9 crazy ideas that just might be the future of green energy


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Solar panels on rooftops and wind farms were once crazy ideas. Now companies like General Electric and Lockheed Martin are looking to tap the ocean for power, which is just one of the 9 crazy ideas that just might be the future of green energy.

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  • 9 crazy ideas that just might be the future of green energy

    1. 1. 9 Crazy Ideas That Just Might Be the Future of Green Energy Graphic design by Sam Cornett
    2. 2. Solar Roadways If solar panels were installed on all 31,250 miles of roads and parking lots in the U.S. the country could generate three times more energy then it uses each year. Graphic design by Sam Cornett
    3. 3. Piezoelectricity from Walking Each step we take generates kinetic energy. One footstep can generate enough power to light two 60-watt bulbs for one second. Harvesting this power by installing piezoelectric flooring could light areas with a lot of foot traffic. Photo credit: Flickr/Giuseppe Milo
    4. 4. Piezoelectricity from Rainfall Just like each step we take generates kinetic energy, so do rain drops. By installing sensor pads on a rooftop we could collect this energy when the sun isn’t shining. Photo credit: Flickr/Kevin Dooley
    5. 5. Burning Seawater Ocean water can be burned when applied with high intensity radio waves. The waves break apart the water into its chemical components, which can be burned.
    6. 6. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Lockheed Martin is designing a system in China that uses the temperature differential in tropical areas to generate electricity. Ammonia passes through a heat exchanger containing the warm water and is vaporized and used to turn a turbine. It’s then cycled past cold water to recondense.
    7. 7. Tidal Power Tidal power is a form of hydro power than converts the energy from ocean tides into electricity. Photo credit: Flickr/Ctd 2005
    8. 8. Underwater Tide-driven Turbine Farm Turbines can be used above the ocean and driven by the wind. However, turbines can also be placed underwater and driven by tidal currents. The energy unit of Alstom, which General Electric is trying to acquire, is developing technology for tidal energy. Photo credit: Flickr/phault
    9. 9. Thorium The U.S. government tested thorium based nuclear power in the 1960s but shut down its research in 1973. Thorium- based nuclear power has several advantages over nuclear power including a reduction in nuclear waste and reduced worries of a meltdown. Image courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    10. 10. Recycled Nuclear Waste General Electric and Hitachi created the ARC, which is the Advanced Recycling Center for nuclear waste. The plant would consume 96% of the used nuclear fuel waste by volume to generate electricity. Source: GE Hitachi
    11. 11. The Motley Fool’s top stock of 2014