Updates on Soaring Eagle Casino Construction                      A few updates on construction at Soaring Eagle Casino an...
Interview with High Roller Earnest C. Part 1                                                     If you have ever seen the...
Interview with High Roller Earnest C. Part 2                                                        This is part 2 of our ...
Interview with High Roller Earnest C. Part 3                                                       This is part 3 of our i...
Q.)Have you been to the New Gun Lake Casino yet?    A.)No I have not yet had the chance to.                               ...
Interview with High Roller Earnest C. Part 4                                                        This is part 4 of our ...
T.M.G.s Review of "Secrets To Hitting More Jackpots"What you are about to read is the opinion of myself. Take it or leave ...
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April 27th, 2012 Soaring Eagle CasinoOn Friday April 27th, 2012 My wife and I attended the "What Happens in the casino Sta...
Whats coming up in future issues of The Michigan Gambler                       We at the Michigan Gambler are not happy wi...
The Michigan Gambler Issue 3 May 2012
The Michigan Gambler Issue 3 May 2012
The Michigan Gambler Issue 3 May 2012
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The Michigan Gambler Issue 3 May 2012


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This is our May 2012 Issue of the Michigan Gambler. It features the long awaited interview with The Slot Guru himself Earnest C. Check it out.

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The Michigan Gambler Issue 3 May 2012

  1. 1. Updates on Soaring Eagle Casino Construction A few updates on construction at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. First the new buffet is coming along great and looks as if it will be amazing when done. I just hope they bring back the ceiling. It appears to be done in a mosaic tile. Everything seems to be very stylish and curvy. The new look was much over due and is expected to start serving food in May 2012. The Soaring Eagle Waterpark is coming along and will be opened to the public May 21st, 2012. The tribe is doing a soft open on April 23rd 2012. The waterpark is over 45,000 square feet with slides, jumps, and other obstacles for guests to play on. Over all the new property is over 110,000 square feet. There are 243 guest rooms in the hotel. This property is over 6,000 square feet bigger than Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. For more information on the waterpark or hotel visit their website at http://www.soaringeaglewaterpark.com I have heard rumors floating around the gambling community about Soaring Eagle building a new casino behind the current resort. I personally think it would be a great idea, however I have not proved or disproved this rumor. So at this point it is still just that.      
  2. 2. Interview with High Roller Earnest C. Part 1 If you have ever seen the Soaring Eagle TV Commercial, or happened to look at the winners page on facebook or the Soaring Eagle website. Then you know our next guest. Earnest C aka The Slot Guru is one of the most reconizable faces in Michigan Gambling. It would be safe to call him the Tiger Woods or Micheal Jordan of Michigan Gambling. I got the chance to sit down with Earnest. Here is what Earnest had to say. Q.) When did you start gambling? A.) In the Early 90s. I used to take my mom over to the casino in Canada. So I would say it was around 1990 or 1991. Q.)What is the biggest Jackpot you have hit? A.) $78,000 on a crystal 7s machine. Q.) Out of all the people you have given money to in the casinos, has any one The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win! person stuck out? A.) Any one person? Not one person, But one family stuck out. It was a family of 8, I gave them all $100 each. And the Grandma and Mother started to cry. You could tell it really touched them. Q.) Have you been to every casino in the state? A.) Not yet, I look forward to visiting them all someday. Q.)Since Soaring Eagle is your home casino, is it safe to say that Soaring Eagle is your favorite casino? A.)Yes, but it is best to say the place you win at, is the place you should play. Q.)What is your favorite slot game? A.)The ones I can hit jackpots on. Since you can hit jackpots on them all, I enjoy all slots! The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win! Q.)Do you have a certain machine that is your overall favorite machine? A.)No, I have hit a jackpot on a machine, and turned around the next trip and hit another 5 jackpots on it. Karma and the way you feel about a machine can make any machine your favorite at the time. Q.)How long or how much of your bankroll do you play before you move on? A.)There are a few factors that make me decide when to move on. I consider how I feel, the size of my bank roll on that trip, and if I am feeling the machine at the time. Q.)Since slots are determined by random number generators, is there really any kind of strategy or plan that can be implemented so a player can improve the odds of winning? A.) Yes, There is few of them in my book. That is what made me write my book. Q.)What makes you decide how much to give away? And what makes you decide who and when? The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win! A.)I give money away in the casino after every jackpot, It all depends how big the jackpot is. I try to give it away to the first person I see before I hit the jackpot and after. Some people dont always accept it.        
  3. 3. Interview with High Roller Earnest C. Part 2 This is part 2 of our interview with The Slot Guru Earnest C. We hope you enjoy what he has to say, and we encourage you to go out and buy his book, "The secrets to hitting more jackpots!" We bought his book and are glad we did. Q.) How do you pick your machines? A.)That question is best answered in my book, once again there are a lot of factors that go into which machines I play. Q.)Do you use your players club card and what level are you at Soaring Eagle? A.) Yes you can tell by the pictures of me winning that I use my card. However there are a lot of times I am playing up to 8 machines at once. So I do not always have a card in every machine. I am currently a Diamond Member at Soaring Eagle. The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win! Q.) How much in free play does Soaring Eagle give you on an average? A.) You know I am not focused on Free play. I play off my bank roll all the time. Q.) How long was your longest winning streak? And how much was it? A.) My longest streak was about 35 hours and I won around $200,000 to $250,000 jackpots. Q.)How long was your longest losing streak? And how much was it? A.)My longest losing streak was about a year long, and I lost between $300,000 and $400,000. Q.)How often are you in the casino? A.) 2 or 3 times a month. I have been busy with the Slot movement, getting my books out, and working taking my clothing line to the next level. The Slot Guru Earnest C. $14,000 April 11th, 2012 Q.)Are you friends with any other high rollers from Soaring Eagle such as Randy P, William H, or Fred L.? A.)I know a lot of people by face. But when we are gambling we are all hard at work. Q.)In your book you talk about high stakes betting, can you start out with a lower bank roll on penny machines and still hit a lot of jackpots? A.)That is all in the book, But Yes! That is how I started out on penny games. Q.)Do you prefer Video slots or Mechanical slots? A.) All slots are fine as long as they pay jackpots! I have no preference. Q.)What slot company do you like best? Example IGT, WMS, Bally, etc.. A.)I dont have one. A slot is a slot and they all pay jackpots!   The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win!      
  4. 4. Interview with High Roller Earnest C. Part 3 This is part 3 of our interview with The Slot Guru Earnest C. We talked with him for about 2 hours when we sat down him. So keep reading. Q.) Have you ever been accused of cheating at slots? A.)No I have never been accused of cheating. They have so many cameras at the casino. You are always on camera as soon as you walk into the parking lot. Besides the casinos would never accuse you of cheating. They would show you that you are cheating and ban you from playing in their casino. Q.)In your book you talk about watching for lights going off, but you dont go into detail why. Are you avoiding the area where lights are going off, or are you going to the same area? A.) For the most part I am a veteran gambler. I do both it all depends on karma and how you feel. Just be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. The answer to this question can be found in the book. The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win! Q.) How long should someone stay on a penny slot max betting before moving on? I heard it was $10 is that true? A.) It all depends on the bank roll you have. It is not always a quick hit. Sometimes you have to play a slot machine for a while. But a lot just depends on the size of your bank roll for that trip. Q.) What Big Plans are in store for The Slot Guru Next? A.) I got a few commercials coming out, working on a documentary. Also working on taking my clothing line to the next level. Last but not least I am working on the slot movement. Which will be a seminar gamblers can attend, and I will share everything in my book and more with them. Dive into more details about everything I know. Q.)You seem to like being in the spot light, do you enjoy the fame and attention your gambling has brought you? The Slot Guru Earnest C. $14,000 April 11th, 2012 A.)I am not really a spot light kind of guy. I am more of the loner type of person. However I am not running from the fame and spot light. I am standing in it to help get my word out and to teach people how I do it. I do it for my fans so that I may be able to touch some people, and change some lives. Q.)A few women have asked me if you are married? A.) No I am not currently married yet. However I am engaged and have a baby on the way. Q.)Are you a fulltime resident of Michigan or do you have another house some place else? A.)Nope I live in Michigan year round. Q.)I have had 2 emails asking me to ask you why it is you rent instead of buying a house? A.)The times we live in right now, it is a depression. Property values are still falling and now is the time to rent. I dont want to spend $600,000 on a house The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win! and have it be worth $200,000 in a year. That is just bad business. Q.)People all over the web have been saying rumors that you are an employee of Soaring Eagle and that your jackpots are fake. Would you like to respond? A.) This is just negative people saying negative things. the devil is always present, and people will always be saying negative things that are false. I work for myself. I gamble at Soaring Eagle and many other casinos. I like Soaring Eagle because it is my home casino. Ive had great times there and won a lot of jackpots. * The Michigan Gambler Would like to add that if any casino ever got caught faking jackpots like others have suggested. They would get shut down in a heartbeat. Fake rumors like this are coming from people who are either jealous because they cant win. Or because they do not understand how things work in a casino. I am here to tell everyone that Earnest is the real deal! He does not work for Soaring Eagle. And they do not treat him any better than they would treat any of their High Rollers. *
  5. 5. Q.)Have you been to the New Gun Lake Casino yet? A.)No I have not yet had the chance to.        
  6. 6. Interview with High Roller Earnest C. Part 4 This is part 4 of our interview with The Slot Guru Earnest C. This is the last part of the interview with him. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed doing it. Q.) So What does the Slot Guru do in his free time? Any Hobbies? A.)Believe it or not I love to fish, I love playing softball. And I like to just think. I love to sit around brainstorming and making things come to life from an idea. I like to change peoples lives for the better. Q.)What is your average bank roll when you go to the casino? A.) It will vary from trip to trip. Between $5,000 and $10,000. Q.) What is your average jackpot winnings per visit? A.) Between $40,000 and $45,000. There are good days and bad days. The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win! Q.) Last question I have for you is, Where did you get the money to start gambling in high stakes? Did you win the lottery? A.)No I did not win the lottery. I made all my money and started off on penny slots. Karma and how I act have brought me up the ranks of slots to the top. I started out like everyone else just playing penny slots and worked my way up. I would like to Thank Earnest for sitting down with us and for doing this interview. Be sure to get a copy of his book and read our review on his book in this issue of the Michigan Gambler. You can get a copy of The Slot Gurus book "The Secret to Hitting more Jackpots!" at his website www.theslotguru.com or pick up a copy at the Gift shop inside Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort.   The Slot Guru Earnest C. $14,000 April 11th, 2012 The Slot Guru Earnest C. with another big win!      
  7. 7. T.M.G.s Review of "Secrets To Hitting More Jackpots"What you are about to read is the opinion of myself. Take it or leave it, read the bookand make your own. So after my interview with the Slot Guru Earnest Cobb, Idecided to sit down and read his book myself. I have heard people saying that $24.99is too much for a book. Let me tell you, this has to be the best “Slot” book I haveread.  Unlike most slot books, Earnest does not go on telling you promises of howyou will win every time using how he plays. He also does not promise you to winmillions.Earnest covers more in his book than most slot books. He explains not just how heplays, but also how he acts and answers some of the questions most people want toask him. The book is filled with several pictures of his wins. And it shows you howmuch you can win playing slots.Now I will not tell you that getting his book will make you win. Nor will I tell you thatif you read his book you will be a professional slot play. But Earnest makes some The Michigan Gambler give this book 5 out of 5.good points and shows you how he does it.  So get a copy of his book and give it a Great Book!chance. This book may clear up or open your eyes on some areas of gambling.You can get a copy of his book currently only at his website www.theslotguru.com oryou may buy it at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. Earnest is currently working onputting it in more casino gift shops around Michigan and the U.S.-The Michigan GamblerBelow is a description of his book from the slot guru himself.  The words I have written are accurate to my playing abilities, please read themfrom front to back. Go to the casino come back home and read them again andthen you will see how TheSlotGuru stands alone as the peoples champ! l Introduction... l Whats on my mind when Im entering and walking into a casino... l Remember But Forget... l Always be polite... l Talk When you feel like it... l High limits... l ALWAYS HELP THE ELDERLY NO MATTER WHAT... l Do I or Do I not use my players card?... l Whats on my mind as Im Playing the slots?... l How I act after a JACKPOT?... l Different modes that TheSlotGuru plays under... l Learn about different types of slot players... l Which bills do I think are best to use... l Dealing with annoying people at casinos/ NEGATIVE ENERGY FOLKS... l Choosing which slot machines to play... l Using My own personal Advanced Playing System (deep stuff)... l What does "Winning Percentage of Slot Machines Mean"?... l How do slot machines function?... l Whats the best time of day to play slot machines?... l How to deal with SPENDING on slots?"too Easy"!!!.... l My Thoughts as a Professional Gambler... l How to deal with the ups and downs of Slot/Gaming... l MY PERSONAL TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES...AMAZING INFORMATION PEOPLE... l and more.... 
  8. 8. New Slot Machines that will make their way to a casino near you. Lucky Larrys LobsterMania 2? Yes you read it right. IGT redid this exciting and fun game. But could they really make a great game better? By watching the video of the bonus games and slot in action, It is safe to say this game will become a gambler favorite from the start. The video is embedded above for you to watch. Some of the new features are they added are you choose between two different bonus games when they land. You have a choice between free spins which gives you 5 free spins and the chance to retrigger for up to 243 free spins. Or you can choose the classic Buoy Bonus but with a new twist. You choose from 3 locations for the buoy bonus. Maine, Brazil, or Australia. Each destination has its own in bonus game. Watch the video for more bonus information. 5 Reel 40 Line 300 credit Max bet Another feature added to this game is 3 progressive jackpots. And they added a multiplier to the 3rd reel making the game that much more exciting. Look for this game at a casino near you soon!   Big Buck Hunter Pro? An Arcade Game turn Slot Machine? Yes! IGT has built the bridge between arcade games and slot games. Can you believe it, this slot even comes equipped with guns! This game features the first ever guns on a slot machine. Something else I have never seen, is the ability to play a bonus game later. Choosing this option in the game allows you get a bigger multiplier on future bonus games. Watch the trailer and see for yourself. This is a big break thru in arcade to slot conversion.   
  9. 9.  
  10. 10. Slot Reviews Bucks Ahoy by IGT Features: 9 line with 45 or 90 max credit bet. 50,000 max jackpot payout. 2 different bonus games. This was one of my favorite slot games for years. That was until Soaring Eagle took it out of the casino. This used to be a multi denomination machine. Soaring Eagle has them at 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, and 25 cent. I could put in a $100 bill and play max bet on 10 cent for hours. You could hit one of the two bonus games in a short period. The bonus games are an X marks the spots, where you are asked to pick Xs to dig up treasure. You keep picking until you dig up a crab. This is the lower payouts of the two bonus games. The 2nd bonus game was a Treasure Table pick game. There was piles of treasure on a table with a Pirate sleeping in the back. You pick until you clear the table or find a plate full of cheese with a mouse. The mouse would wake up the Pirate and the bonus game was over. This bonus game paid the best. I have hit serveral $300 bonus games on this. If you happen to see this game some place you are playing. I suggest you give it a try. Just watch out for what denomination you are playing. Money goes fast at 25 cents.   Triple Diamond Strike by IGT Features: Single Payline 3 triples pay 27x the original pay. Comes in many forms and credits. All symbols have triples on the reels, giving you the chance to win some big money. This was my blue diamond at Soaring Eagle Casino. They have a few of these, but the one I played was only set to $1. It was only a 2 coin max bet. Triple Diamond Strike pays off well and often. You can go thru the winners and see a hit or two each month on these machines. The whole 27x for 3 triples make it fun to play. I had the joy of putting $20 into this machine on a Saturday Night. I was just messing around playing 1 coin, then 2 coins etc.. I was hitting small stuff but it started to take my money. I got down to my last credit on the $20 and it came up with Triple Blue 7, Triple Diamond Strike, Triple Diamond strike. I hit for $2,700. This was my first hand pay for a 1099. The following Saturday night I went back to Soaring Eagle and played the same machine. I put in $60 and started getting low on credits. I made it down to $10 left when I hit Triple Diamond Strike, Triple Diamond Strike, Triple Blue 7. This time I had max bet of 2 coins for $5,400. I love this game and would urge anyone who is looking at them to give them a try. It makes winning really fun! 
  11. 11. May 2012May 1st - May 2nd -May 3rd - May 4th -May 5th - CINCO DE MAYO CELEBRATION! - 8pm Soaring Eagle May 6th - Sleeping Beauty - 2pm Kewadin Sault Ste MarieCasinoSleeping Beauty - 6pm Kewadin Sault Ste Marie May 8th -May 7th - May 10th -May 9th - May 12th - Glen Campbell - The Goodbye Tour - 8pm Little River CasinoMay 11th - Hee Haw II The Next Generation - 7pm Kewadin Sault Ste Marie May 14th -May 13th - Sylvia Browne - 6pm Soaring Eagle Casino May 16th -May 15th - May 18th - Kathy Griffin - 8pm Soaring Eagle CasinoMay 17th - Where The Action Is - 9pm Little River CasinoMay 19th - May 20th - Sylvia Browne - 7pm Kewadin Sault Ste MarieMay 21st - May 22nd -May 23rd - May 24th -May 25th - May 26th -May 27th - Foreigner - 7pm Kewadin Sault Ste Marie May 28th -May 29th - May 30th -May 31st - 4/10/2012 - $340,721 Greektown Detroit 25 Cent Wheel Of fortune.Recent Jackpot hits    
  12. 12. PC Slot Game Review IGT Slots Diamond Galaxy by Masque The Latest Slot Title released from Masque features more of your favorite IGT slot games for your pc. Diamond Galaxy was just released and features the games listed below. Diamond Galaxy™ Fire Horse™ Mighty Mammoth™ Pharaohs Fortune™  ingpin Bowling™ K Maid of Money™ Buffet Mania™  Duck Stamps™ Red Rooster™ Dragonfly™ Balloon Bars™ Casino Night™ Five Times Pay® Triple Triple Diamond®  ouble Diamond Deluxe® D Leap Frog™ Knockdown™ Wild Cherry® Purple Passion™ Red White & Blue® With the other releases from Masque, this release brings back some games already released. However Masque posted on their facebook page that the next release will feature all new content. Cant wait to see what games they will release next. I hope it features Bucks Ahoy and Triple Lucky both 3 reel and 5 reel. I suggest you give this game a try. Most of the games I have seen but never played. So give it a try and next trip to the casino find one. Never know if that might get you a hand pay.      
  13. 13. Let It Ride Poker Explained The Basics: Let It Ride starts with each player making three bets of equal size. Then the dealer gives every player 3 cards, and 2 community cards are placed face down. After seeing their first 3 cards each player has the choice to take 1 of their 3 bets back or to "let it ride" and leave it out. Then the dealer turns over one of the 2 community cards. Each player then has the option to pull out another bet or "let it ride." The player may leave their bet in or take it Most Casinos in the US use this pay table. out the second time regardless of their first decision. Finally the second Let It Ride Payoff Table community card is flipped and the players are paid according to pay table Hand Pay Table the casino plays with. Royal Flush 1000 to 1 Straight Flush 200 to 1 Let it Ride is a fun game play and can be played for hours without losing any Four of a kind 50 to 1 of the excitment of the first hand. Make sure you know the rules for each Full House 11 to 1 casino you play in. Some casinos allow you to show other players your Flush 8 to 1 cards while others do not. Some of the casinos also have side bets that Straight 5 to 1 increase the excitment and fun of Let It Ride. When you are bored and Three of a kind 3 to 1 looking for something new to try. Go play some Let It Ride Poker! Two pair 2 to 1 Pair 10s or better 1 to 1 Nonpaying hand Lose      
  14. 14. April 27th, 2012 Soaring Eagle CasinoOn Friday April 27th, 2012 My wife and I attended the "What Happens in the casino Stays in casino" Monthly casino  run. It was at Soaring Eagle Casino, and for some in the group it was their first time in Soaring Eagle. This was going tobe a special trip not only was it the first Casino run we attended. But The Great Slot Guru Earnest Cobb was suppose tomeet us at the Casino. He was going to do a Meet and Greet before doing the Interview for the Michigan Gambler.At the last moment Earnest had a family medical emergency and was not able to make it. Now we all understand thingshappen and gave him our prayers. But what he did next shocked us all. Earnest offered to send everyone who made itout to the group that day a free copy of his book. Earnest just continues to show how big his heart is and how great of aman he is.The group broke off after we all met, so that we could all go eat. My wife and I ate at the buffet, while most of the groupwent to the Cafe to eat. I can not wait for the new buffet to open. It looks very good so far. After we ate, my wife and Istarted gambling. We went thru our free play rather fast, and spent a bit of money playing here and there. I got a phonecall shortly after from Tim S.Tim is the facebook group owner, He needed me to meet him because someone forgot to sign the page for the freebooks. So I went up front to meet him. As soon as I got the name and address Tim took off like he was the flash going tofight crime. Come to find out he forgot he put a $20 into a machine and walked away from it to come up front. Wellgood thing is that his money was there waiting for him.Sounds like some people left ahead. And those who didnt did not seem to be down too much. Glad we made it out, Istrongly suggest any Michigan Gambler should join this facebook group. These people are great people. Fun to bearound, and make gambling fun.I look forward to making many more trips. Hopefully we can get Earnset to come out for at least one. So he can show usall how he does it. Thanks to all of you who showed up, It was a pleasure and joy to meet all of you. Wish we could ofate together and talked a bit more. But maybe next time. Can you say "Rolling At the River!"Look out Little River, We are coming for you!- T.J. The Michigan Gambler      
  15. 15. Whats coming up in future issues of The Michigan Gambler We at the Michigan Gambler are not happy with the amount of content in our first Three publications. Things are slowly getting better with each issue. We need your help, feel free to submit any story ideas, interview ideas, or even just feedback. We love to hear what our readers have to say. Another section we are working on that we need your help is our winners page. Since the casinos have yet to give us permission to publish winners, we are asking our readers to submit pictures of wins they hit. Give us the info pictures and we will place it in publication. Size does not matter, if you hit $250 on a penny machine bonus, take out your cell phone take a picture and send it in. Make sure you join our forums or simply send us an email to tj@themichigangambler.com. Also find us on facebook and like us. T.J. Decker Owner of The Michigan Gambler Things coming up in future issues We will be working on some new interviews and slot reviews. Some story ideas we are working on are Casino revenue figures, table games uncovered, Spa reviews, Hotel reviews, Buffet reviews etc... And much more! If you have a story idea or even a betting system you use, please dont be afraid to send it in! We will give you credit on the story. Also we are working on selling some advertisements. Our goal is to have a printed version of our publication for both pickup and home delivery in the next few months. The more ad revenue we bring in the more promotions and giveaways we can do to our readers. Last I would like to offer anyone who is having a non profit even such as the story we had for baby Oakley in our first issue, please send us a flyer and info. We will gladly place it in our publication.