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American vs Foreign Cars

American vs Foreign Cars






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  • I hope American Car Companies need to change their products for fitting with American customers. Our economic is going down, job less, and many things we have to spend everyday. That mean we will go straight to people's heart....
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  • The reasons of American cars vs Japanese cars are:
    -Japanese car is more persistence than American car.
    - Using is less gas; even price is higher.
    - model so fit with human size....
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  • what to mean???
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  • http://press.experian.com/United-States/Press-Release/ford-takes-top-spot-in-brand-loyalty-with-ford-fusion-and-ford-flex.aspx
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American vs Foreign Cars American vs Foreign Cars Presentation Transcript

  • The Most American Cars Are Shockingly Japanese
  • Cars.com American-Made Index • Cars.com creates an American-Made index each year. The methodology is: • The winner may not surprise you, but the rest of the list might.
  • The Most American Car is… • F-150 Regains its crown in Cars.com most recent ranking • Rebounding housing market has spurred pickup sales • Parts list – 75% Sourced from US and Canada
  • Cars.com Ranking 6-10 Cars.com Ranking Car LTM sales (US) Nation of Ownership % Parts North American 10 Toyota Avalon 50,376 Japan 80% 9 Buick Enclave 60,678 U.S. 77% 8 GMC Acadia 82,612 U.S. 77% 7 Toyota Tundra 108,075 Japan 75% 6 Chevrolet Traverse 90,034 U.S. 77%
  • Cars.com Ranking 1-5 Cars.com Ranking Car LTM sales (US) Nation of Ownership % Parts North American 5 Toyota Sienna 118,299 Japan 75% 4 Honda Odyssey 130,696 Japan 75% 3 Dodge Avenger 105,046 Italy 75% 2 Toyota Camry 398,609 Japan 75% 1 Ford F-Series 711,661 U.S. 75%
  • Surprising Results • 50% of all vehicles in ranking are manufactured / owned by Japanese companies • 40% of all vehicles in ranking are manufactured / owned by domestic companies (Fiat owns Dodge)
  • Surprising Results • The US edges out Japan on absolute sales basis • …But only one domestic vehicle cracked the top 5, (two if you consider Dodge’s Avenger), compared to Japan’s 3 vehicles. Total Sales from Top 10 US 944985 Japan 806055
  • Ford wins, sort of • Ford tops the loyalty charts too, barely • 50% of the top 10 most loyal brands are Japanese • …compared to 20% for domestic manufacturers. Brand Brand Loyalty (%) Ford 44.1% Toyota 43.3% Kia 39.9% Hyundai 38.6% Honda 38.1% Chevrolet 38.0% Subaru 35.7% Nissan 34.7% Mercedes-Benz 34.6% Lexus 34.1 % Source: Experian
  • Which one to buy? • But with the US auto industry recovering… • Which manufacturer is the best buy today?
  • Valuations Company Ticker P/B P/CF EV/EBIT Dividend Ford F 1.8 9.5 20.5 2.36% General Motors GM 1.9 6.7 14.4 Honda HMC 1.4 8.9 17.8 2.24% Toyota TM 1.7 8.5 20.1 1.54%
  • The Price of Loyalty • American sourced parts and dedicated customers appear to come at a price • Loyalty-rich automakers Honda, Toyota, and Ford all trade at a premium to General Motors • Typically that’s a premium worth paying, but General Motors has a few aces up their sleeve…
  • The Better Choice Despite falling short in loyalty and “most- American” ratings General Motors remains the best automaker to buy for a booming US market.
  • The Better Choice • $35.5B in carryforward tax losses ensure tax free earnings for years to come. • A revamped Silverado should provide a sales and earnings boost (pickups typically carry higher margins than other vehicles)
  • The Better Choice • General Motors is finally making small cars people want to drive • A rebounding housing market provides a tailwind for pickup sales • General Motors has divested older under-performing brands and renegotiated union agreements post-bankruptcy
  • The Best Choices • This is all centered around the domestic auto industry though. If you want to make real money, you think global • Inexperienced investors underestimated China’s auto industry early on, and it’s already the largest in the world • Don’t miss out on the next explosive phase of growth in this industry, learn about the 2 Best Automakers To Buy For China’s Boom • You can Click Here Now to uncover these two picks