Battery Storage: The New Energy Frontier

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Battery storage is emerging as an essential component of America's energy picture.

Battery storage is emerging as an essential component of America's energy picture.

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  • 1. Battery Storage: The New Energy Frontier
  • 2. Market opportunity According to GTM Research, distributed energy storage to reach 720 MW by 2020 • Equals a 34% cumulative annual growth rate • Some experts contend actual capacity may be much higher • Bloomberg finds that batteries address 93% of energy storage • Global energy-storage market estimated to be $30 billion • 101 battery-based energy storage systems in operation • 53 battery-based energy storage systems under construction
  • 3. Substantial growth based on current trends • EIA forecasts solar and wind power capacity to grow 59% from 2012-2030 • EPA’s target to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% suggests more battery-based energy storage likely Renewable energy growth Source: Dennis Schroeder/ NREL
  • 4. Utility-scale solution -- Advancion • AES recently proposed a 100 MW storage project in Northern Ireland (possibly operational by Q2 2015) • Currently deployed in Ohio, West Virginia, Chile • AES claims over 1,000 MW of energy storage in development Current and future deployments Source: AES
  • 5. Utility-scale solution -- Advancion • Systems cost about $1 million per MW with a 4- megawatt- hour discharge capability • Industry experts see cost as lower than was thought possible • Battery-based grid energy storage using lithium-ion batteries • Can tap into capacity from natural gas, solar, and wind power sources Developed by global energy storage leader The AES Corp.
  • 6. Residential solar market • Leading residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar developer • Partnering with KB Homes to include battery storage with all solar homes in California SunPower Source: SunPower
  • 7. Residential solar market • Piloting energy storage projects in Germany and Australia • Partnered with ZBB Energy Corp. to demonstrate combining PV with zinc bromine flow battery storage SunPower
  • 8. Commercial solar market • DemandLogic solution provides Tesla Motors battery backup • Available to new solar customers in select California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts markets SolarCity Source: SolarCity
  • 9. Options besides lithium-ion • Notrees Battery Storage Project is country’s largest battery storage project at a wind farm • Provides storage for 153 MW wind farm • 24 other lead acid energy storage projects in operation throughout the U.S. • 4 projects under construction Lead acid batteries Source: Duke Energy
  • 10. The Foolish conclusion Beginning of a battery boom •The next phase of the renewable energy revolution is the adoption of battery-based energy storage • Battery storage addresses a major drawback of utility-scale solar and wind power: periods of intermittent generation • Battery storage also benefits residential and commercial consumers • Only obtainable in select markets, residential and commercial battery storage offerings will undoubtedly reach widespread availability in domestic and global markets
  • 11. The Foolish conclusion Be bullish on battery-based storage • Bloomberg sees batteries as the fastest growing energy storage solution •53 out of 57 projects in development are using batteries •The U.S. currently has 238 operating storage systems – 101 use batteries
  • 12. An Energy Tax “Loophole”?