Everything 3D Systems Announced at CES 2014


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Everything you need to know about 3D Systems' announcements during CES 2014.

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Everything 3D Systems Announced at CES 2014

  1. 1. Everything 3D Systems Announced at CES 2014
  2. 2. More Than a Dozen New Announcements From 3-D Printing 2.0 to will.i.am • 3 new product categories launched. • 2 “Prosumer” 3-D printers enter the lineup. • Third-generation Cube gets a slick update and price cut. • 3-D printed treats coming to a bakery near you. • will.i.am named Chief Creative Officer.
  3. 3. 3-D Printing 2.0 Explained Bringing 3-D printing into the mainstream • Opening up new use cases and marketplaces for 3-D printing. • Huge emphasis on ease of use.
  4. 4. Cube 3: The 3-D Printer for Everyone Faster and more detailed than ever! • Sub-$1,000 price • Dual extrusion • Multi-material (PLA & ABS) • 75-micron layer thickness • 2x faster • Factory leveled • Easy filament loading • Available Q2-2014
  5. 5. CubePro: For the Serious Enthusiast Sub-$5,000 price • Controlled print environment • Multi-material (PLA & ABS) • Triple print head option can print in 3 colors at once. • 75-micron layer thickness • Available Q2-2014
  6. 6. CubeJet: Full-Color Printing on the Cheap Sub-$5,000 price • Combines professional full-color printing with Cube line ease-of-use. • Color printing technology typically reserved for $100,000 printers. • Available H2-2014
  7. 7. ChefJet: For the Discerning Confectioner 3-D printed edibles! • New product category • Monochrome and full-color printers available. • Print in flavored sugar and chocolate. • Starting under $5,000 • Kitchen safe • Available H2-2014
  8. 8. CeraJet: Pottery. Modernized. New possibilities • Create ceramic objects that would be impossible with traditional methods. • Color printing • Sub-$10,000 price • Perfect for kitchenware, tiling, and art. • Available H2-2014
  9. 9. iSense: 3-D Scanning for the iPad Priced at $499, Available Q2-2014 Offers convenient mobile 3-D scanning experience. Photorealistic results can be 3-D printed.
  10. 10. The Touch: “Feel” Your 3-D Designs Mimics the feeling of sculpting. • Known as a haptic 3-D mouse. • Priced at $499 • Ideal for modeling, jewelry design, and styling products. • Available Q2-2014
  11. 11. Cubify 2.0: For Your 3-D Printed Lifestyle Pushing 3-D printing into the consumer lifestyle. Buy and share designs that you can print at home or through the professional Cubify service.
  12. 12. Partnering with Chipzilla 3D Systems to Supply Sense Scanning Software to Intel 3-D Camera Technology Intel’s Real Sense 3-D camera will be built into a range of upcoming Intel devices. Partnership goal is to bring 3-D scanning and also 3-D printing to the masses. If successful, it could help secure 3D Systems’ position in budding consumer 3-D scanning industry.
  13. 13. The Rise of 3-D Photography 3DMe Photo booth • Take a 3-D photo and have your professionally 3-D printed figurine mailed to you. • Goal is to mainstream 3-D printing. • Coming to events and retailers Q22014
  14. 14. will.i.am named Chief Creative Officer Job to mainstream 3-D printing • Plans to create educational initiatives and collaborate with brands to mainstream 3-D printing adoption. • Sees future where 3-D captured moments are printed.
  15. 15. Takeaway: Consumer Utility Still Lacking • 3D Systems had two major objectives at CES: • Showcase new products for professional and “prosumer” 3-D printing market. • Advance the consumerism of 3-D printing with products and services like the Cube 3, 3DMe, Cubify 2.0, and the iSense 3-D scanner. • End result: mixed bag • Compelling new 3-D printing products for “prosumer” and professional market announced. • Unclear why everyday consumers would want or need a 3-D printer in their lives. • At the end of the day, Cube 3 makes it easier to print cheap plastic objects, which isn’t necessarily a new idea for consumer-oriented 3-D printers. •All is not lost! • Around 90% of 3D Systems’ revenue still comes from the professional market. • If the rise of 3-D printing doesn’t take the masses by storm, 3D Systems remains well-insulated from this risk. • Alternatively, the biggest consumer use cases are families with children, educators, and DIY enthusiasts, which could support sales of consumer-oriented 3-D printers.
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