China is Dominating the Internet of Things

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China's machine-to-machine connections far outpace the US and Europe's -- and the country shows no sign of slowing down.

China's machine-to-machine connections far outpace the US and Europe's -- and the country shows no sign of slowing down.

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  • 1. How China is Dominating the Internet of Things
  • 2. China Leads in machine-to-machine technology • Part of the Internet of Things (IoT) is machine- to-machine communication, or M2M • China currently has 27% of all global M2M connections A new GSM Association report says China is far ahead of US and Europe in M2M
  • 3. China Leads in machine-to-machine technology • China makes us the majority of the Asian market • Asia is the largest M2M market, has 40% of global connections • Europe = 29% • America = 19%
  • 4. • Over the last three years China added 39 million M2M connections • The country held more than a quarter of the M2M global market in 2013 China Leads in machine-to-machine technology
  • 5. What do all these connections do? • Noise pollution monitoring • Emergency rescue • Smart agriculture • Real-time transportation data How all the M2M connections are used: • Smart mining • Health monitoring • Smart oil fields • Safer cities • Smart forestry
  • 6. Is it really working? • In at least four provinces, China Mobile has enabled riders to access real-time positioning of public transportation buses directly to their mobile devices Smart travel:
  • 7. Is it really working? • Some cities remotely control streetlights and sewer covers via M2M connections • Sensors automatically monitor air quality at 343 centers and more than 15,000 pollution sources throughout the country Smart cities
  • 8. Is it really working? • The Forest Fire Watch platform monitors weather and fire hazards, has reduced need for patrols • Since its launch, 325 fire hazards have been detected and $123 million in economic losses have been avoided Fire prevention Source: Wikimedia Commons, Fir0002
  • 9. How China is succeeding • Local and national governments working together • China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom all deeply involved Collaborative effort
  • 10. How China is succeeding • The world’s largest M2M operator with 32 million connections • Launched its first M2M service back in 2007 • Provides many of the services and platforms for China’s M2M connectivity • Has “wireless city construction agreements” with 217 cities in 31 provinces China Mobile:
  • 11. How China is succeeding • Has more than 10 million M2M connections • Services include video surveillance, smart transportation, connected cars, smart meters and health monitoring • Works closely with local government on the Internet of Things • Currently has 175 smart city projects China Unicom:
  • 12. How China is succeeding • Started its own Internet of Things platform in 2007 • Deeply involved in connected video surveillance, with more than 800,000 connected cameras via its ‘Mega Eye’ service • Smart city agreements with 125 cities in 24 provinces • Has IoT services for things like public safety, smart school management, and intelligent transportation China Telecom:
  • 13. How China is succeeding • Mobile operators are involved in international M2M standardization programs • The Internet of Things is one of the top priorities on China’s current Five-Year Development Plan • The national government has provided insight and monetary assistance to build out IoT initiatives National and international collaboration
  • 14. No sign of letting up • China plans to invest $603 billion in M2M from now to 2020 • Many of China’s M2M projects set up by the National Sensor Information Center • This center has nearly 1,000 companies working on Internet of Things projects Continued IoT focus:
  • 15. China Isn’t the Only One Benefiting from the Internet of Things Read the Motley Fool’s free report on one stock that’s in a great position for the Internet of Things.