Ghassan Gold and Jewelry Co Marketing Plan


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A complete branding and marketing campaign for Ghassan Gold & jewelry new collections. The branding concept, copywriting, showroom designs and event themes are all of my production.

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Ghassan Gold and Jewelry Co Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Ghassan Gold & Jewelry Branding & Marketing Plan Prepared by: Manal Assaad
  2. 2. Product “Collection” Launch
  3. 3. Plan The Product launch will require: • a Brand Identity, • Literature, • Advertising, • Marketing Planning and • a Launch Event.
  4. 4. Brand Identity
  5. 5. Marketing Strategy • In addressing High Profile Customers: – They feel special, and they need to be treated specially. – They need exclusive treatment. – They live in luxury, and they should always be surrounded with luxuries. “Do not economize on quality when you want customers to indulge on gold and diamonds.”
  6. 6. Special and Exclusive Treatment A Woman is a Jewel.. Beautiful in its form.. Precious in its meaning.. Unique in its existence.. Just Like Jewels, Women have Different Personalities. And to value both, we distinguished both, In Four Themes to be applied to every little detail.
  7. 7. Feeling the Luxury Every Theme is brought to Reality and translated from images to Live Pieces of Art. Expensive Jewels should be presented to Prestigious Clients in a Luxurious Feel.
  8. 8. Feeling the Luxury – Interior Decors
  9. 9. Feeling the Luxury – Interior Decors
  10. 10. Feeling the Luxury – Interior Decors
  11. 11. Feeling the Luxury – Interior Decors
  12. 12. Feeling the Luxury – Display Arts
  13. 13. Feeling the Luxury – Packaging
  14. 14. Feeling the Luxury – Packaging
  15. 15. Literature
  16. 16. Telling Stories Support the Themes by stories and creative writings describing each Personality, citing its Attributes, and recommending its Style. Creative Development: • Copywriting • Flyers • Brochures • Catalogues
  17. 17. Telling Stories – “Bold” • Bold: :‫• مغامرة‬ You lead with all that is new and ‫تتقدمين بكل ما هو جديد وغير‬ unusual, with powerful colors and ‫مألوف، بألوان صارخة وأشكال‬ unique fashion. Eager for challenge, intrigued by .‫فريدة‬ mystery. .‫توّ اقة للتحدي، منجذبة للغموض‬ Interesting you are, always captivating those around you with ‫مشوّ قة أنت، دائما تأسرين من‬ your daring. .‫حولك بجرأتك‬
  18. 18. Telling Stories – “Elegant” • Elegant: :‫• أنـيـــقة‬ You are distinguished with eternal ‫تتسمّــين بالكالسيكية األبدية، زمن‬ Classics, the times of originality and oriental richness. .‫األصالة والعراقة الشرقية‬ Calm in nature, beaming in .‫هادئة الطبع، باسمة الطلعة‬ presence. Classy you are, always dazzling ‫راقيــة أنت، دائما تبهرين من‬ those around you with your style. .‫حولك بأسلوبك‬
  19. 19. Telling Stories – “Romantic” • Romantic: :‫• رومانسية‬ You live for a world of delicacy ،‫تعيشين لعالم من الرقة والنعومة‬ and softness, a world full of hearts and roses. .‫عالم مليء بالقلوب والورود‬ A Fancier of Flirtations, a Lover ‫عاشقة للغزل، هاوية لقصص‬ for Princesses’ tales. .‫األميرات‬ A Dreamer you are, always enchanting those around you with ‫حالمة أنت، دائما تسحرين من‬ your fantasy. .‫حولك بخيالك‬
  20. 20. Telling Stories – “Bright” • Bright: :‫• مشـــرقة‬ You sparkle and shine with the ،‫تتألقين و تزهيـــن بنور الشمس‬ sunlight, the spirit of the spring, .‫روح الربيع، وألوان قوس قزح‬ and the rainbow colors. Light in movement, a fan for fun. .‫رشيقة الحركة، محبّة للمرح‬ Cheerful you are, always pleasing ‫مبتهجة أنت، دائما تسريّن من‬ those around you with your presence. .‫حولك بإطاللتك‬
  21. 21. Literature – Flyer (Outside)
  22. 22. Literature – Flyer (Inside)
  23. 23. Advertising
  24. 24. An Art that Talks Translate the Themes into creative forms of art that speak directly to its targeted audience without even needing an introduction! Media Target Magazines Female Readers TV The Masses Signage (Outdoor) The Masses Signage (Indoor) Retail Outlets Website design Net Surfers
  25. 25. Marketing Planning
  26. 26. Spread the Word Targeting the “Crème de la Crème” demands that only the most classy marketing tools be used. Getting the message right, at the right place, and on the right time is not an easy procedure. Media should be chosen carefully because one cannot afford mistakes with Upper-Class Clienteles. Communications and Media Strategy Networks: • Strategic Ad Placement: in tactical seasons and spots. • Publicity and High Media Coverage
  27. 27. Media Placement Spot Zahrat AlKhaleej Magazines Laha Sayedatti TV MBC 1 MubiMall Signage (outdoor) Megacom Early Summer (Wedding season); Throughout Ramadan; Lamppost During Eid. Posters Signage (indoor) Displays/Stands Airport V.I.P. Halls Radio Publicity Internet
  28. 28. Launch Event
  29. 29. Creating a Buzz A Launch Event is a marketing and advertising tool on its own. Introducing the new Brands in the same feel of originality, creativity, and luxury will attract audiences and stimulate publicity.
  30. 30. Pre-Event Promotion • Newspaper Announcement – Announcement of Contests – Announcement of the Event. • Radio Publicity: – Contest about Ghassan Gold & Jewelry – Prizes: tickets to the event or gift baskets according to themes, etc. • Internet Publicity: – Contest on the website – Prizes: tickets to the event or gift baskets according to themes, etc.
  31. 31. Event Organization – Theme Development Red Carpet Frenzy Pamper The Princess Be You
  32. 32. Event Organization – Interior Design • Themed Tables and Table sets. • Themed Jewelry Stands.
  33. 33. Event Organization - Collaterals • Invitation Cards • Banner Stands.
  34. 34. Event Organization – Branded Materials • Themed Reception/Parting Gifts.
  35. 35. Thank You