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Presented at The Project Revolution in Auckland by Jennifer Duval Smith, Ogilvy Digital

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  • Play Video .20secs to 2.20
  • Parris Goebel20 years oldSamoan New Zealander working from a studio in PenroseWorld champion hip hop dancerTakes her Polyswagg style to the worldTeaching JLo her Sassy woman fire hip hop stylingsFace of Southside Arts Festival in October
  • Bios and presentation topics  KalafiMoalaThe publisher and managing director of the Taimi Media Network in Nuku’alofa, Tonga. Founding chair of the New Zealand based Pacific Islands Media Network (PIMA) and deputy chair of the Pasifik Media Association (PasiMA), an organization he co- foundedHe is passionate about greater media freedom in the Pacific regionHe is author of ‘Island Kingdom Strikes Back’, and ‘In Search of the Friendly Islands’. Kalafi’s presentation will focus on the shift from authority to authenticity KaraitianaTaiuruA champion for Maori technology he has worked towards a strong Maori presence within the Internet for nearly 20 yearsResponsible for the creation of the first Maori domain name,, He is passionate about bilingual domain names, and IP protection for Maori internet users. Professional and specialist areas of interest Asia-Pacific and Indigenous online issues,multilingualism the on-line revitalization of the Maori language.  Karaitiana’s presentation will focus on the interaction between Whanau and Iwi that has been made possible by social media with the resulting benefits and cultural implications it has for Māori.  Iulia LeiluaA founding member of TVNZ’s Maori Department, and the Pacific television show “TagataPasifika”. helped establish the Maori Television publicity departmentShe runs her own media and public relations company SILK AssociatesWorks as a senior reporter for Maori Television’s respected “Native Affairs” programme. chair of the Pacific Island Media Associationdirector, and owner of the Brown Pages; a directory for Maori, Pacific and indigenous people in media.  Iulia’s presentation will focus on: Digital broadcasting as a way to reach our Maori and Pacific Diaspora
  • Critics say that social media runs the risk of weakening communities by removing the face to face contact that is essential for ‘tribal’ behavior But the truth is tribal behavior is more threatened by issues of geography and access than by technology, consider the Tongan Diaspora or the Urban/Rural divide amongst Maori. In fact technology is providing the opportunity for reframed forms of tribal behavior. Social media helps overcome many barriers which attack tribal thinking and facilitates the pursuit of shared interests. In his book ‘Tribes Seth Godin suggests that social media takes tribal behavior to a new paradigm. Platforms which allow individuals to quickly mobilise a shared interest creates a powerful way to communicate.  That’s certainly what we see when we look around the Pacific.
  • 1. The Kumara vine of social media maintains familial connection over geographic distancesOnline/offline Kava club social groups used by Tongans to maintain social contact outside TongaIluila will make some observations about the role of digital broadcasting in this areaForums on Iwi websites – and Karaitiana will be addressing this 
  • Preserves and maintains cultureKaraitiana’s work to support Te Reo and intellectual property around the language through online toolsKapaHaka groups tuition via Youtube 282,000 results
  • Supports democratic participation 13 tribes and Hapu recently had the opportunity to vote on an Auckland Treaty settlement negotiated with the Crown by the Tamaki collective.They were able to access information and vote online Blogs, Facebook and Twitter have changed how Papua New Guineans involve themselves in the political process.Express frustration not being able to find their names on the common rollProblem solve online over the prime ministerial double-up controversy Online conversations leads to offline events Plans to move election timing led to mobilised protestIncludes otherwise excluded demographicsBlogs represent a significant amount of the political discourse in Fiji
  • 5. Economic developmentEfficiencies in hotel management and supply chain management for fresh produce businessesInvestment in the new ICT se torInvestment by theHautaki Trust in 2dgrees Mobile which
  • Look at the Facebook slide you can see that higher Facebook penetration occurs in countries which have the expensive infrastructure to support 3G Tonga which is soon to receive its $31 million dollar undersea cable, but until it does Facebook will remain low. Most pacific nations have either ADSL or fixed wireless broadband services available in at least some population centres however Internet access, broadband in particular, is still relatively unaffordable in the Pacific Islands.

    1. 1. Pacific Shift – Crucial digitaldevelopments and key trendsin the South PacificAUT – Project (R)evolution Conference30-31 August 2012Chair: Jennifer Duval-Smith, Executive Director, Social@OgilvyPanel: Iulia Leilua Kalafi Moala Karaitiana Taiuru
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. Parris Goebeland ReQuest from Penrose to American Idol via Youtube 3
    4. 4. Introduction to the panelChair: Jennifer Duval-Smith,Panel: Iulia Leilua Kalafi Moala Karaitiana Taiuru
    5. 5. Is social behaviourtribal?Face to face ormoving togethertowards a commoncause? 5
    6. 6. Access to digitalsocial and digitalSouth Pacificplatforms1. Maintains familial connection and cultural practice over geographic distances2. Enables cultural, creative and artistic expression3. Allows people to have a voice and supports democratic participation4. Supports economic development 6
    7. 7. The Kumara VineMaintaining contactvia technology toovercome the tyrannyof diaspora 7
    8. 8. Preserve and growcultural expressionAccess to resourceand tuition 8
    9. 9. He tangata!Digital participationgives a (lower cost)voice to the people andenables greaterdemocratic participation 9
    10. 10. Blogs, Facebook andTwitter have changedhow Papua NewGuineans involvethemselves in thepolitical process. 10
    11. 11. Supportingeconomicdevelopment• Efficiency• Leverage resources• New investment opportunities 11
    12. 12. Access is an issue• To income• To devices• To broadband• To electricity 12
    13. 13. Penetration is directly linked toinfrastructure/ the cost of broadbandCountry Facebook % Population Users PenetrationAustralia 11,446,120 53.85NZ 2,220,160 52.99Fiji 176,740 18.71PNG 109,660 1.85New Caledonia 100,200 44.06French Polynesia 91,620 31.92Solomon Islands 16,320 2.74Samoa 15,180 6.90Tonga 14,500 1.99Vanuatu 8,700 3.98 Kiribati 3,460 3.07 13 Source:
    14. 14. Monthly spend on broadband use asa percentage of average monthlyincome in the Pacific Source: 14
    15. 15. So mobile uptakehas been greater• New suppliers• Rise of android• Cost of data• Role of txt 15
    16. 16. Panel discussion
    17. 17. Appendix
    18. 18. RresourcesYou Tube Clipfrom of Parris Goebel fromhttp://pacificeyewitness.comTribal behaviour and social media article nations report on mobile and internet connectivity in Asia Pacific 2011 access and affordability/mobile use in the Pacific Islands media shines as new star in PNG political process networks in Fiji in Papua New 18
    19. 19. Contacts
    20. 20. Contact:Jennifer Duval-SmithExecutive DirectorSocial@OgilvyAucklandt @jduvalsmithm 021 803 181e 20
    21. 21. Who we are:About Social@Ogilvy • A global team of social communications specialists • A team of 9 in New Zealand • Sits within the PR function at Ogilvy New Zealand Earned Our focus: • We drive online word of mouth to create earned media for brands What we do: Paid Owned • Social media monitoring and reporting • Influencer engagement • Digital and media relations • Community management • Digital crisis management 21
    22. 22. Global Team550+ Social Specialists(over 4000 Digital Specialists)35 Countries WorldwideAwarded The 2011 GlobalSABRE for OutstandingGlobal Digital/SocialConsultancy 22