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Tmm career planning-1

Tmm career planning-1



Tools necessary for planning your career path.

Tools necessary for planning your career path.



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    Tmm career planning-1 Tmm career planning-1 Presentation Transcript

    • Career Planning Part 1 November, 20121 The Mentor Matcher
    • 2Agenda1. Why Careers Are Important2. How To Choose A Career3. The Key To Success4. What Questions To Ask The Mentors5. What To Look For In The Mentor’s Work Environment6. What The Mentors Most Likely Will Ask You7. Q&A Session The Mentor Matcher
    • 3What Is A CareerA field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life <George Washingtons career as a soldier>A profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling <a career in medicine> <a career diplomat> The Mentor Matcher
    • 4Understanding Careers Do janitors have a career? Do garbage collectors have a career? Do roofers have a career? Do engineers have a career? Do dentists have a career? Do astronomers have a career? Do lab technicians have a career? The Mentor Matcher
    • 5Are All Careers Important? No, they are not. Some careers are more important than others The Mentor Matcher
    • 6What Makes A CareerImportant and Meaningful? Salary and benefits Prestige Respect Recognition, honors Excitement Creativity Passion Alignment with one’s bliss The Mentor Matcher
    • 7Two Key Points The better the career, the better life one will enjoy and the more money one will make However, careers are NOT about money alone The Mentor Matcher
    • 8 Students that have the right attitude, knowledge and tools have better careers The Mentor Matcher
    • 9Why People Should BePursuing Careers Better salaries  Wealth  Easy Retirement  Less Worries Better job security Better life  Enjoying the journey of life Easier to build a family and keep it together Improved self-respect Enhanced self-esteem The Mentor Matcher
    • 10 The Mentor Matcher
    • 11 The Mentor Matcher
    • 12The Problem Thereare way too many choices (over 4,000 careers/occupations to choose from). There are new jobs invented every year Thereare a lot of misperceptions and misunderstandings pertaining to careers and the way one should go about pursuing them The Mentor Matcher
    • 13Did You Know … Ofthe 4,000+ occupations only 400 or so (about 10%) of them are considered good career options? Of the 400+ careers only 80 (about 20%) of them generate a “good” income? The Mentor Matcher
    • 14Key Realization Onecannot choose a career if he/she does not know his/her options One cannot make the right decisions if he/she does not know him/herself and what turns him/her on The Mentor Matcher
    • 15So, What Turns You On? The Mentor Matcher
    • 16Key Messages Careersare NOT accidents or miracles that occur by happenstance Careers must be planned Careers must fit one’s personality and bliss in life The Mentor Matcher
    • 17When One Has A Plan … The Mentor Matcher
    • 18The Key To Success The Mentor Matcher
    • 19Some Key Decisions Career or job? Willing to relocate or stay put? Willing to travel or avoid travel? Creative genius or process master? Generalist or Specialist? Manager or worker bee? Leader or follower? Big Fish in a small pond or little fish in a Big Pond? The Mentor Matcher
    • 20Have You Considered These? What legacy will you leave behind? What does greatness mean to you? Doyou have an outrageous and contagious purpose for your career? The Mentor Matcher
    • 21Interestingly Enough … Not too long ago people were happy to just find a job and get paid. However, today people understand that there is more to life than a job and a steady paycheck. People want to enjoy the journey of life The Mentor Matcher
    • 22 So, What Is Important To You? The Mentor Matcher
    • 23Food for Thought Don’t you want to be paid for your dream? Theultimate goal: have fun doing what you like and get paid for it!!! The Mentor Matcher
    • 24Dying or Dead Professions Typistsand data entry keyers Typesetters Software coders, computer operators Agriculture workers and farmers Cooks for fast food Postal Service clerks, carriers and sorters Highway toll booth attendants Photo processors The Mentor Matcher
    • 25Dying or Dead Professions Switchboard and phone operators Receptionists Sewing machine operators Factory workers, machine tool operators Assemblers Telemarketers Call center and customer service reps Repairmen (clocks, phones, TVs, etc.) The Mentor Matcher
    • 26Dying or Dead Professions Bank tellers Tellers and clerks of all types Cashiers Travel agents Teachers and professors Stage performers Holistic healers … and many more professions The Mentor Matcher
    • 27Key Realization Computers, computer software and systems/systemization, hard automation, robots, artificial intelligence and the internet have changed our world forever The Mentor Matcher
    • 28Key Realization It took only 200 years to get to today’s situation It took 50,000+ years to get The Mentor Matcher to this point
    • 29Did You Know … About120 years or so ago, almost 95% of the population were farmers? Today the number is only 3% and is shrinking About60 years ago, almost 45% of people worked in factories? Today, the number is about 10% and is shrinking Yes, our society is changing! The Mentor Matcher
    • 30Other Factors That Affect Jobs Outsourcing Globalization Trade Treaties Economic stability and recessions Government regulations and policies Environmental and Conservation movements Oil prices and other key commodity prices Availability of resources The Mentor Matcher
    • 31Some Emerging Professions Data miners Knowledge managers and brokers Green jobs Sustainability professions New Technology jobs (i.e.: nanotechnology and nanorobotics) New Communications jobs New Energy jobs The Mentor Matcher
    • 32Careers For Quiet People Accountants Data Base Administrators Coders/Programmers; Software Developers Graphic Designers Writers; Poets Surveyors Researchers, Lab Technicians The Mentor Matcher
    • 33The Most Stable Jobs AreFound In These Industries: Health Care Because the world needs and Communications will always need what they Energy have to offer Transportation Food The Mentor Matcher
    • 34Great Advice The Mentor Matcher
    • 35 Take time to meditate. It’s your future. Put some thought and energy into it The Mentor Matcher
    • 36So, What Are Your Top ThreeChoices?1. _____________________2. _____________________3. ______________________ The Mentor Matcher
    • 37Other Key Points AboutCareers Today,it is very acceptable and actually desirable, to make several career changes and go to different employers Changing careers should only be done if they offer advancement and betterment (financial gains, promotions, visibility, etc.) The Mentor Matcher
    • 38Do You Need Help With TheseQuestions? The Mentor Matcher
    • 39What Is Mentoring Mentoring is a developmental partnership between a mentor and a student (mentee) through which the mentor shares her/his knowledge/wisdom, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of the mentee The Mentor Matcher
    • 40Advice For Life Always seek mentors throughout your life Some day become a mentor, help othersNote: Serving others is a noble and a great thing. Itsays a lot about you. The best leaders today are theservant leaders willing to coach, teach, train, mentorand push others to excel and reach higher levels ofperformance and existence The Mentor Matcher
    • 41What Questions To Ask YourMentor(s) Why do you choose this profession? If you had to make your choice all over again, would you still choose the same profession? What is your next step? Is there a next step? What are the things that you don’t like about your profession? The Mentor Matcher
    • 42What To Look For In TheMentor’s Work Environment# of employees working there # of direct reports (span of control) Organizational structure Who does the mentor report to? What special tools does he/she use at work? Who provides the tools? Where did he/she get the required training? How long did they go to school? The Mentor Matcher
    • 43What The Mentors Most LikelyWill Ask You Why are you interested in this job/profession? What excites you about this job/profession? Have you thought of … ? How high are you planning to reach for? Are you planning to go to college? Have you decided yet what college you are going to attend? The Mentor Matcher
    • 44Your Choices With Us(see special handouts) Job Shadowing Speed Date Your Career Gain Experience Confirm Your Choice Make Connections The Mentor Matcher
    • 45 The Mentor Matcher