% SHARE BUDGET 2011 BUDGET 2011ALL COMPANIES € 150.000 € 30.000 20%TARGET GROUPB2C € 750.000 € 150.000 20%B2B € 37.500 € 13.125 35%Other € 150.000 € 30.000 20% 80%LOCATIONFlanders € 150.000 € 30.000 20%Brussels / Wallonia € 400.000 € 100.000 25%SIZESmall (1-50) € 37.500 € 13.125 35%Medium (51-250) € 250.000 € 62.500 25% Spent on digital marketing Spent on offline marketingLarge (250+) € 750.000 € 131.250 18% Download:
  7. 7. Research by The Reference (2011)30K digital budget spent on Classic websites 22% Social presence 12% SEO 11% E-mail… 11% SEA 8% E-commerce… 6% Web analytics 6% Banner… 5% Social media… 5% Social ads 4% Mobile sites 4% Mobile apps 3% Mobile ads 1% Mobile games 0%Download:
  8. 8. B2B Purchase Journey Search-initiated - Most people begin their research of a new product via search engines, 78% of Internet users conduct product research online Social-powered –90 million tweets per day, with 24% of adults posted comments or reviews online about the things they buy. Buyer controlled - People can now choose where and when to engage with your brand, plus what content they would like to consume.
  9. 9. ROI So you’ve made a huge investment on your B2B website. How to get that return everybody’s asking for?
  10. 10. Online & Offline Brand & content above the line = integration in online Vanity URLs (linked to advertising campaign) Search for “x” Direct mailing reference numbers
  11. 11. Focus on the user Make sure that your homepage is task driven
  12. 12. Focus on the user Make sure that your homepage is task driven
  13. 13. Focus on the user Make sure that your homepage is task driven
  14. 14. Focus on the user Make sure that your offering/navigation is clear
  15. 15. Focus on the user Make sure that your offering/navigation is clear
  16. 16. Focus on the user Make sure that your offering/navigation is clear
  17. 17. Focus on the user Make sure that your offering/navigation is clear
  18. 18. Focus on the user Make sure that your offering/navigation is clear
  19. 19. Focus on the user Make sure that your offering/navigation is clear
  20. 20. Focus on the user Guide the user to the product you’d love him to buy
  21. 21. Focus on the user Guide the user to the product you’d love him to buy
  22. 22. Focus on the user Offering product information that is relevant
  23. 23. Focus on the user Offering product information that is relevant
  24. 24. Focus on the user Offering product information that is relevant
  25. 25. Focus on the user Offering product features and advantages
  26. 26. Focus on the user Offering and showing product features and advantages
  27. 27. Focus on the user images
  28. 28. Focus on the user images +48% Converion rate +95% Converion rateMore:
  29. 29. Focus on the user Call To Action Text Color Placement Favorites
  30. 30. Focus on the user Registration & Optional fields in forms
  31. 31. Focus on the user Extra tip: use A/B or MVT testing tools (free) (free) Microsoft are avid testers themselves Online Experimentation at Microsoft (This paper won 3rd place at the Third Workshop on Data Mining Case Studies and Practice Prize)
  32. 32. Focus on the user 1. Focus on product specifications • To a certain extent on the order button 2. Little focus on alternative tariff plans 3. Tariff Advisor goes unnoticed 4. Options, etc are irrelevant to the userPerformed with
  33. 33. Focus on the user User testing and in-person customer interviews are great, but most companies don’t have the resources to run them continuously. You do have the resources to continuously learn by asking questions online. KISSinsights Pop-Survey Kampyle
  34. 34. Focus on the user
  35. 35. Focus on the user
  36. 36. Focus on the user winnendeorigineel variant
  37. 37. Focus on the user origineel winnende variant
  38. 38. Focus on the content So you’ve made a huge investment on your B2B website? How to get that return everybody’s asking for 1. OK, we’ve got our website optimized for conversion 2. Let’s attract visitors: You can spend money on “advertising” to get visitors and that return. (Contradictary?) Or you can use “Inbound Marketing”
  39. 39. Inbound Marketing concept of earning the attention of prospects, making yourself easy to be found, and drawing customers to your website by producing content customers value. If you want to pay for ‘attention’ there’s of course cold-calling, direct paper mail, radio, TV, trade shows, telemarketing, and traditional As soon as you publish content, you’re doing advertising SEO… Everybody says they’re great, the best, “leader”, but what is the value to the prospect/customer?Source: , because wikipedia can tell things clearer than me ;)
  40. 40. Inbound Marketing
  41. 41. Inbound Marketing Source:
  42. 42. Content is the valet to ROI Understand you do NOT have to regularly publish content. Spending your precious resources on excellence is almost always a better strategy than trying to regularly produce “stuff.” wrote 33% fewer articles and increased traffic by 40% Okcupid’s 23 post blog has received almost 5,000 linking domains Codecademy’s one page microsite Code Year received over 450,000 email addresses
  43. 43. Types of content Created: Original content that was created from scratch. (white papers, infographics, articles and slideshares.) Curated: pointing to the best resources from the web on this topic and add insightful comments Collaborative: reach out to thought leaders around your topics and see if they would contribute some content. Legacy: repurpose content they already have into different assets. (take videos and turnthem into articles or vice versa)
  44. 44. Content is the valet to I’m a big player! ROI My prospects don’t search for my products Big players have more budget My niche is boring No one cares!
  45. 45. Big players
  46. 46. Oh…I get it OK I know content is all great and important but what content does our audience wants? Told you we’re in a boring niche!
  47. 47. First of all – do KWR Know what people are searching for! 00000&__c=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEA S
  48. 48. First of all – do KWR
  49. 49. Your industry is boring? Your users don’t think sosupply chain management supply chain management best practices supply chain management forum supply chain management outsourcingsupply chain management salary supply chain management bls supply chain management for small supply chain management online masterssupply chain management jobs supply chain management benefits business degreesupply chain management certification supply chain management blog supply chain management fundamentals supply chain management online degreesupply chain management review supply chain management bachelors supply chain management food industry programssupply chain management software degree supply chain management formulas supply chain management programssupply chain management degree supply chain management business supply chain management failures supply chain management processsupply chain management internships supply chain management books supply chain management from vision to supply chain management pdfsupply chain management article supply chain management careers implementation pdf supply chain management principlessupply chain management articles 2012 supply chain management companies supply chain management graduate supply chain management penn statesupply chain management definition supply chain management courses programs supply chain management positionssupply chain management association supply chain management case study supply chain management game supply chain management pptsupply chain management adds value for supply chain management conferences supply chain management goals supply chain management professionalscustomers by 2012 supply chain management graphics supply chain management planningsupply chain management a logistics supply chain management consulting supply chain management group supply chain management procurementperspective supply chain management chopra supply chain management growth supply chain management questionssupply chain management asu supply chain management classes supply chain management glossary supply chain management qualificationssupply chain management an international supply chain management career paths supply chain management graduate degree supply chain management quotesjournal supply chain management defined supply chain management good major supply chain management qualitysupply chain management average salary supply chain management degree jobs supply chain management globalizationsupply chain management amazon supply chain management healthcare …supply chain management and logistics supply chain management handbooksupply chain management basics supply chain management historysupply chain management degree houstonsupply chain management distribution supply chain management hospital supply chain management history and = I found 379supply chain management examples evolution supply chain management houston supply chain management handbook pdf results in 5 seconds It’s all about being an authority in your niche
  50. 50. First of all – do KWR
  51. 51. First of all – do KWR 20,585 9,466 Geboortegedi Doop chten (suiker & kaartjes) & Laten ontwerpen Teksten Combinatie kaartjes E-cards Stad/Gemeente Seasonal Papier & Enveloppen 447 Partners Ideeën & Voorbeelden Drukken/Drukkerij Current search Babyborrel 1,221 Bestellen Versturen opportunity: Voorbereiding Post 25.5K Kleuren Extended search Zelf maken Prijs 7,487 opportunity Fotogr Categorieën afie & 31K 156 Stijlen 18,100 Geboortekaartjes
  52. 52. Map the keywords to the page 1 page = 1 keyword (or keyphrase)
  53. 53. Power of Content
  54. 54. Power of Content
  55. 55. Power of Content Change happened here
  56. 56. Power of Content They thought online dating couldnt be a thought- leadership play until OKTrends. Research Lists Social Interaction
  57. 57. Power of Content Elevator installations? Boring… until Grant (earned #1 rankings for "Home Elevators.“)Infographics Case Studies
  58. 58. Power of Content Marketers said personal finance was boring until Mint. Great tips Community Articles
  59. 59. Power of Content Simply Business are an insurance broker Created content and which small business owners will find useful. In addition to creating short-form blog post content they’ve also created guides for social media, PPC and productivitySource:
  60. 60. Power of Content Everybody knows right? created some fantastic content around how businesses can harness the power of social media including expert interviews, how to guides and case studies Tip: read about’s complete social media strategy here:Source:
  61. 61. So Build it and they will come? Some tactics to promote your content / product launch Facebook/Twitter: share via our own Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages Take over the home page of the corporate site to promote the new content Expert advocates: Collaborate with experts (who are kind enough to share content with their networks. = reach!) Email/Newsletter: Promote the content to your email database and created topical newsletter (non-branded centric please!) to keep connected with users who signed up or downloaded a white paper. Guest Blogging: guest blog on relevant sites PR: do PR around the content you produced (also offline) Employees: galvanize your internal employees to share with their external networks
  62. 62. So And support it by outbound tactics Sponsered Tweets (for premium content) LinkedIn Banner Ads (great for targeting) Bing & Google Display Network
  63. 63. ROI? case study The microsite launched in 2012 Results from april 2012: Traffic for January was up 80% YoY Traffic from social sites was up 2500 % Over 6500 people signed up to the newsletter The eBook has been downloaded over 10,000 times (generating 10,000 leads)
  64. 64. Summing it up Make sure that your homepage is task driven Navigation is clear Offering of most important products on the homepage Offering and showing product features and advantages Images CTA, registration, forms, …
  65. 65. Summing it up Research, create content your users care about Make sure the Distribute and makecontent is optimized visible content your for SE and Users users care about
  66. 66. You’re more likely to improve conversion by 1% by changing a 1000 things,than changing 1 thing that will improve conversion by 1000%
  67. 67. Q&A