Gold Investing FAQs


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Quickly learn the answers to the most important FAQs for gold and silver investing, to ensure you buy physical bullion the right way.

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Gold Investing FAQs

  1. 1. Top FAQs on gold and silver investing Read the questions our clients ask most before they buy gold and silver with The Real Asset Company. Find out the answers to the most important questions for gold and silver investing, and ensure you buy gold bullion the right way. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
  2. 2. How do I know my gold really exists?Only physical gold bullion is tradable onThe Real Asset Company ‘splatform, fully backed by investment goldbullion in secure, professional vaults. TheInternal Audit shows statements from thevault providers verifying that all goldinvestments are 100% backed at a 1-1ratio.This is markedly different from savings ina bank, where each £1 is often onlybacked by 5p of equity – just a 5%backing. This is why we believe ourplatform is a better option for savers.
  3. 3. What purity is the gold and silver bullion? Only gold and silver of 995 and 999 parts per thousand pure respectively, can be traded on our platform. Sourcing bullion from approved professional market sources means only gold and silver from the ‘chain of integrity’ can be accessed by our clients. Buying bullion of guaranteed purity ensures the integrity of your gold investment, and a higher resale value.
  4. 4. How safe is my gold?Buying gold on our platform offers more security and control, due tothree main reasons…
  5. 5. Take direct ownership of gold investments We enable you to buy gold that is ‘allocated’ in your own name. This ensures that your gold bullion investments are your legal property. This means that you are never a creditor of The Real Asset Company, and your bullion can never appear on our balance sheet. Read more You can also deliver gold bullion into your own vault, or take personal custody in a location of your choice, with our flexible storage and delivery options.
  6. 6. Store your gold in secure, independent vaultsEnjoy storage outside of thefinancial system, and avoidsystemic risk and the banks.We use professional storagefacilities operated byindependent vaultingspecialists. These vaultoperators do not trade, manageor securitise precious metalsmeaning greater security andpeace of mind when you buygold online.
  7. 7. Choose which country to store your gold in Our platform enables you to buy gold in secure vaults in Geneva, London and Singapore, some of the most investor friendly jurisdictions in the world. With a choice of global vault locations, gold investing with The Real Asset Company provides a whole new level of diversification. You can login 24/7 and buy gold in a location to suit you. View live markets
  8. 8. What is the minimum I can buy?With our platform you can buy aslittle as one gram, meaning you caninvest in gold with just $55, £33 or€39.There is no maximum tradesize, but for larger orders over$160,000 or £100,000 call us totrade most efficiently OTC at theprevailing spot price.View our live markets to see howyou can buy as much gold as youwant, at the prices you set in ouropen market place.
  9. 9. Can I invest in gold with my pension? UK savers can buy gold with their SIPP or SSAS pensions. To do this you need to ensure you: - Buy SIPP approved gold bullion of wholesale market purity. - Buy gold stored in independent vaults recognised by the professional markets. A number of our clients use our platform for gold investing with SIPPs. Read more
  10. 10. Do I have to pay VAT on the gold and silver I buy? VAT is not incurred when buying investment gold bullion in the UK, EU or Switzerland. You can also take delivery of such bullion, out of bonded vaults, and still not incur VAT. Silver bullion is not subject to VAT whilst it is traded and owned within the professional market’s bonded vaults. However, if you take personal possession of silver, VAT Be sure to consult a professional tax liabilities then occur. adviser to understand your personal circumstances.
  11. 11.  For a wider, fully comprehensive range of gold and silver investment FAQs visit our site. For more information about the investment process with our platform, use our ‘How to guides.’
  12. 12. Register an account today Create an account today and claim your free ounce of silver bullion.*View live gold and silver markets See the latest gold and silver prices in our efficient markets.