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This is a presentation about my social media topic in my graduate class.

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Mutuma Thilange

  1. 1. What is a blog? According to the above link’s website, “A blog is typeof website whose posts or entries are arranged orderlywith the most activity appearing at the beginning of thepage, while the previous and the older posts appearing at the bottom of the web page”.
  2. 2. Definition continued• Blogs are usually—but not always written and maintained by a singular person on a specific topic or a myriad of topics.• Some of the features that define a blog based on the provided link’s website include; archive, comment and updates.
  3. 3. UNIQUENESS OF A BLOG• Blogs can serve as place to mine or obtain knowledge. Presently, there is plenty of blogs in the internet that can serve as providers of information on given topics with short period of time. Additionally, there are blogs that provide news on specific topics like technological transformation, etc.• It is absolutely true that writing for blogs repeatedly improves one’s abilities to write. It is a conventional knowledge that if someone repeats something severally, he or she ends up improving skills and also knowledge.• Any person who uses internet has knowledge that blogging can be used as source of livelihood. In the present society, there are many people who make lump sum amount of money by either writing articles or even promoting products for companies. Nevertheless, there are other ways of making money trough blogging.• Blogs can also encourage interactions because many people blogging on diverse topics may meet on internet and share ideas and communicate on other issues.
  4. 4. UNIQUENESS OF BLOGGING CONTINUED• Bloggers can exchange information among themselves and also provide some information to the normal people who may need answers to given questions.
  5. 5. USES OF BLOGS IN EDUCATIONClass blogs can be utilized as a supporter to agroup of people intending to learn. Becauseblogs can be easily and readily be updated,students are at a position to be kept presentwith the information that is available.
  6. 6. Uses continued• Because blogs can be readly accessed, they create a channel of a formidable communication channel between instructors and learners. Instructors can advice students through blogs accordingly, as students are free to learn through interaction with peers. Additionally, electronic online mentorship is made possible through blogs. Research and cooperation is possible in blogs.
  7. 7. Uses Continued• Blogs offer liberty to the people to make contributions freely and equally to discussions and debates. They offer students an opportunity to comment, recommend or even advice one another. Instructors can gather groups with similar interests for a given purpose through blogging.
  8. 8. Uses continued• Blogs can be used by students in developing electronic portfolios. The ability for blogs to archive older blogs is an idea vital in managing files and information. Because learners know that their work is due to publication, they are likely to carry out better writings and research.
  9. 9. Did it replace or enhance somethingelse used for corporations or teaching?• Blogs as a social media, is a new idea that has enhanced the traditional ways of learning and instructing. Blogs can be thought as a second virtual classroom that can be used together with normal physical classrooms. Blogs have made instructing and learning more wide in terms efficiency in knowledge dispensation and cooperative learning.
  10. 10. How does it work for Milennials,digital natives? Or for adult learners?• Blogging is an activity that cuts across the board. Anybody who has views and would love to air them, is always welcome. Blogging is mainly for those people who like writing or putting ideas down. Therefore, blogging boils down to personal interests rather than groups of people.
  11. 11. What are you Concerned about or the needs to be adressed?• To me, I view blogging as a perfect platform for self expression and freedom of participation. As a believer of liberty to all human beings, for now blogs are great and without flaws, I think. I would only wish to have more people access to blogging through connecting them to the internet.
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