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E_Management_The World of Email

E_Management_The World of Email






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    E_Management_The World of Email E_Management_The World of Email Presentation Transcript

    • E- Management Presented by Jeilan Ossam [email_address] In the World of Emails
    • Course Outline
        • E- Expressions
        • Management Elements
        • Span of Control 
        • Best Company to work for
        • E- Management
        • Why to use E- Techniques
        • E- Techniques Benefits
        • Email Methodologies
    • E- Expressions
    • Management Elements Planning التخطـيـط Organizing Staffing Leading Controlling Follow Up التنظيم التوظيف التوجيه الرقابة المتابعة عنــاصـر الادارة
    • Span of control Is a term now used more commonly in business management, refers to the number of subordinates a supervisor has 1-4 1980s 1-10 1-30
    • Job Description
    • E-Management Based on the principle of using technology and advanced means of communication through computer networks and internet save time and effort and increasing the performance of the employees
    • E-Management No Paper لا ورق لا زمــــان No limited time No Place لا مكـــــان الإدارة الإلكترونيه هي وسيلة لرفع أداء وكفاءة الادارة العادية وليست بديلاً أو إنهاء لدورها
    • Why To Use E-Techniques
    • E-Techniques Benefits Save Cost Save Effort Easiness Faster Save Time
    • Departments use E-Management
    • Best Company to work for????? ما احسن الشركات لتعمل بها؟؟؟
    • G o o g l e ’s philosophy 1- Focus on the user and all else will follow. 2- It’s best to do one thing really, really well. 3- Great just isn’t good enough. 4- Democracy on the web works 5- You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer. 6-You can make money without doing evil. 7- There’s always more information out there. 8- The need for information crosses all borders. 9- You can be serious without a suit. 10- FAST IS BETTER THAN SLOW
    • “ Four years ago, the average search took about 3 seconds. Today, it is down to about 0.2 seconds. And since 0.2 is greater than zero, it’s not fast enough A small statement from Peter Norvig, an engineer at Google, tells the tale of the work culture and employee commitment at Google
    • All it takes is one person to step   forward to make a difference
    • E- Mailing Techniques تقنـــيــات البــريد الالكتــرونـــى
    • Benefits of Emails
    • Best E- Mailing System??? أحسن نظام بريد الكترونى؟؟
    • To Gmail or To Yahoo???? This is The Question!!!!
    • www.facebook.com/Jeilan.Ossam
    • How Many Emails do you have in your Inbox at this moment??? كم رسالة موجودة الان فى بريدك الالكترونى؟؟؟
    • 1- Labels 2- Search Techniques 3- Email Methodologies
    • 1.A. Understanding Labels
    • 1.B. Labels Demo
    • 2.A. Searching
    • 2.B. Searching Rules
    • 2.C. Searching Demo
    • Email Methodologies In the world of email
    • Get To Done
    • InBox Zero
    • Trusted Trio
    • Assignment
    • How to Forward your e-mails to Gmail كيف تحول رسائلك للجى مايل؟؟
    • Forward Hotmail to Gmail Use the Forward option in Hotmail Settings
    • Forward Yahoo to Gmail 1- point your Yahoo Mail to Yahoo UK 2- use add more accounts to Gmail Account from Settings 3- Follow the steps
    • Questions ???????????
    • Thank You Jeilan Ossam [email_address] 0199195395 035834811