How Natural Gas is Changing America


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Fracking turned out to be one of the keys to unlock our nation's natural gas riches. We went from being on the verge of running out of gas, to securing more than a 100-year supply. Companies like Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK), one of the country's top producers of natural gas, have gotten a bad rap for using fracking to access all this gas. While that company's past isn't squeaky clean, it is working hard to clean up fracking by increasing its usage of recycled water while also eliminating 10%-25% of the additives used in hydraulic fracturing fluids to ensure its fracking operations are more environmentally friendly.

The industry is not only cleaning up the fracking process, but it's fueling a revival in America. Companies like Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ: CLNE) are using natural gas as a cleaner, cheaper bridge fuel to a brighter future. Meanwhile, other companies like Cheniere Energy (NYSEMKT: LNG) and Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW) are using our cheap and abundant natural gas supplies to turn our trade imbalance on its head. The following slide show details all the stunning ways natural gas is having a positive impact on the future of America.

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  • @Matt Power.I have for you and the sector you represent immense respect and appreciation and consider as right the views you have expressed but beg to differ with the origin or first cause of the problem we all everywhere, have on our hands. Environmental Safety Regulators set the bar on emissions and effluents (which every industrial process, even the 'cleanest' emit) and correctly set cause minimal disruption. When the Chinese are ordered to stay indoors because air pollution is above acceptable limits then we have an observable failure in regulatory standards (and instances are recorded all the world over).Displacement Behaviour I'm told by my betters is when a substitute is attacked instead of the primary cause of the problem- we must render onto Caesar the things that are Caesar's.......
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  • I've always considered the Motley Fools to be an ethically challenged organization, fomenting deeply troubling advice to would-be investors--advice that ignores environmentally disastrous behavior by various industries.

    This presentation is typical of the poison they release into U.S. media universe. Natural gas is not a 'clean' or 'inexpensive' fuel alternative. We are paying the price for accelerated gas extraction from shale (via fracking) by poisoning our nation's deep, precious fresh water resources. Heavily subsidized, marketed as a Godsend that will free us from foreign dependence, natural gas is AT BEST a stopgap fuel that's only 'clean' feature is the way it burns when it's finally delivered to our homes. If fracking were banned tomorrow--as it should be--and we had to pay the real environmental costs of natural gas extraction, the Motley Fools would look like the shills for industry that they are.
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  • @Karen Zastudil. The versatility and utility of petroleum is such that it's a shameful 'waste' to use it as a mere propulsive agent..but...the embryo must use up the contents of the egg to develop, the chrysalis mankind appears destined to use the contents of its womb to launch itself towards the stars...again but.. being sentient beings we must know where to draw the line and conserve resources.
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  • I agree with Antonella. I don't believe the average person is dead set on using oil or natural gas as primary fuels. I believe we should follow Denmark's lead and utilize wind energy and other alternative fuel sources. It's corporate greed (and Motley Fool pushing the purchase of the stock) that inhibits growth in developing a more sustainable energy source. Sorry Motley Fool - love your site, but don't always like what you promote!
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  • Lucky America- the tighter the corner, the more ingenious the escape. God seems to have a soft spot for you....
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  • How Natural Gas is Changing America

    1. 1. How Natural Gas Is Changing America’s Future Photo credits: Chesapeake Energy, Apache and Clean Energy Fuels
    2. 2. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Plummet U.S. emissions are at their lowest levels since 1994. • Cheap, abundant, clean natural gas is replacing coal as America’s power-generation fuel of choice. Photo credit: Atlantic Power Corporation
    3. 3. Employment Skyrockets In 2012, the energy industry supported 2.1 million jobs. • The energy boom has fueled a 41% increase in energy-related jobs since 2008. • Another 1.1 million jobs are expected to be created by the end of the decade. Photo credit: Apache Corporation
    4. 4. Energy Savings Increase Falling energy prices put more money in your pocket. • Low natural gas prices saved American households an average of $725 in 2012. • That figure is expected to nearly double to $1,217 by 2020. Photo credit: Flickr/Andrew Magill
    5. 5. Money Flows Into Government Coffers Industry pays its taxes and royalties. • The industry added $75 billion to federal and state revenues. • Marcellus Shale production put $987 million into Pennsylvania’s treasury in 2011. Photo credit: Flickr/DonkeyHotey
    6. 6. Manufacturing Is Making a Comeback We’re seeing an estimated $100 billion in manufacturing investments. • Dow Chemical is one of the many companies investing to take advantage of cheap natural gas. • It is investing billions in three projects that will create 600 permanent jobs, as well as 2,000 construction jobs and 35,000 indirect jobs. Photo credit: Dow Chemical .
    7. 7. Natural Gas Becomes a Bridge Fuel Natural gas is replacing dirtier diesel in trucks, buses, and transit vehicles. • 30% of all new transit vehicles run on cleanerburning natural gas. • A massive opportunity exists to convert our trucking fleets to natural gas. • According to Clean Energy Fuels, we could save 25 billion gallons of diesel per year. Photo credit: Clean Energy Fuels
    8. 8. Our Trade Balance Is Improving The U.S. trade deficit is falling. • • • Increased domestic production has lowered our trade gap. Natural gas-fueled manufacturing could cut our trade imbalance by $100 billion. Natural gas exports by Cheniere Energy are set to begin next year and could cut the U.S. trade deficit further. Photo credit: Flickr/Roy Luck
    9. 9. Lease Bonuses and Royalties Generate Billions Private landowners are reaping a windfall. • • • In 2012, natural gas royalty payments in Pennsylvania were expected to exceed $1.2 billion. That’s on top of the billions in natural gas leases signed over the past few years. According to estimates, Chesapeake Energy paid landowners a staggering $31.2 billion to acquire drilling rights over the past 15 years. Photo credit: Chesapeake Energy
    10. 10. Natural Gas Fuels Profits for Investors Despite a wild ride, investors are doing well. • While well off the all-time high, shares of Chesapeake Energy are up more than 1,800% over the past two decades. Photo credit: Chesapeake Energy
    11. 11. Three Stocks for the Next Energy Boom