Resumes tricks of the trade!


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Resumes tricks of the trade!

  1. 1. ©The PersuaderResumes – Tricks of theTrade!Presented by Steve Semmens
  2. 2. ©The PersuaderIncrease your chances ofSuccess!!! What is a Résumé??? What is the main purpose of aResume?
  3. 3. ©The PersuaderWhat is a Résumé???Résumé – A summing up; a summaryEssentially it is a sales tool forapplicants to put forward theirstrongest case as to why they are thebest for the position.
  4. 4. ©The PersuaderThe Main Purpose of a Resume isto:Get you an interview!
  5. 5. ©The PersuaderFirst Impressions CountYour resume and covering applicationletter has to stand out because it notonly creates the first impression, but tellsthem how well you fit their job.
  6. 6. ©The PersuaderWhat do Employers want???Put yourself in their shoes. Imagineyou are the Marketing Manager of theyour dream company who has to fill aMarketing Officer position.How would you go about selecting theright person?
  7. 7. ©The Persuader-When writing your résumé putyourself in the shoes of theemployer and alwaysensure that you address therequirements.
  8. 8. ©The PersuaderSkills are much easier to teachthan attitudesIf you lack exact experience orit is your first job, a potentialemployer may well be swayedby a show of enthusiasm,high values, flexibility and self-motivation.
  9. 9. ©The PersuaderAn Employer would need to: Know what is required for the position Write an advertisement to fit this requirement Write a job description and a personspecification Shortlist and interview Ensure person selected fits the requirementsspecified
  10. 10. ©The PersuaderWhen reading a Resume an Employer islooking for proof that an applicant has: Intelligence Motivation Other interests outside work Stability Adaptability and Dependency Appropriate attitudes and values Leadership potential Decision making ability Organisational skills Effective communication skills
  11. 11. ©The PersuaderWhat to leave off a resume? The major factor that applicants leave offtheir resumes, which can distinguish themfrom other applicants, is their achievements. Never! Never! Never leave achievements offyour resume! If you have written proof ofyour achievements so muchthe better.
  12. 12. ©The PersuaderFor Example:• I won the “Employee of the Month” Award for the pastthree months• Outstanding Academic results – Semester 1 and 2• Organised our Annual Charity event and raised 200k• Brisbane Grammar School „Certificate of Merit‟ (2011,2012)• Dean‟s List Award• Netball Finalists 2009• I have a 6.208 GPA• Developed a company newsletter including writing,editing, and graphic design
  13. 13. ©The PersuaderTry to keep these elements inmind when writing your resume
  14. 14. ©The PersuaderKnow your RefereesWell! You are usually required to give threereferees Always ask permission before you usesomeone as a referee Keep them updated on the progress onyour job hunt
  15. 15. ©The PersuaderFunctional Format Resume This format lists skills and experienceunder particular categories or headingswithout specifying when or where theseare obtained. Employers and dates ofemployment are not listed. Personalinformation need not be included at all. The Functional format highlights whatyou are capable of doing.
  16. 16. ©The PersuaderThe Functional Format is Used: When returning to the workforce after along break Lack qualifications or obviousexperience Wanting to emphasise the skills andexperience you have Are Concerned that your age may be abarrier
  17. 17. ©The PersuaderChronological Format ResumeThis lists employers and experiencegained in date order.Use when: You have had a few jobs at a similarlevel You want to show progression in acertain field
  18. 18. ©The PersuaderResumes for Every Occasion! Write the resume in away that it is relevantto the role you are applying for. It is more work but it increases yourchances of success. Keep your resume to four pages.
  19. 19. ©The PersuaderResume Writing! Pick either a Functional or Chronologicalformat. Find a professional to do it for Remember to put yourself into the shoesof the Employer!
  20. 20. ©The PersuaderJob Hunting made Easy…You should be doing it now!Networking!!!
  21. 21. ©The PersuaderShould I put these on myResume? Age Arrest record Marital Status Marital plans Citizenship Date of Birth
  22. 22. ©The PersuaderWe have coveredWhat a Resume is and why it is important?What employers want and how a Resumematches their needs.Two types of Resumes that you can use.The Importance of RefereesJob Hunting the Easy Way
  23. 23. ©The PersuaderGood Luck with the JobHunting!!!
  24. 24. ©The PersuaderAny Questions?Please email visit