Executive Leadership - This is the Leadership World (Do Not Be Afraid)


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"The Leadership Circle has released a new article by Dan Holden for corporate executives, leaders, and C-Suites highlighting the importance of leading without fear. Mr. Holden is President of Daniel Holden & Associates and an Advisor of The Leadership Circle.

Read the full article at (http://www.theleadershipcircle.com/this-is-the-leadership-world-do-not-be-afraid)

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Executive Leadership - This is the Leadership World (Do Not Be Afraid)

  1. 1. This Is the Leadership World (Do Not Be Afraid)Written By: Dan Holden
  2. 2. Unfortunately, many executive leaders in todays worldoperate from a stance of fear. Its important to understand fearand then to Not Be Afraid in order to more effectively leadan organization or team, and to become better aware of ones owndecision-making abilities and achieve a higher level of success.
  3. 3. Conditions in Organizations Favor Terrible ThingsLeaders today face unprecedented daily demands on their energy andresources.The pace of change, escalating complexities and uncertainties, rapidlychanging consumer and workforce dynamics, and information overload allmake the two-fold business of continuously delivering high quality productsand services while continuously innovating in a volatile market an exceedinglyhigh standard to reach.When we are under duress—and without much awareness—it is as if we put ona pair of glasses that distort reality; actions that are terrible and threateninglook normal and necessary, behavior that is foolish and destructive looksproactive and wise.
  4. 4. There are a number of things you can look at todetermine if youre operating from a stance of fear,consider the following:• Do you delegate tasks to the same people because you know that theywill deliver? The possibility of an error is unacceptable.• Do you keep a handle on tasks you arent necessarily responsible for,coming in at the end to offer your brilliant critique? It is up to you alone,after all, to ensure high quality outcomes.• Do you over commit yourself and others? Because, you know no onedoes it better than you and your team.
  5. 5. One way to avoid operatingfrom a stance of fear is to“CULTIVATE PRESENCE"
  6. 6. Cultivate PresenceThe more than ordinary life is whatthe most effective leaders learnpresence and embody.Find it by quieting yourself, little bylittle each day, and tracking yourheart beat.Essential presence is your originalanchor and brand—the consistentand unmistakable impact youleave. It is a calm interior place in themidst of an endless storm. Find it onthe other side of your fear.
  7. 7. A second way to operate from a stance ofserenity, instead of fear, is to“RELEASE THE GIFTEDNESS IN OTHERS"
  8. 8. Release the Giftedness in OthersThe best leaders I have known havean eye for talent. In fact, they arealways on the lookout for top talent,those special players who combineintellectual prowess with a skill setand drive that speaks to the currentand future needs of the business.It lies latent in many of those closestto us, not far from our ownheartbeat. Seeing and releasingtalent requires that we apprehendthe invisible.
  9. 9. Release the Giftedness in OthersSome sample indicators that helpidentify untapped greatness include:they demonstrate prolonged periodsof frustration, agitation, or boredom;They seldom fit in; They are quietlyattracted to personal mastery and tothose who are great mastersthemselves; and they are easilydistracted by small things, as ifsomething within distracts them andguides them towards somethingmore important.
  10. 10. A third way to move away from a operatingsystem of fear is to "DEEPEN AND EXPANDYOUR CONVERSATION WITH THE WHOLESYSTEM, NOT JUST THE PART YOUKNOW," which includes the following threedisciplines:1. Get clear about purpose and vision. The critical differencebetween mere activity/busyness and real achievement ispurposeful action.2. Get clear about current reality.3. Speak up, clearly. What we dont talk about controls us.
  11. 11. Although the majority of executive leaders operate from astance of fear, it doesnt mean that you need to.Do Not Be Afraid.Become an author of beautiful thingsas yet unseen yet longed for; commit yourselfto find ways to acknowledge and then minimizethe terrible things we are all capable of.
  12. 12. Read more and comment by visitingwww.TheLeadershipCircle.comAnd clicking on “Leadership Quarterly”- OR -Get there directly atwww.TheLeadershipCircle.com/this-is-the-leadership-world-do-not-be-afraid