Top Ten Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid


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Top Ten Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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  2. 2. If you want to get the BEST results for your blog, always make you doing sure that We have listed the top are everything right. TEN common BLOGGING MISTAKES you should avoid.
  3. 3. You can’t expect readers to engage in boring content. Readers seek informative, fun, valuable and interesting articles. Poor quality content will not generate an audience . When writing, talk to your readers. Keep the flow of thought running and make sure you’re saying things right. Write articles that will interest your readers and will make them want to go back for more.
  4. 4. You’re so eager to post on your blog and you failed to mind the quality of your content. You forgot to check that formatting, spelling and grammatical errors. Result? Readers have seen a bad impression on your blog. Remember, simple writing error affects the blog’s image and the writer’s credibility with it. Before hitting the publish button make sure you already have double checked everything. Remember to make your content consistent, readable and error-free.
  5. 5. Blogs do not always consist a completely original content. Sometimes bloggers ran out of ideas which resorts others to copy other bloggers’ works. Stealing is a horrible crime and one of the major mistakes that should be avoided. While it is given that a blog post may be inspired with another blog post, make sure you add your own opinions to make your blog unique. If you used sources, mention them. It is only proper to give credit to the right people. Find some good alternative ways in creating content such as content curation.
  6. 6. Never practice typing directly on your blog’s text editor. Why? Imagine the worse that could happen. You can easily lose your data anytime the page gets refreshed or closed. Practice writing in a text editor program and copy-paste it in your blog’s. At least you’ll have a back up in case something bad really happens.
  7. 7. People get bored reading an all paragraph post and often prefer seeing images as they read. Image encourages people to participate. It helps convey the message to the audience visually. Have at least one image on every post –the simpler, the better. Imagery contributes to the appeal of your blog post. Plus, image helps when shared on social media as it becomes visible with the link. Make sure to use a catchy image that supports the idea of your message.
  8. 8. A common mistake that bloggers do is failing to fill out their page title, description and SEO keyword fields which contribute how search engines index blogs. If you want to be found in search results, don’t forget to fill out the title, description and keyword fields. Create a good meta description as it tells people what your blog is about on search results.
  9. 9. If you fail to post even at least once a month, then there is definitely something wrong with your publication frequency. Frequency affects the traffic that you bring to your site. The lesser you post, the lesser the chance that your site is going to get traffic. Establish a posting schedule. It doesn’t have to be a daily basis; but make it as frequent as you can. But also keep in mind not to set aside quality for quantity. Quality content is still the key.
  10. 10. Nobody will find your blog post right away. If you want people to find your blog and generate more audience, it is best to use social media to promote your blog. Share your link on social media every time you post. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are useful for sharing your blog posts.
  11. 11. Someone posts an insulting comment on your blog and you get angry. You respond with counterattacks that will surely bring your blog to no good. Result? You ruined your blog’s image. If you encounter nasty comments on your site, either you delete it or ignore it. Don’t waste time bringing your blog down. Rather, invest your effort on improving your blog.
  12. 12. Whether you believe it or not, your blog’s design is a contributing factor to your blog’s success. If your existing design contains cluttered information, hard to view elements or lacks simple details such as contact information, fix it immediately. Avoid drowning your blog with too much information. Keep your sidebars and tabs organized. Make sure all the valuable information is easily seen. Avoid using design elements that are uneasy on the eyes. Comply with the basic design rules. If you can, invest in hiring a professional to design your blog.
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