Day of Mindfulness, University of Waterloo, Staff Retreat


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Day of Mindfulness Staff Retreat.

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Day of Mindfulness, University of Waterloo, Staff Retreat

  1. 1. G Ross ClarkLife CoachMindfulness TrainerRoss is a Certified Life Coach, specializing in Stress Management.He has completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction(M.B.S.R.) teachers training program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.Also the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (M.B.C.T.) teacher training at the Universityof Toronto and is a member of the Canadian Mental Health Association.Ross has been interested in the brain, meditation and prayer for over 41 years. He was firsttrained as a meditation teacher in Asia and then has trained with many respected Westernteachers. Including 30 day silent meditation retreats.He teaches in a variety of Universities, Health Care and Business settings.
  2. 2. A Day of MindfulnessGoal: To offer fun learning and new nurturing experiences.SPA:Study, Practice and ApplyStudy, Practice and Apply, the Life skills of Attention and Intention to three themes:1- Mindfulness, (AM-1)2- Non-Judgement (AM-2)3- Life Work Balance (PM-0)
  3. 3. Guidelines- GOAL“Its gotta be fun”As best we can we are:Gentle- Not forcing the mind or the body.Opening- Opening the mind and feeling the body.Accepting- Acknowledging our emotions and sensations.Letting Go- Let go of trying and rest in Awareness of sensations.
  4. 4. Praise for the Morning
  5. 5. What Is Mindfulness Training?“The goal of mindfulness, is happiness”Broadly defined mindfulness is, learning to use our natural mental faculties ofattention & intention.Step-1We practice bringing a non-judgmental attention, to our daily Life experiences.Step-2We then we choose a wise and caring intention, to match any Life experience.These experiences provide a deeper understanding of Life, which allows more,health & happiness. 
  6. 6. Poem“Welcome them all”The Guest HouseBy Rumi
  7. 7. MindfulnessComing Home to Loving-Presence
  8. 8. ICE BREAKERWhen I am at my best, I am …“Honouring our goodness”Theme: When I am at my best, I am …1- When I am at my best, I am … i.e. content2- When I am at my best, I do … i.e. kind things
  9. 9. MINDFULNESS“In practicing mindfulness, we develop our natural power of Attention & Intention”Attention: The mental faculty of taking notice of something. (passive)Intention: The mental faculty of choosing an action for something. (active)Example:Intention- I intent to notice the in-breath.Attention- I feel the sensations of the in-breath.Other Expressions of Mindfulness:Knowing & Choosing,Awareness & Deciding‘Phrases of intention’ guide the activity of the mind. “Breathing in, I let go”
  10. 10. FREEDOM
  11. 11. Step-1,When Practicing Mindfulness,how do we use the mental facility of attention?“Feelings, Images and Thoughts”The first step of developing the power of mindfulnessand claiming it’s many rewards, is paying attention to:Feeling, the sensations of the body.Images, that arise in the mind.Thoughts, and self-talk.FITPhrases of attention:“There is … ““there is anger in me”, vs. “I am angry”
  12. 12. Step-2When Practicing Mindfulness,how do we use the mental facility of intention?“We practice offering, caring wise intentions”In developing the power of mindfulness, the second step is setting awise caring intention to what is in our attention:We use phrases of intention:‘may I be safe’, ‘may you be safe’, ‘may we be safe’‘may I be well’, ‘may you be well’, ‘may we be well’Note, Phrases of Intention are not affirmations
  13. 13. Best FriendsAttention & Intention 
  14. 14. Poem“I will meet you there”The FieldBy Rumi
  15. 15. God-View Life-ViewHappinessLevelLog Emotion +/- Self-TalkSelf IsENLIGHTENMENT700-1K Ineffable “Clear, Spacious Awareness”All-Being Perfect PEACE 600 Bliss Nothing more, needs to be done, let it all goOne Complete JOY 540 SerenityLife is a beautiful mystery, It is perfect, just asit isLoving Benign LOVE 500 ReverenceI am sorry, I Love you, I respect myself andothersWise Meaningful REASON 400UnderstandingMay I understand, What is Lifes lesson in this?Merciful Harmonious ACCEPTANCE 350 ForgivenessEverything, will work out, There is nothingreally wrongPermitting Feasible COURAGE 200 AffirmationYes, I can. We can do this, Just glad, to be aliveIndifferent Demanding PRIDE 175 Scorn "im so wonderful“, "i have all the answers"Vengeful Antagonistic ANGER 150 Hate "i hate this“, "Whats wrong with them"DenyingDisappointinDESIRE 125 Craving "i want a lot more of this“, "ive got to have it"
  16. 16. Techniques & PracticesHands, Tongue, Lips, Feet
  17. 17. Techniques & PracticesHappy Hands
  18. 18. Happy HandsAwareness & Caring(attention) & (intention)
  19. 19. Hand Reflexology
  20. 20. Poem“and we will, all keep still”Keeping QuietBy Pablo Neruda
  21. 21. University of WaterlooCounselling ServicesAbout UsCounselling Services is a team of professionals dedicated to supporting the personaland interpersonal functioning of our diverse university community.We offer individual and group counselling, to facilitate personal and social growth to assistwith life difficulties to intervene in times of crisis.Our goal is to promote the development of the full potential of students, staff and facultyin an inclusive, non-judgemental and confidential environment.
  22. 22. Reading“No need to judge, the judging” Full Catastrophe LivingBy Jon Kabat-Zinn
  23. 23. Small Groups“When judging starts, learning ends”Mindfully Speaking:Is what I am about to say helpful?What is my deeper intention, for saying it?Mindful Listening:Am I judging or discerning?Am I paying full attention, to what is being said?“What is the difference between,Non-judgement & Discernment? ”
  24. 24. REFLECTIONS“Remember, the mud puddles”Pure Awareness- Can hold everythingAttention + Intention = MindfulnessLess-Judgmentness of self & others
  25. 25. Poem“Stand Still”LOSTBy Rumi
  26. 26. Walking into Stillness