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Be sure to learn these 4 essential tips to buy gold and silver bullion the right way. Take one minute to ensure you buy gold like a pro.

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Gold Investment Tips - The Real Asset Company

  1. 1. Key Bullion Investment Tips Be sure to read our 4 key pointers to bullion investment, and invest in gold the right way. Enjoy our 1 minute presentation for the main things to know about gold investment DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
  2. 2. Buy pure gold from the professional markets Be sure to buy gold of recognised purity from the professional bullion markets. This ensures the integrity of your gold bullion investments, and means you achieve a better resale value later.
  3. 3. Buy physical gold bullionBuy gold that is allocated in yourown name, to ensure that yourgold bullion investment is yourlegal property.Allocated gold investments aremarkedly different to unallocatedgold investments, so be sure tounderstand the differences. Onlyallocated gold bullion is tradableon our platform, as we think this isthe best way to buy gold.
  4. 4. Storage out of the banking system You need to ensure you store your bullion as safely as possible. If you are buying gold to protect yourself from banks and the financial system, why then store you gold in a bank, or with a financial counterparty? Gold investment experts recommend storage in independent vaults outside of the banking system. Our vaults in Geneva, HK, London and Singapore are operated by independent vaulting specialists for maximum security and peace of mind.
  5. 5. Ensure you can buy gold, and sell, efficiently To invest in gold as efficiently as possible, ensure your broker/dealer offers the most efficient gold prices and spreads. The spreads on our platform are typically 0.15%, making us the most efficient way to buy gold online. You can also set your own gold prices in our open market if you don’t like the current prices. This competition in the market ensures a fairer and more transparent gold price.
  6. 6. Register an account today Create an account today and claim your free ounce of silver bullion.*View live gold and silver markets See the latest gold and silver prices in our efficient markets.
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