Apple's App Store Turns 5


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A look at how Apple's App Store has grown across the past five years.

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Apple's App Store Turns 5

  1. 1. 5 Years of the App Store
  2. 2. App Store At a Glance • Launched July 9, 2008 • Currently more than 900,000 apps available • Over 375,000 native apps for the iPad as well
  3. 3. App Store At a Glance • Gartner estimates that global app revenue will cross $25 billion this year • Apple is estimated to control about 2/3 of the global app market • App downloads to date stand at more than 50 billion
  4. 4. Growth of the App Store The App Store took just over 9 months to hit a billion downloads, but its growth rate has kept up at a torrid pace.
  5. 5. The App Store in Perspective Globally, app sales will dramatically outsell the revenue of the music industry in 2013.
  6. 6. Economics of the App Store The App Store was originally dominated by apps that offered lower up- front costs, such as Angry Birds. These games commonly sold for $1 to $3 to download. Currently, the most high-grossing apps have shifted to games that are free to download, but offer additional “in app” purchases. The current highest grossing app in the United States is Candy Crush Saga. The maker of the game, King, is currently planning an IPO.
  7. 7. Free Apps to Celebrate App Store at 5 • To celebrate the App Store’s 5 year anniversary, Apple recently featured some of the most popular apps across the past half decade in a special section. • The apps offered highlighted some of the more impressive ideas across the past decade, including the game Infinity Blade II and cooking app How to Cook Everything.
  8. 8. Free Apps to Celebrate App Store at 5 Infinity Blade II is one of the five featured games currently available for free download. The game’s 3D graphics highlighted the iPhone and iPad’s ability to play not just casual games like Angry Birds, but also more graphically intensive games. Infinity Blade gameplay has been featured in commercials for the iPad.
  9. 9. Free Apps to Celebrate App Store at 5 Another app released Apple offered for free was How to Cook Everything. While games are frequently near the top of the App Store’s charts, everything from cook books to messaging apps have found profitable niches.
  10. 10. Competitors While Apple’s App Store continues to be the largest app store in terms of sales, Android has gained ground. In March of 2012 Google merged its Google Music service and Android Market to create Google Play. In February Google announced that Play had more than 800,000 apps available. Today, most popular apps are available for both Android and iOS. In addition, Windows Phone Store claims over 160,000 apps. Blackberry World boasts 250,000 apps. Yet, many popular apps like Instagram are available only on iOS and Android.
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