Here's One Thing That Could Save Apple's iPads in 2016


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Apple needs some good iPad news, and next year it may just get what it's looking for.

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Here's One Thing That Could Save Apple's iPads in 2016

  1. Here’s One Thing That Could Save Apple’s iPads in 2016.
  2. Here’s what Apple’s iPad sales look like over the past few years. 0 7.5 15 22.5 30 Data source: Statista.
  3. Data source: Statista. 0 7.5 15 22.5 30 This curve isn’t exactly what Apple wants to see.
  4. 63% 8% 13% 10% 6% Right now, iPads make up just 8% of Apple’s total revenue.
  5. Apple’s banking that the larger iPad Pro could turn the tide for the company’s iPad ambitions.
  6. But how exactly will the iPad Pro fix Apple’s iPad problem?
  7. A new report from the IDC says that detachable tablets (like the iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface tablets) will drive tablet growth in 2016.
  8. In fact, IDC says that the detachable tablet segment will grow by 75% next year.
  9. That sounds great. But what does this mean for Apple?
  10. “The transition to detachable tablets also ushers in two other key trends: the growth of Windows and a turnaround for Apple's iPad device line.” — Jitesh Ubrani, IDC
  11. Analysts from FBR & Co. predict that the iPad Pro could help Apple’s iPad segment reach 15% of total revenue, up from 8%. 63%15% 10% 8% 4%
  12. A tale of two processors So how does Apple win the detachable tablet market?
  13. IDC believes the iPad Pro could help Apple gain tablet market in the coming years, if it focuses on enterprise and prosumer markets.
  14. Which means we’ll have to wait until next year to see if Apple can follow through on that strategy and start pushing its tablet sales in the right direction.
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