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The first in a series of presentation looking at growing trends which might be having an impact on your industry.

This first one focuses on Music as it continues to become increasingly accessible through digital streaming and downloads. It shows some of the ways artists are innovating and continuing release music which has value.

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The Branded Web - Trends: Music

  1. 1. TrendsTRENDS 2013: MUSIC
  2. 2. ConsumptionMusic continues to becomeincreasingly accessible.Streaming via YouTube, Spotify,Groove Shark, Rdio, Deezer etc.Not only to listen to music weknow about but also to discovernew music.
  3. 3. DisposabilityDigital music is starting to be seen asdisposable because of its wideaccessibility and ease of access,there’s less need or desire to own it.
  4. 4. Music InnovationAs the industry and artists figure outhow to counteract the accessibilityand popularity of digital music it hasmade it possible for others toinnovate and grow.
  5. 5. Release the musicThe Plug DAB radio by skrekkøgle works via a cork top whichwhen opened will turn the radio on and when in place will turnthe music off.Read More
  6. 6. Everyone’s a DJTo start DJing there used to be a price barrier – turntables and amixer plus the price of maintaining an ongoing record collection.Digital DJing cut the record collection out of the equation andalso the weight of hauling records around clubs.Now Traktor have made digital DJing even more accessible,creating DJ apps built for touch devices - iPad (£14.99) andiPhone (£2.99)
  7. 7. Twitter #music8 of the top 10 most followedaccounts on twitter are musicartist.50% of all tweets are musicrelated.Makes sense that Twitterlaunched a music app tocapitalise on this popularity. Itmight not be physical but it isoutside of the standardplatform and their 140character heritage.
  8. 8. Less locks more listeningFrom unsuccessfully trying to keep their latest released under lockand key, the music industry and labels have embraced the power ofthe internet and in some instances regained some control.Daft Punk builds hype and anticipation. Teasing their first trackGet Lucky at Coachella and with a 1 minute trailer on SaturdayNight Live. A week before official release the album is available forstreaming on iTunes. Get Lucky broke Spotify’s daily streamingrecords.
  9. 9. Bowie keeps quietDavid Bowie’s latest singleused the opposite approach toDaft Punk, full embargo and awell kept secret – no PR, nopre sales, no hype.A few journalists and websiteswere tipped off on themidnight release and soonafter #Bowie was trending.Once the secret was out, it wasthe classic release approachwith advertising filling keymedia.
  10. 10. Kanye West’s latest album is due to bereleased on June 17. Again, aiming to drivehype around the release he’s teasingpeople with a taste of what’s to come.Firstly, one his latest signings to G.O.O.Dmusic – producer Hudson Music –dropped a couple of tracks into a live set inPoland.Then for one weekend, the first track fromthe album New Slaves is being projectedon to 66 buildings around the world.Putting it out on the internet is one thingbut turning your previews into publicevents is proving to be popular.Kanye creating hypeHudmo PreviewLive projections
  11. 11. Calvin Harris made it possiblefor fans to listen to his latestalbum - 18 Months - bydownloading an app. All youhad to do to keep listening to itwas dance.Dance for it…Download app
  12. 12. An app which allowed music duoBluebrain to create a location-aware album designed aroundCentral Park in New York.Depending on where and how youwalk around the park willdetermine how and what youhear.Location aware musicWatch the short documentaryFind out more
  13. 13. Live to your mobileSoundhalo is a Android app in BETA which is looking to bring fanscloser to live performances, making certain performances available inalmost real time.You can preview performances, then purchase and download to any ofyour
  14. 14. Music InnovatorsArtists are starting to look atinnovative ways to engagemore deeply and make theirmusic less disposable.
  15. 15. Vinyl RisingIn the last few years vinyl has seen a resurgence in sales.Several artists and labels have returned to the format to createtangible and more valuable releases of their music.
  16. 16. Triple Decker RecordJack White created a brand new vinyl format for therelease of Blue Blood Blues. It’s a 12” record, you crack itopen to release the 7” record which contains a secretunreleased track.Only availablein a limitedrun of 300
  17. 17. Ice VinylTBWA Stockholm helped develop a special 10 kitswhich would create a ice record for the Swedish Indieband Shout out Louds.Full storyVideo
  18. 18. X-ray recordsJack white again collaborates with Butthole SurfersGibbs Haynes releasing a single which is printed on realgenuine X-rays
  19. 19. Death Waltz RecordsDelivering high end collectors vinylof cult film soundtracks. Not onlydelivering the music but packagingup the limited edition vinlyl withdirectors and composer notes,screen prints and brand new albumart work from a variety of artists.Also offering a subscription service at£150 a year to guarantee you’re oneof the guaranteed recipients of thelimited edition coloured vinyl andother addition collectors items“Death Waltz RecordingCompany are set tobecome the premier vinylsoundtrack label for cultfilm enthusiasts!”
  20. 20. Air dropped Flexi discsJack White (again) for the release of Freedom at 21, this time hereleased the Flex discs tied to balloons with a postcard asking thelucky finder to submit a picture of them finding this unique musicrelease.Read - What can digital learn from Vinyl
  21. 21. Get On DownContinually rereleasing classic albums (mostlyhip hop) in reworked collectors sets, not just vinyland CD formats but even on cassette for therelease of Only Build For Cuban Links.Limited editions runs and quantities they’re notjust about the music and format but also thesurrounded limited edition supportingmerchandiseGet On Down
  22. 22. Beck ReaderA step further than a vinyl format is Song Reader from Beck which sawhim release twenty tracks which only exist as individual pieces of sheetmusic, a forgotten format.Allowing people to interpret the music
  23. 23. What can brands learn?Despite the rise and obsessions withdigital solutions created to make ourlives easier and entertainment moreaccessible, there is a underlying steertowards the ‘real’.More specifically tangible qualityproducts.
  24. 24. What can brands learn?You need to add extra value aroundyour core product so that consumptionbecomes a more immersive and positiveexperience.This can be either giving peoplesomething exclusive – limited editionand tangible - or putting additionalexclusive content around it.
  25. 25. Field NotesThe classic notebook brandcreates limited edition themedpacks of notebooks on aquarterly basis. Adding uniquefinishes and special packing aswell as additional themed gifts.These notebooks aim toenhance the heritage of theuniquely popular brand andinclude a subscription packageto avoid missing out on thelatest special
  26. 26. HeinzFans of the Heinz Facebook pagewere able to send a personalisedcan of soup to friends as a getwell gesture to cheer them up forjust £1.99.Over 2,000 cans were sent out in4 weeks.
  27. 27. DisneyKids ages 3 to 12 can get their custom 7 inch princess figurine.Hair, skin and eye color of the figurine will be customized to matchthe guest. A Princess silver link necklace with choice of colored gemcharm will also be included.
  28. 28. .COM@TheMarkCarrollTHANKS FOR READING…TRENDS 2013: MUSIC