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presentation by Jeremy Mauer, Market Director, Mass Relevance (@massrelevance), at #RLTM Realtime Marketing Lab, October 14, 2013 at The Altman Building, NYC.

presentation by Jeremy Mauer, Market Director, Mass Relevance (@massrelevance), at #RLTM Realtime Marketing Lab, October 14, 2013 at The Altman Building, NYC.



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  • Word-of-mouth and social engagement is in our company DNA. Mass Relevance was founded just under three years by Sam Decker, who was previously the CMO of Bazaarvoice and be that helped become the largest consumer ecommerce site (in revenue) at over $3.5 billion.Our platform begin as a tool to moderate, curate, and redisplay content from Twitter in engaging ways. In fact, we were the first company in our category to receive access to the Twitter Firehouse, about 18 months before anyone else.We’ve since involved to include content from Instagram, Vine, Google+, Youtube, Facebook and even RSS feeds.As of last month, we’re the first and currently the only platform to provide TV broadcasters access to Facebook’s new APIs – firehouse for all public content, as well as “keyword insights” which is anonymous demographic data for all content.Who we work with:All four major television networksOfficial social experience platform for MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, & several NFL teams and countingWe even work with Coke AND PepsiWe have the scale to support major events from the Super Bowl to the Oscars
  • Situation & challenge: Explosive growth of real- time content & fragmentation of consumer attention across multiple digital devices has made marketing more challenging than ever. Brands want to tap into the power & momentum of social to grow their brand, but aren't sure where to start.
  • Situation & challenge: Explosive growth of real- time content & fragmentation of consumer attention across multiple digital devices has made marketing more challenging than ever. Brands want to tap into the power & momentum of social to grow their brand, but aren't sure where to start.
  • Social experiences increase adverting ROI: Brands have an opportunity to filter the signals from the noise and find social ‘working capital’ to integrate into marketing channels. This creates a cycle of participation & amplification that increases brand value. By integrating paid, owned and earned media, brands see higher performance rates from their marketing campaigns.
  • The way we engage w/ brands & advertising has forever changed. Our attention is divided between various screens while we’re watching TV, attending concerts or watching a sports game.In fact, 77% percent of people regularly use their laptops while watching TV, their attention pulled in several digital directions. Smart marketers are discovering ways to turn what looks like distraction into deeper engagement - and the result is increased buzz and higher revenues. Just last month MR was invited to attend a live event celebrating the 10th anniversary of School of Rock, the classic film with Jack Black. The “school of rock” band played at a venue in Austin, filled with fans. As you can see from this picture, people didn’t just watch the concert – they captured pictures and videos of it, which they shared with friends through Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Twitter.This is the norm for how we consume media now – we don’t just watch it, we want to interact with it.
  • Here’s a real-life example of this. At that School of Rock event I mentioned earlier, Mass Relevance created a visual display of all of the social conversations related to the party, using the event’s hashtag. The display pulled in all photos, videos, Tweets and comments related to the event, and visualized them on a digital screen at the party.We call this ‘marketing with a mirror’ – we reflect the conversations back to the audience, which in turn generates even more social content. People love to see their name in lights – it’s the same reason we get so excited when the jumbotron pans to us at a baseball game. The same principal applies to seeing your Tweet on a TV show, a billboard or a digital sign.
  • Coke Rewards Loyalty Program: Overview:My Coke Rewards (MCR) is the largest consumer rewards site in the world. But with changing consumer behavior and the shift towards social engagement, Coke recognizes that MCR needs to stay relevant to keep existing users and attract new MCR members. Coke is relaunching this beta initiative with Coke Zero, and they will eventually be rolling this out to their other beverage brands. In addition to the traditional way of redeeming points by entering codes from bottle caps, the new MCR will include various "Missions" and "Moments" or social challenges -- much of which is centered around ESPN's College Gameday (they are primary sponsors). The aim is to increase audience reach and participation, create shareable social content, and drive new MCR membership. Where does MR fit?The Mass Relevance platform is being used calculate RT leaders for each week's Mission as well as aggregate, curate, and re-display social content.
  • Tom's World Sight Day Overview: TOMS wanted to amplify their involvement in philanthropic activity around World Sight Day to further align their brand with a cause consumers could rally around and support.  Where does MR fit in? We built real-time social experiences on the brand's World Sight Day page so that consumers could engage and share personal content through mad-libs and discovery how others involved through an activity map and mosaic.
  • AreopostaleYoutube Page Overview:Aeropostale came to Mass Relevance to help create engagement and amplification around their new online commercial. The goal is really to "get eyeballs on the commercial" and in order to properly vote, users must watch the video first, driving engagement with relevant paid media that is then promoted authentically through social channels.  Where does MR fit in?We built a responsive experience that includes a YouTube video and a Tug-of-War visualization that tally's votes in real-time.
  • Pizza Hut's #3CheeseStuffed Overview:In the crowded pizza space, each of the major players key trademarks - Pizza Hut's key differentiator is their stuffed crust. Pizza Hut's stuffed crust is unique to the market, and while incredibly popular, is generally only released for a limited time. However, they have decided to add this as a permanent menu item -- the first new permanent menu item in 20 years! To celebrate this product launch, they want to "leverage fandom, dedication, and excitement that stuffed crust fans have". Where does MR fit in?PH is showcasing consumer buzz using an activity map to identify where people are talking about the new 3 Cheese Stuffed Crust. Connecting the social and physical worlds; Pizza Hut fans are encouraged to Tweet their city and state. The cities with the most buzz will have the new menu item released first.
  • Starbucks Community leadership Overview:In support of April being the global month of service, Starbucks brought their community together to organize community services events throughout the world. Social content from the events were curated and displayed in a dynamic social mosaic deployed on Starbucks' website and NASDAQ tower. Where does MR fit in?Starbucks & MR worked together to come up with a design that was consistent with the social experience we built for their website but adapted to the specifics of the NASDAQ display. Displaying on the NASDAQ tower is no easy task (see screenshot below) with windows spread throughout the screen display.
  • Gametrailers GDEX OverviewGameTrailers partnered with Mass Relevance to create an awesome experience where we custom built and powered a socially driven scoring system for video games. This is done through algorithms that take into account volume, sentiment, and social reach and based on how each of the games are being talked about through Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Instagram. This was created to position GameTrailers as even more of a leader in the Gaming space by creating a system and an experience that can be used as a way to rank games from here out.  Where does MR fit in?MR built a custom backend algorithm that powers the GDEX that takes in social content and calculates items based on volume, sentiment and social reach. A responsive GDEX page let's users interact and uncover how games are trending.Elements of the GDEX were used on live broadcast Pieces during E3.
  • Dancing with the Stars Facebook Integration Overview (from a lost remote article) When “Dancing with the Stars” airs its season premiere on ABC, you’ll see social TV data powered by Facebook — the first live entertainment integration by the social network. Not only will viewers see which contestants are the most popular on Facebook, but also the demographics behind it. For example, younger women in California may be big fans of Brant & Peta’s performance. The live data can be sliced by age, gender and geography — a dimension not readily available on Twitter. Mass Relevance is the first platform to partner with Facebook to gain access to their new Insights API, giving media companies the ability to drive engagement with new data visualizations on air and online.

Mass Relevance Mass Relevance Presentation Transcript

  • THE SIT UAT I O N Explosive growth of real-time content
  • THANK YOU! Jeremy Maurer Sales & Business Development Mass Relevance @JeremyMaurer