Together Again, October 25, 2012


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Two hour live call-in show hosted by Coaches Jim and Marsha Walker Eastwood

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Together Again, October 25, 2012

  1. 1. Hosted by Coaches Jim and Marsha Walker Eastwood
  2. 2. Together Again Radio QUALITY, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCECommitted to achieving high standards for their broadcasts, Jim andMarsha Walker Eastwood are passionate about meeting the evolvingstandards in internet radio broadcasting.Together Again Radio has worked hard to develop and implement awide range of best practices that best serves the needs of both thebusiness and the general community. It is their goal to advance thereflection and promotion of goods and services made in America aswell as those from the global community; to provide an open exchangeof ideas and opinions on topical issues; and to inform, educate, inspireand entertain their listening audience without compromising integrityand always striving for excellence.
  3. 3. Tonight’s show is devoted to the topic of What’sWrong With American Schools?Guests include:Sandy McClain- was a teacher from 1962 until 2011. During the years shetaught 3rd and 4th grade self-contained classrooms, 1st through 6th gradeScience, Driver Education (20 years) and substituted in all grades and allsubjects.Kristen Lewis – is the co-author of One in Seven, which can be found at has found that more than 5.8 million youthnationwide-or one in seven-are neither in school nor working. This numberswelled by 800,000 during the Great Recession, and is costing Americantaxpayers more than $93.7 billion annually.Mary Amons -Real Housewife of D.C. is a mother of 5 children who hasmuch to say about her childrens learning experiences. Amons contrasts bothearly and future education, connecting her concerns, appraisals and how each ofher children learn effectively.
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  5. 5.
  6. 6. Together Again With Coaches Jim and Marsha WalkerEastwood is a live Internet podcast. To be a guest or to book aguest the show please send all requests All guests must beavailable on either Monday or Thursday evening from 7-7:30pm or 7:30-8 pm EST.A recent head shot and bio are required. All authors or theirrepresentatives must be able to provide a copy of the book atleast three weeks in advance of the interview date.If you have questions or need more information please feelfree to e-mail us or contact us by phone at 440-941-3820.
  7. 7. Coaches Jim and Marsha Walker Eastwood are experiencedspeakers and available to address your group ororganization.For more information please contact their representative,Marvin Parker at
  8. 8. President, M. Dean Walker and AssociatesPresident and Founder, Emy Baker’s OriginalsA noted authority on relationships, Marsha Walker Eastwoodis a relationship, anger management and productivity coach,founding human services board certified practitioner andcounselor since earning her Masters’ degree in 1989. She is aformer Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy certifiedinstructor, and former Security Manager for ParmaCommunity General Hospital in Parma, Ohio. She providescoaching services for individuals and organizations in avariety of settings. Her main focus is anger management athome, school and the workplace, and other issues affectingworkplace productivity. She is a survivor of domestic violenceand the co-author of Domestic Violence – How to Map Out AnExit Strategy and Are You Really Ready For A Relationship?Marsha is also the co-host of Together Again, How To MindYour Own Business and What’s My Dilemma on blogtalkradio.
  9. 9. President, J. Edward Group Partner, M. Dean Walker and Associates Partner, Emy Baker’s OriginalsA financial, anger management and productivity coach,Jim Eastwood joined M. Dean Walker and Associates in2010 with 25 years experience in the areas of financialand anger management and workplace productivity. Heis keenly aware of the role money plays in violentbehaviors and the impact it is has on workplaceproductivity. He brings his expertise as a workshopfacilitator and speaker including presentations tocorporations, unions, and community groups throughoutOhio. He is the co-author of Domestic Violence- How toMap Out An Exit Strategy and Are You Really Ready For ARelationship? Jim is the co-host of Together Again andHow to Mind Your Own Business and What’s MyDilemma on blogtalkradio.
  10. 10. The audio commercial rate is $3.00 per second, minimum 15seconds. The commercial will run on two consecutive livebroadcasts and then available in the archives for three months.A full page ad in the slideshare promotion is $25.00 and willrun for two consecutive live shows and then remain active inthe archives for three months.For more information please contact EastWalk Media
  11. 11. Produced By EastWalk Media ©2012All Rights Reserved Opening Theme Ambient One By Brian Enos
  12. 12. Listen to us live every Monday and Thursday 6:30 -8:30 PM ESTCall in to the show at