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Common Guitar techniques
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Common Guitar techniques

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  • 1. Common Guitar Techniques Knowing the sound of common guitar techniques
  • 2. Parts of the Guitar: Standard Tuning: - E - A - D - G - B - E
  • 3. Whammy Bar: A whammy bar, tremolo arm/bar , or vibrato arm/bar is a component of an Electric Guitar that is used to add vibrato to the sound by changing the tension of the string, typically at the bridge or tailpiece. It enables the player to quickly vary the tension and length of the strings temporarily, changing the pitch to create a vibrato effect.
  • 4. String Bending: Guitar Tab showing string bending – ½ being a semi-tone – 1 being one tone. This type of pitch-shifting is associated with blues , rock , country and guitar pop music. It is an integral part of playing lead guitar. Some masters of string bending include Brian May , T-Bone Walker, B. B. King , and Eric Clapton , as well as many other blues, country, and jazz influenced guitarists.
  • 5. Pick Slide/Scrape: A pick slide or pick scrape is a guitar technique most often performed in Rock , Punk and Metal genres of music. The technique is executed by holding the edge of the pick against any of the three wound strings and moving it along the string. Pick Scrape Example
  • 6. Palm Mute: The Palm-mute is a playing technique for guitar and bass executed by placing the side of the picking hand across all of the strings very close to the bridge, and then plucking the strings to create a damping effect. This produces a muted sound. Palm muting is so widely used as to be idiomatic in discrete music, Heavy Metal and particularly Trash , Speed and Death Metal . It is responsible for the characteristic " chugging " sound of distorted guitar music.
  • 7. Harmonics: When a guitar string is plucked normally, the ear tends to hear the fundamental frequency most prominently, colored by the presence of multiples of that frequency. The lowest frequency of vibration along the entire length of the string is know as the fundamental , while higher frequencies are referred to as overtones . The fundamental and overtones , when sounded together, are perceived by the listener as a single tone , though the relative prominence of the frequencies varies among instruments, this contributing to timbre .
  • 8. Harmonics:
  • 9. Dive Bomb: The dive bomb is a guitar technique in which the tremolo bar is used to rapidly lower the pitch of a note, creating a sound considered to be similar to a bomb dropping. One technique derived from the dive bomb is known as the " harmonic squeal ", made famous by Heavy Metal guitarists. Divebomb Example!
  • 10. Tapping: There are two main methods of tapping: one-handed or 'ordinary' tapping, and two-handed tapping . Tapping incorporates a Pull-off and Hammer-on , where the fingers play a sequence of notes in synchronization with the tapping hands. Two-handed tapping can be utilized to play Polyphonic, and counterpoint music on a guitar by using eight (and even nine) fingers. Therefore, it is possible to produce music written for a keyboard instrument.
  • 11. Tremolo Picking: Tremolo picking or double picking describes the musical technique of picking on a guitar. This technique adds Sustain to a melodic line where the notes would otherwise decay rapidly. If picked fast enough, the note sounds constant. The technique is also exhibited frequently in Bluegrass mandolin playing, Russian balalaika playing and often in Heavy Metal . Dick Dale famous for performing very speedy tremolo picking. The song Misirlou was made popular among guitarists through the film Pulp Fiction .
  • 12. Parts of the Guitar: Whammy Bar: String Bending: Pick Slide: Palm Mute: Harmonics: Dive Bomb: Tapping & Two Handed Tapping: Tremolo picking: