Creating a personal learning network


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Personal Learning Networks for Librarians Presentation

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  • An Online Learning Strategy to bring new information and ideas right to your inbox/home page/etc.Schools & AEA’s are all helping teachers and even students set up personal home pages to create PLN’s.
  • When do we do PD?Is it fun?PD is informal learning that is learner centered.
  • Your PLN includes all of these types of online learning.
  • Must have a Google Account
  • Speed Dial for the InternetBroken down into pods or “gadgets”Each start page has it’s own set of gadgetsSome start page software shows you web pages in a gallery view.
  • Guidelines – weed periodically!
  • SymbalooDeliciousDiigoDiggPinterest
  • Creating a personal learning network

    1. 1. Creating a Personal Learning Network Brandie Ledford Sac City Public Library January 25, 2012
    2. 2. Today’s Learning Objectives1) Decide What a PLN means to you.2) Find Ways to Set up a PLN that helps you make personal learning easier.3) Determine when to edit your PLN when it no longer serves your needs.
    3. 3. What is a PLN?
    4. 4. Too much information…too little time!
    5. 5. Types of Online Learning Synchronous = Face to Face or Live E-Learning in Real Time (ex. Adobe Connect, chat, ICN) Semi-synchronous = Using Web 2.0 for communication and sharing (ex. Blogs, wikis, social networking)Asynchronous = Unscheduled and Self-Paced
    6. 6. Adult Learning Strategies
    7. 7. 7 ½ Habits for Highly Successful Lifelong Learners1) Begin with the end in mind – set goals.2) Accept responsibility for your own learning.3) View problems as challenges.4) Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner.5) Create your own learning toolbox.6) Use Technology to your advantage.7) Teach/Mentor others.7 ½) Play! From: 2012 Update: See Lori Reed’s site, the original creator of the 7 ½ Things.
    8. 8. Barriers
    9. 9. Informal Learning Sites
    10. 10. 5 Steps to Set up a Personal Learning Network1) Find Your Tribe! Join a professional network group/ Wiki/Ning in your Town/State/Field of Expertise.2) Set up a personalized start page like iGoogle and set up an RSS Feed Reader like Google Reader. Set Google Reader to show up on your start page.3) Find 5 blogs using Google Blogs and subscribe to the RSS feed to start reading them.4) Begin following 5 microblogs or social network feeds using Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or LinkedIn. Explore social bookmarking.5) Share what you know! A network is not just reading…you have to contribute. Add to the conversation when you can.
    11. 11. Find Your Tribe• Iowa Library Services – Classes available on AdobeConnect – Check the C.E. Catalog• ILA & Subdivisions -• ALA -• PLA -• WebJunction (choose “Learning Center”)
    12. 12. Using iGoogle
    13. 13. Setting up a Personalized Start PageOpera Speed DialNetvibesPageFlakesChrome New TabiGoogleSpeed Dial for FirefoxMy Yahoo!SchmedleyWeb Wag
    14. 14. Finding Favorite Blogs & RSS Feeds• MyYahoo• Newsgator• MyAOL• Bloglines• Netvibes• GoogleReader• Pageflakes
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Microblogs/Social Networking
    17. 17. Social Bookmarking
    18. 18. Share What You Know100%80% Lecture Reading60% Audiovisual Demonstrations40% Discussion Practice20% Teaching Others 0% Retention Rate
    19. 19. Questions?