Internet of Things: the next frontier for UX?
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Internet of Things: the next frontier for UX?






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Internet of Things: the next frontier for UX? Internet of Things: the next frontier for UX? Presentation Transcript

  • April 2013 Internet of things: The next frontier for UX?
  • Why is it important?
  • Why now?
  • Plant today. Harvest tomorrow.
  • From GUI to UUI: Interfaces for ubiquitous computing
  • The many names — Ubiquitous computing — Ambient intelligence — Internet of things — Pervasive computing — Everyware — Internet of everything 1988 late 90’s 1999 2003 2004 2012
  • Internet of things: Винаходимо інтерфейси майбутнього
  • “A model of computation that will “weave itself into the fabric of our lives, until it is indistinguishable from it” — Adam Weiser
  • Weiser’s original vision: — Indistinguishable from environment — Delivered in manner appropriate to current context
  • From GUI to context data
  • Inventing the future
  • “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” — Alan Kay
  • Interaction design — User-centered design — Systems design — Genius design
  • “Far too many items in the world are designed, constructed, and foisted upon us with no understanding — or even care — for how we will use them” — Donald Norman
  • User-centered design UCD focuses on the user’s needs, problems, and goals to guide the design of a system
  • “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse” — Henry Ford
  • Systems design Combination of components to realize a solution in essence, the development of a system of systems
  • Genius design The process of exclusively relying on the wisdom and experience of the designer to make all the design decisions
  • “A quality user experience can be created with genius design if one starts ... basing decisions on well-established usability data and studies” — Jacob Nielsen
  • Steve Jobs iPhone
  • Classes of user interface — Tangible user interface — Surface user interface — Ambient user interfaces
  • “Computation in basic objects, environments and the activities of our everyday lives in such a way that no one will notice its presence” — Adam Weiser
  • SpaceTop 3D Supported by MicroSoft
  • “...relies on a self-illuminated or projected horizontal, vertical, or spherical interactive surface coupled with control of computation into the same physical surface”
  • MicroSoft Surface (PixelSense) 2008
  • MicroSoft Surface 2012
  • From GUI to UUI Fortnum & Mason Public store, London
  • From GUI to UUI IllumiRoom Xbox 720 feature
  • “...a calm technology that can move easily from the periphery to the center of our attention, and back again” — Adam Weiser
  • Input technologies — Sensor input (M2M) — Gesture input — Speech input
  • Nest Proactive thermostat
  • Leap Motion Motion-control hardware Nest Proactive thermostat
  • Myo Wearable gesture control
  • From GUI to UUI iOS Siri Personal assistant
  • Google now Personal assistant
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dictation software
  • IBM ViaVoice Speech recognition software
  • Internet of things trends — Home automation — Smart body — Connected cars
  • Iris Smart Kit DIY system
  • Phillips HUE Smart lightbulbs
  • Parrot Flower Power Plant sensor
  • Apple iWatch Smart watch
  • Nike Fuelband Activity tracker
  • Larklife Activity tracker
  • Jawbone UP! Activity tracker
  • Google Glass Augmented reality
  • Microsoft project Augmented reality
  • Conclusion Conclusion: What does this mean for our everyday lives?
  • Learning about Self
  • Learning about People
  • Learning about surroundings
  • IoT can help bring us back into the physical world
  • Thank you.