5 Amazing Things You Can Do With 1 Bitcoin


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Bitcoins have generated a lot of attention lately, but what can you actually buy with one?

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5 Amazing Things You Can Do With 1 Bitcoin

  1. 1. 5 Amazing Things You Can Do With 1 Bitcoin
  2. 2. Start a new career At CBTnuggets, which is renowned for providing innovative online IT training, you can use one Bitcoin to buy: • Five months of IT training ($99 per month), • six months of project management training ($79 per month), • or, two years of office productivity training ($19 per month). Source: Ixfd64
  3. 3. Be Prepared For Anything The Boy Scout in all of us can “be prepared” at Wisdomsurvival.com. With one Bitcoin you can buy: • A custom survival kit ($200), • a 12 Watt Portable Folding Solar kit ($100), • a solar phone charger ($25) • an AM/FM all hazards alert weather radio ($70) • a five person tent ($90) • and, a deluxe camp cot ($45). Source: New Zealand Defense Force
  4. 4. Get strong You’ve got a strong currency, now how about strong muscles? With just one Bitcoin at Adamant Barbell you can buy: • A Texas Power Bar ($325), • 100lbs in weight plates ($140), • a powerlifting belt ($60), • and a chalk ball ($5). Source: Mary Koppenheffer
  5. 5. Get beef… honestly For one Bitcoin at Honestbeef.com.au you can get all the New South Wales, grass-fed, ethically treated beef you can eat. • Two 20kg packs ($430) consisting of: o Eye fillet o Rib fillet o Rump o Round o Silverside o Topside o T-Bone o Blade o Sausage o Rolled Roast o Mince
  6. 6. Go on a vacation For the world traveler, btcVacations.com is a fullservice travel agency. Just pick out a vacation and then you are billed in Bitcoins. For just one Bitcoin here are some awesome options: • A Caribbean Cruise ($419 per person) • 6 nights in Ireland ($529 per person) • 3 Day pass at Universal Studios for two adults and one child ($470) Source: Tomas Castelazo
  7. 7. 6 Picks For Ultimate Growth
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