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What to do if your identity gets stolen

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  • True story, I have an HMO health plan, you go to certain doctors and labs. One lab I had to go to for a blood test required by HMO 2 times a year. This lab would not perform the test unless I had them copy my driver's license, told them where I was born and my mom's maiden name, they already had my full social security number everything to open up an on line bank account and steal my monthly social security and they did. Next time I had to go there and they asked me to give out the same information I just walked out, called my HMO and they would not do anything. Told me if I did that again you no longer have health insurance. Nice huh? Old lady with no health insurance now but not getting anybody stealing my money.
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  • What next ? I had a similar experience just this January.Real horrifying so to say.But keep yr self calm so than U know the next what to do.Love & Blessings.
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Id theft

  1. 1. What to do if your identity gets stolen What to do if your identity is stolen
  2. 2. Place an initial fraud alert right away • If you even think your identity might be compromised, call any one of the 3 major credit bureaus and place an initial fraud alert • TIP: Make sure the credit bureaus have your current contact information
  3. 3. Initial fraud alert information… • An initial fraud alert makes it tougher for thieves to open credit in your name • With an alert, businesses must take extra steps to verify your identity before issuing new credit • If you tell one of the credit bureaus, they are required to inform the other two • An initial fraud alert stays on your report for 90 days
  4. 4. Order your credit reports • By placing an initial fraud alert, you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from all three bureaus • Contact each credit bureau individually – Equifax – Experian – TransUnion
  5. 5. Create an identity theft report • An identity theft report can be very useful when dealing with credit bureaus, debt collectors, and creditors • It can help you – Get fraudulent accounts removed from your credit report – Stop debt collectors – Extend a fraud alert – Get information about accounts opened by theives
  6. 6. How to create an identity theft report • 1. Submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission here, creating an identity theft affidavit • 2. File a police report • 3. Attach your police report to the affidavit. This is now your identity theft report
  7. 7. Review your credit reports and dispute errors • If you find errors such as fraudulent accounts or debts that aren’t yours, send letters explaining the mistakes to – The 3 credit bureaus – The fraud department of each business or creditor on the report Andres Rueda
  8. 8. Ask the companies to block fraudulent information • If you are an identity theft victim (with a report), credit reporting companies must block fraudulent information from your credit report, including – Inquiries – Unauthorized accounts – Fraudulent debts
  9. 9. Deal with debt collectors • Within 30 days of receiving a debt notice from a collector – Send a letter stating you are an identity theft victim and the debt is not yours – Include copies of your Identity Theft Report and other supporting documentation – Keep copies of the letters you send Flickr/ Marcin Wichary
  10. 10. How to deal with other fraudulent uses of your identity • The FTC provides a thorough guide here that explains how to deal with • Fraudulent transactions on your existing credit or debit cards • Stolen checks • Bank accounts opened in your name • Stolen drivers licenses and passports • Utilities in your name • Student loans opened in your name • Your ID used to obtain medical care • Criminal violations committed with your identity
  11. 11. Your credit card might soon be worthless!