3 stocks crushed by the market this week 07-11-14


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3 of this week's worst health-care stocks

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  • 3 stocks crushed by the market this week 07-11-14

    1. 1. 3 Stocks Crushed by the Market This Week
    2. 2. While the overall market began sputtering this week, many health-care stocks really took a beating. These three ranked among the worst performers of all.
    3. 3. Shares of the biotech plummeted more than 26% for the week. Sarepta Therapeutics (NASDAQ:SRPT) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    4. 4. • Sarepta announced week 144 results from its phase 2b study of eteplirsen in treating patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, or DMD • These results showed a much worse decline in walking ability of DMD patients than reported at the 120-week mark • Patients in Sarepta’s study experienced an average decline in walking ability of 33.2 meters from baseline – in the previous results the decline was only 13.9 meters • The good news? DMD patients taking eteplirsen continued to show much better results than those on placebo, with Sarepta still planning to submit for regulatory approval by the end of this year Why Sarepta’s shares sank
    5. 5. The stock of this biotech dropped 21% this week. Prosensa Holding N.V. (NASDAQ:RNA) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    6. 6. • Prosensa’s shares fell dramatically as a result of Sarepta’s phase 2b update • Both stocks had already begun to drop earlier in the week, as investors likely fretted about the prospect of disappointing news • Prosensa’s drisapersen, like Sarepta’s eteplirsen, attempts to combat DMD by producing dystrophin using an approach that skips a piece of genetic code called exon 51 • Although Prosensa’s phase 3 study of drisapersen didn’t meet its primary endpoint, the company won an accelerated approval pathway for the drug in June Why Prosensa’s stock plunged
    7. 7. Shares of the pharmaceutical company fell 24% this week. Zogenix, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZGNX) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    8. 8. • It was a case of good news, bad news for Zogenix this week • On Wednesday, Zogenix scored a court victory ensuring that its abuse-resistant hydrocodone pain medication Zohydro ER can continue to be sold in Massachusetts • The bad news? On Tuesday, rival Purdue Pharma announced that it had won Priority Review designation from the FDA for its hydrocodone chronic pain tablet • Investors put more weight on the bad news, with concerns that Purdue’s drug could get the upper hand in the not-too-distant future Why Zogenix’s stock got zapped
    9. 9. • Zogenix’s shares could soar again, but its fortunes depend on how Purdue Pharma fares along with how quickly it can gain approval for an improved version of Zohydro ER • Prosensa has been deemed dead in the water before only to come back – and could very well do it again • While Sarepta’s news disappointed and could lessen chances of early approval for eteplirsen, I wouldn’t rule out a thumbs up from the FDA • It’s a tough call – but the nod for best shot at rebounding goes to Sarepta Best shot at bouncing back?
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