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How Does Apple Make so Much Money?


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Ever wonder how Apple makes so much money? Here's how?

Ever wonder how Apple makes so much money? Here's how?

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  • 1. How Does Apple Make So Much Money?
  • 2. $171 billion: How Did They Do It? Apple made $171 billion in revenue last fiscal year. There are 7 billion people on Earth. So Apple made the equivalent of $24.50 per person. Here’s how they did it! Did you pay Apple $24.50 last year?
  • 3. No. 1: iPhones • Apple’s biggest revenue driver and fastest growing product over the last two years was its iPhone. • Over half – 53.4% -- of Apple’s revenue was from its iPhone lineup. • Revenue from the iPhone was up 16% year over year and nearly 100% over two. Revenue: $92.3 billion
  • 4. Apple’s Superstar Product • Apple’s iPhone has been growing as a percentage of revenue, going from 42% to 53% in three years. • That’s good, because according to multiple third-party sources, Apple’s iPhone is its highest-margin product Great growth and solid margins
  • 5. No. 2: iPads • Apple’s second-largest revenue driver was the iPad. • But growth’s been slowing – it grew only 3% year over year versus 61% year-over- year growth in the previous fiscal year. Revenue: $32 billion
  • 6. Slowing Growth • After a high- growth year, sales are slowing. • Even still, the iPad provides roughly 20% of Apple’s top line. Sluggish growth from Apple’s No. 2 product
  • 7. No. 3: Macs • Rounding out the top three is Apple’s Mac line. • Revenue has been flat over the past two years; growth’s been hard to come by. • However, this is impressive in a down PC market. Revenue: $21.5 billion
  • 8. No. 4: iTunes, Software, and Services • With a CAGR of 31% over the last two years, this is Apple’s second- best performing segment. • In addition to adding to Apple’s top line, this segment adds value by improving the user experience for other Apple products. Revenue: $16.1 billion
  • 9. No. 5: Accessories • Apple’s accessories segment will get a boost from the recent Beats acquisition. • Look for growth to pick up from its two-year average of 13% per year. • It hasn’t kept up with Apple’s total revenue growth over that period, but it’s still better than… Revenue: $5.7 billion
  • 10. No. 6: iPod • Once a high-flyer, iPod sales have cratered. • On the heels of a 25% drop in fiscal 2012, the iPod dropped 21% this year. • Many analysts have pointed to cannibalization from the higher-margin iPhone. Revenue: $4.4 billion
  • 11. Leaked: Apple’s Next Smart Device (Warning, It May Shock You)