Apple's OS X Yosemite: 10 Features You Don't Know About


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There's much more to Apple's new OS X than simple design changes.

Apple's OS X Yosemite: 10 Features You Don't Know About

  1. Apple's OS X Yosemite: 10 Features You Don't Know About
  2. Spotlight on Spotlight • Now shows web searches and Wikipedia results • Bing is the default search engine Improved searching
  3. Easier tethering • iPhone/iPad can share Internet connection easier than before • Status bar will show device's signal strength • More secure than public Wi-Fi Instant Hotspot
  4. iCloud takes center stage • Users can use iCloud login as their main Mac user login • Streamlined sharing between iOS and OS X iCloud all over the place
  5. Find those files • Click on a file and then hold “command” key to see where a file is located on the computer • Display will show in the bottom of the window Faster file finding
  6. Full-screen apps • The green button at the top of the app window will now make the app go directly to full screen. Click and hold "option" for it to resize the same way it does in Mavericks Full-screen in one-click
  7. Safari, simplified • Safari now sports a single toolbar, leaving more room for web content • Appearance matches Safari mobile browser • DuckDuckGo option for web searches (won’t track users’ searches) De-cluttered browsing
  8. Better Apple Mail • Automatically uploads large attachments to iCloud • Mail users will get them like a normal attachment, non-Mail users get a link • Mark-up mail attachments with comments Mail like never before
  9. Messaging for all • Messages no longer just for getting iPhone texts • All SMS come through and can be responded to • Voice messaging • Add titles to conversations • Add new people into existing conversations Message the way you want
  10. Calendar improvements • Day-view in new calendar helps users focus on what’s happening now • Less clutter than Calendar in Mavericks Glance at the day ahead
  11. Get notified • Today feature extended into Notification Center to focus on what's happening now • Summary of tomorrow's events • Ability to add widgets from the App Store Updated notification center
  12. One Stock Poised to Benefit from Wearable Tech Apple’s not the only one gearing up for the wearable tech revolution…